Alicia Unleashed- Wags 2 Riches


Recorded 10/11/17 with Guests Kristie Nicastro and Patty Bonfanti, with B-Side and Hostess Alicia


Hot Plate-Yoga for Surfing at Cape Ann Power Yoga October 15 12-1:30pm with Joel Kalinowsky

Scary Pumpkin Carving-Oct 21, 6-9pm Get Outside Center-Browns Mall;

Wellness Workshop at Cross Fit Cape Ann with Christina Kalinowsky October 24-6:45pm.

Briefly touch base on Vegas and California Fires. RIP Tom Petty.

We sit down with Kristie Nicastro and Patty Bonfanti, part of Wags 2 Riches non-profit-organization that helps recuse dogs and now cats from Puerto Rico. What is involved in rescuing pets, what funds they receive, some of the struggles of rescuing pets, including paying out of pocket. They discuss the euthanasia rate in PR. Advice on what a new pet owner should know about adopting a pet. Adopting vs Pet stores. We discuss Puerto Rico Devastation and what they are doing now to rescue animals now.

They are also looking for more people to join their team! They are looking for a Grant Writer! THE PUPPIES NEED YOU!


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