Shakespeare’s Tragedy of Julius Caesar, coming soon to the Gorton Theater

I had the privilege of attending part of a CAST (Cape Ann Shakespeare Troupe) rehearsal (not in costume) for their upcoming presentation of The Tragedy of Julius Caesar.  Here are some photos, alternated with the text of their press release.

Performances February 27 (opening special: all seats $5) through March 2 are at 8 PM; Sunday, March 3 at 3 PM at the Gorton Theatre (home of the Gloucester Stage Company) 267 East Main Street. Tickets, $15, general; $10, student; $5, youth under 19, are available at the door or may be reserved at . More information is available and Facebook.

Cape Ann Shakespeare Troupe presents William Shakespeare’s politically charged drama, The Tragedy of Julius Caesar, a story of ambition, intrigue, betrayal and assassination. Rome is divided between its support for the military hero, Julius Caesar, and the senate of the republic which sees Caesar’s ambition as a threat to its collective power. Under the leadership of Cassius and Brutus, a faction of senators assassinate Caesar sparking a civil war with his supporters, led by Mark Antony and Octavius.

“This is a story which we are currently seeing played out in many parts of the world: Shakespeare’s play is, unfortunately, still very relevant”, points out Joseph Stiliano, the drama’s director. “We see it in the news,and in the video games that challenge our nimble fingered virtual warriors.Our modern-dress production, though not changing the time or place of the action, stresses its current pertinence.”

Written in Shakespeare’s mid-career, it has a spareness and pace that drives the action to its conclusion. It is less a tale of good and evil, than one of clashing world views between factions that can find no common ground.

The cast includes David Adams, Jonathan Arnold, David Cluett, Stephanie Cochran, Richard Crowell, Timothy Edwards, Ashlee Holm, Ray Jenness, Ian O’Connor, Craig Owen, Dominic Parry, Matthew Recine, Jim Robinson, Jessie Sorrells, Ken Stoeffler, and Pauline Wright.

It was still a rehearsal, of course, so fumbling lines led to some hilarity from time to time…  More photos of the rehearsal are here with other photos from CAST.

Fr. Matthew Green