153 Miles and and 18 Hour Steam Dave Jewell and Crew Land Two Fat Bluefin Tuna

Heading out a couple of days ago Dave and his crew head out for an 18 hour steam of  153 miles to catch themselves a nice pay day. One 800 lber and one 650 these tuna will command a nice price in Japan.

When Dave headed out he was a bit nervous because where they have to go to catch these fish it’s a long way out and there’s no place to run and hide if a storm whips up.  It is where there are warm ocean currents and cold water intersecting and it can produce nasty storms seemingly out of the blue and without much warning.

Video coming tomorrow






Jay Albert From Cape Ann Images Got Some Great Shots of The Tuna Being Offloaded Check Out His Blog For More Here

Passport’s Erik Lorden And Zack Seafood Throwdown

Here Erik and Zack cut up cider donuts to make cider donut croutons at The Seafood Throwdown.

Seafood Throwdown At Cape Ann Farmer’s Market

Click the picture to view the video.

Watch Erik Lorden and Zack from Passport’s take on Joe Schultz and Christian from Dogbar at The Cape Ann Farmer’s Market Seafood Throwdown