2017 Call for Applications for Gloucester’s 5th POET LAUREATE is OPEN!


Links for: 2017 Poet Laureate application (digital format) or 2017 Poet Laureate application (PDF format submit 5 copies).

The City of Gloucester’s Committee for the Arts announces the release of the 2017 Call for Applications for the four year position of Gloucester Poet Laureate. 

The position of Gloucester Poet Laureate is dedicated to building community through poetry and encouraging a love of poetry among people of all ages.  The position was most recently held by the late Peter Todd, appointed in 2014.  During Peter’s time as Poet Laureate, he generously shared his talents with his beloved City of Gloucester. 

Under City Ordinance, the process to select the Poet Laureate is administered by the Committee for the Arts and will involve a Selection Panel including representatives from the local literary community thanks to Eastern Point Lit House and The Gloucester Writers Center.  A recommendation from the Selection Panel will be forwarded to the Committee for the Arts for review and then forwarded on to the Mayor for nomination, subject to confirmation by the City Council.

The Call for Applications is available for download at the Committee for the Arts page on the City website: http://gloucester-ma.gov/index.aspx?nid=102.  Copies also are available at the Sawyer Free Library, the City of Gloucester Mayor’s Office, Eastern Point Lit House, the Gloucester Writer’s Center, and other locales.  Applications must be submitted by 12 pm on Friday, June 9th , 2017. Contact Judith Hoglander, Committee for the Arts with any questions.

gloucester CFTA City Hall WPA mural


Out in the street around the bend


Have you seen the custom sign designed for the Gloucester Writers Center on East Main Street? I sent a picture of the drive by view to Henry Ferrini. He sent back “an interior shot of the sign with an effigy of Vincent working at his typewriter”  looking out their new-ish (2014) window thanks to another helpful grant of the Community Preservation Act.


The sign was made by Cheryl’s Signs in Gloucester and installed last fall. Ferrini added: “William Taylor who is on the board of the Gloucester Writers Center should get all the kudos. He came up with the idea and executed it.” Look out the window and listen:  Henry plays a part in the captivating restoration of classical radio WCVA-FM www.wcva.com. Turn it on.

This week: poets Jay Featherstone reading with Carol Seitchik at the Gloucester Writers’ Center, Wed April 6, 7:30 pm.


Vincent Ferrini Mural Unveiling Event

MuralUnveiling5121wmChalk up another successful  Community event in my gallery. In addition to mural artist Tricia O’Neill, mural subject Vincent Ferrini’s nephew Henry Ferrini was there and spoke to the audience of about forty. After the speeches, the group walked down to see Tricia’s mural. I’d say this was a “win-win” for all.

There are Many Paths, but only One Way


The official unveiling of this mural takes place in my gallery today (11/8/14) from 2pm until 4pm. seArts will host an opening honoring Gloucester artist Tricia O’Neill’s mural, and also honoring the subject, the late famed Gloucester writer Vincent Ferrini. It is painted on the side of Palazola’s sporting goods, facing Porter Street. The public is invited. The gallery is at 82 Main Street, Gloucester. 978-283-2524 or info@BodinHistoricPhoto.com for information. Light snacks and refreshments will be served.



North Shore Arts Association presents Artists Members Exhibition IV “Small Paintings”. The show will run from Sunday, July 24th through Saturday August 6th. Artists Members Exhibition III will continue through Saturday, July 23rd in the main gallery.

North Shore Arts Association is proud to host Music at Eden’s Edge on Saturday, July 23rd during their summer-long 30th Anniversary Celebration with the annual Norbert and Francesca Benotti Memorial Concert at 8 pm. This performance pays tribute to the late Vincent Ferrini, whose poetry inspired “Listening to the Sea Winds!”

North Shore Arts Association has a thriving artist membership of over 350 contemporary artists recognized nationally and worldwide. They come not only from Cape Ann, but throughout North America. NSAA’s historic old building, located at 11 Pirates Lane in Gloucester, provides the opportunity to view the largest collection of paintings and sculpture on Cape Ann.

North Shore Arts Association is open Monday through Saturday from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm and Sundays from Noon to 5:00 pm. The gallery extends its evening hours to 8 pm on Fridays through August. In addition to exhibitions, NSAA also offers demonstrations, workshops, lectures, critiques, an art auction on August 6 and more. Please call 978-283-1857 or visit www.nsarts.org for more information.

Vincent Ferrini and Charles Olson Named Honorary Poet Laureates Video From Henry Ferrini

Vincent Ferrini and Charles Olson designated Honorary poet laureates of the City of Gloucester, Massachusetts. Councilor Paul McGeary presents proclamation to Henry Ferrini and Charlie Olson.

Thanks to Henry Ferrini for providing this video

Willie Alexander – TONIGHT!

blackburn logo

1 Washington Street, Gloucester

On Saturday we proudly present

Willie Alexander with the Persistence of Memory Orchestra.

Anticipate selections from the just-released collaboration between Gloucester’s recently departed poet laureate, Vincent Ferrini and our most illustrious, celebrated, and unmistakably alive punk-rocker.

Willie Alexander

The performance is at 8 PM on Saturday, June 13
Admission: $10. For reservations, please call 978 281 0680

Gloucester legends: Willie Alexander’s latest CD focuses on poetry and life of Vincent Ferrini

By William Routhier/Beacon Correspondent

Gloucester – First thought, best thought, always. Write free-flowing, spontaneous prose. Give birth to artistic creation in the heartbeat of the moment, the now, the ever-present now.

Sharon Lowe photo
Sharon Lowe photo

These were credos of Beat writers Jack Kerouac and Allen Ginsberg, and that spirit of unbridled creativity is alive and well in Gloucester musician Willie Alexander.

Alexander, who played with The Lost, the last version of the Velvet Underground, his own Boom Boom Band and The Persistence of Memory Orchestra, is a Boston music legend. Stephen King put Alexander’s song “Mass Ave.” at number 13 on his list of top 25 best rock songs of all time.

Thin and fit at 66, Alexander displays the buoyant energy of an edgy young rocker, but also carries with him the calm wisdom of a man who’s learned what is valuable and lasting. For Alexander, a major part of what is valuable and lasting is the city where he was born and now lives, Gloucester.

Alexander spent the first five years of his life in Gloucester, where his father was the minister of the Baptist Church, then moved to East Providence, R.I., and later to Newtonville, Mass. Just a subway ride away from Boston and Cambridge, Alexander would travel in to hear music at various music joints, like Club 47, which later became the famous Club Passim. It was just before the folk music boom, and Club 47 was a jazz club, home to hipsters and beatniks. To read more, click here…