Gloucester gig rowers get a new boat

Hi Joey,

Look for a brand new blue and orange gig in the harbor tomorrow.  The Gloucester gig rowers got a new boat, the "Annie B", here being christened by Ann Banks and duly admired at Maritime Gloucester this evening.

Martha Lazrus


Phyllis A Restoration Photos From Len Burgess

The 1925 ‘Phyllis A.’ is now high and dry at the start of it’s restoration process at the Gloucester Marine Railways.

–Len Burgess

The Phyllis A. Marine Association is in the process of the restoration of this gill-netting fishing ship and has received some funding from the citizens of Gloucester through the Community Preservation Act.

A brief history of the Phyllis A. from "The Wheel House", How it all started!

Albert Arnold, the man who had the vessel built, owned a boat before the Phyllis A. called the Anna T. Captains Albert, Cy Tysver, and Mike Shoares, all “Michigan Bears”, had her built in Essex in 1913. She was about the same size as the future Phyllis A. and also a gill-netter. In 1923, Albert loaned the Anna T. to a family friend. Unfortunately, she was lost on the bar off Wingersheek Beach in the Annisquam River. The pilot house of the Anna T. floated to shore and was dragged up next to “the frog rock” (rocks painted to look like frogs) and made a shed out of it. The Anna T.’s pilot house/shed is there still today, sitting just south of frog rocks.

The insurance company paid Albert $4500 for the wreck, which he used to commission the building of the Phyllis A. at the Warner Shipyard, in Kennebunkport, Maine. Phil Boudain joined the venture with his nets, and when the Phyllis A. came down the ways in 1925, they set off gillnetting together.

Fishing the Phyllis A. has always been a family affair. Son Alvin Arnold took over from Captain Albert and sons Kenneth and Robert crewed. Later on, the youngest son, Richard, took on the captain’s position. From the beginning, Mrs. Arnold kept the books and kept everyone moving. Young Phyllis Arnold, though not a crew member, was present with the family when the vessel was christened and named for her. Then 3, she cried when she broke the bottle of champagne on the bow and splashed on the beautiful new deck!

Phyllis A. Marine Association

Our mission is not only the promotion of the industry and preservation of the vessel, but to provide the historical education of the fishing industry for our children.

Last Spring, the Phyllis A. Marine Association offered an educational program to East Gloucester Elementary School. Capt. Richard Arnold has done programs for the students of Veteran’s Memorial School and was interested in offering that program to the students of East Gloucester School. The program consists of a short movie about the Phyllis A., a short lecture, Q&A, and display of artifacts. The program lasts about one hour and can be designed to fit the needs of the students and teachers. This pilot program is offered free of charge. We hope to expand to more schools this Spring.

Phyllis A. Marine Association
c/o 39 Mount Pleasant Avenue
Gloucester, Massachusetts 01930

Phyllis A on the Rails From Kathy Chapman

Kathy Chapman writes-

The beautiful lines of Phyllis A’s hull will only be visible for a few weeks at the Gloucester Marine Railways. Work on her is being funded by a 2011 Community Preservation Act grant from the residents of Gloucester.

From the Phyllis A. Marine Association: By focusing on the gill-netting industry, we highlight a time in Gloucester’s history that is not currently well covered. The Phyllis A. was fished by the same Gloucester family for 75 years. Many people working in Gloucester’s fishing industry today, at some point, fished off the Phyllis A.

Photos © Kathy Chapman 2012


Adventure Spars From Mike Dyer

Mike Dyer writes-

A small crew has been working on making replacement spars for the Schooner Adventure, at Harold Burnham’s yard in Essex.  Right now we’re working on the main boom.  These pics show a series of steps for putting together laminations of 12” X 2” Douglas Fir planks.  Note: we’re not done yet!

setting up the jig


Bruce and Bernie cutting a series of scarfs on the stacked planks using a chain saw on a frame fit over the jig.


Bernie after the first cut.


the rough scarfs, later to be planed smooth and for the right fit.


Bruce showing his clamped scarf joint.


epoxied planks ready to go.


all clamped up.


Harold Burnham’s Shop


Wooden Boat Enthusiasts: Boat Building Session with Craftsman Geno Mondello!!!

From the IDRC-

The GMHC is offering a boat building session with craftsman Geno Mondello for high school students (see attached flyer with contact information).  Please contact Tom Balf if your students would be interested in this unique opportunity!

Thanks, Erik Dombrowski

Maritime Gloucester Offers Teen Boat Building Course

Beginning on Tuesday, April 3rd, Maritime Gloucester is offering a new session of its boat building course for high school students. The course runs for eight weeks with classes scheduled on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3 p.m – 6p.m. at the Dory Shop. Taught by Geno Mondello, the program gives participants hands-on experience in laying out, lofting and making full-sized patterns, making full-sized pieces and assembling and finishing a skiff. No prior experience necessary. The fee is $50. The course is limited to six participants. To register, call (978) 281-0470.


Thomas Balf
Maritime Gloucester
Phone: (978) 281-0470


Hurry, Space is limited!!!!!!

Lovely Bones- Leon Poindexter’s Labor Of Love

I’m really looking forward to seeing this boat take progress.

Here’s the Boston Tea Party Ships and Museum website where Leon is credited.


Lazy Daizy Restoration Project Update Courtesy Toby Pett

So I was busy grading lobsters with Frank on Saturday afternoon and I get a call from good buddy Toby (a regular contributor to GMG).  He tells me there is activity on The Lazy Daizy and I better get my ass over to the moonies for a GMG update.  There’s just no way for me to get away at that point so I ask him to swing by and take some pics for the blog.   Here is his work-

Yep, you guessed it folks she’s still the Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan of all wooden boat restoration projects.  Hopeless!
Toby tells me that this is the fifth time the boat has been moved in the parking lot.  I wonder if the rent is getting paid.  I also wonder if it has been paid, how much dough has been flushed down this rat hole.

Lazy Daizy Restoration Update 6/17/08

Lazy Daizy Restoration Update 6/17/08.

As of today she’s still a hopeless cause work in progress. It would be great if the guy that owns this boat could con some rich folks into thinking it was a historic vessel of some sort so they could finance him and get the thing refurbished.

Maybe they could get some LNG money to bail him out. Hell the Peabody Essex Museum got some, and I don’t know what the heck they had to do with laying a pipe for natural gas transmission off the coast of Gloucester. Surely they could spare 25 grand or so for the lovely Lazy Daizy. I think the old gal could use the money. Maybe The Peabody Essex Museum would be willing to carve out $25k for this beauty of a boat. It’s a fishing boat and we need to preserve it.

I bet we could buy a whole lot of Saran Wrap with $25K. We could wrap the Lazy Daizy up in Saran Wrap and then enclose her in a lucite box and mount it on top of The Heritage Center. Yeah, that’s the ticket! Sweet!

Saran Wrap

Lazy Daizy Restoration Update 6/17/08, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

Elimination Dory Race Results From Jimmy T

Elimination Races

With the exception of a stubborn fog that didn’t lift until 10 a.m., the
elimination races to determine who will compete against the Canadians in
two weeks went off at Niles Beach this past Saturday smoothly. Committee
members and rowers alike were patient and rewarded with a beautiful day.

In the junior race, Kyle Edmonds and Joe Ciolino showed poise under
pressure. Their stroke was in perfect sync and their course true.
Unfortunately they faced the older and stronger crew of Randy Parisi and
Kyle Lucido. Randy and Kyle had a near perfect course and beat the
younger crew handily. They will go on to face a pair of youngsters from
Prince Edward Island in the North Channel in two weeks.

In the Women’s race, Katherine Richmond and Laurie King won the right to
represent the U.S. by beating Laurel Tarantino and Renee Ludwick by a
substantial margin. Laurel and Renee rowed extremely well considering it
was there first race as a team, but the training and experience of
Katherine and Laurie was overwhelming.

Mark Duval and Joe Sanfilippo successfully defended their title in the
Masters class. Jim Tarantino and Dave Quinn powered out to an early lead
with Lenny Billante and Jay Prince hot on their heels. Mike Harmon made
an impressive showing, with new-comer Mark Harmon (Mike’s cousin)
working hard to keep the pace of the other more experienced crews. Duval
and Sanfilippo outclassed the field with a superior turn and smooth
stroke to pull away for the win.

The Open class had two winners who will face off tonight at Niles Beach
(6 p.m.) in a final race that has every indication of being a dogfight!
Jerry Ciamarataro and Ray D’Amico showed Championship form, defeating
the strong crews of Chris and Vito Giacalone (brothers) and Nick and Joe
Giacalone (nephew and uncle).
Erik Dombrowski and Glenn Harrington motored out to an early lead and
never looked back, to defeat the powerful tandem of Geoff Thomas and
Jeff Muise.

In the final race of the day, the Mixed Doubles, Laurel Tarantino used a
long power stroke to pull her husband Jim to a narrow victory over the
strong crews of Geoff Thomas and Molly Griffin, and Vito Giacalone and
Lia DeLovely.

As usual, the day was ended with friendship and comraderie at a
most-excellent pool party hosted by the Thomas family!

Thanks to all the rowers and members who came and supported them!

All members and friends are invited to the reception for the Canadian
entourage, Thursday, June 19th at the St. Peter’s Club, 6 p.m.
All members and friends are invited to the International Dory Races,
June 21st, 8 a.m. in the North Channel of Gloucester Harbor
House following the International Races.

Skip Levielle, Kenny Joyce, Damon Cummings, Jack Alexander, Hillary
Frye, Marge Robertson, Ralph Martin and crew, Sue and Lisa Thomas

James A. Tarantino, President
International Dory Race Committee

For anyone interested in a T Shirt or how you can get involved there are downloadable sign p forms and contact info here-

Dory Races t Shirt

Lazy Daizy Restoration Project Update 5/25/08

I know all you regular readers are just dying to see how the big time progress is coming along on the Lazy Daizy and I’m here for you. I haven’t forgot about all of you waiting with baited breath for this update.

Well, she’s still a money pit disaster of a boat work in progress.

Dory Being Built

Here is a link to a slideshow with larger images of Geno’s Dory Shop

Dory Being Built, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

A dory in the process of being built at Geno’s Dory Shop.

Built the same way they’ve been building them forever.