Hell has frozen over

HELL, Mich. (WILX) – You know the old saying, “It’s a cold day in Hell.” Well, it’s been more like a cold week in Hell… Hell, Michigan that is.

Businesses in the small town about 15 miles northwest of Ann Arbor are closed down for the next couple of days.

It’s so cold there that people are using snowmobiles to get to an emergency warming center at the local saloon.

The people living there, however, love all the cliches about their small town.


Me and my iPhone 6 stepped out to see what the hell all that white stuff is falling from the sky. It’s Christmas every day in Gloucester. And yes, I still love it!!

CRACK! BOOM! BANG! The April 1st Thunder and Lightning Storm.

Just for those who missed the storm on April fools, it was no joke!
If you love lightning and thunder, this one’s for you.
Enjoy the flashes and rumbles, and then the calm of rain and hail.

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