Nichole’s Picks 1/21 + 1/22


Part of the Family Series at The Cabot in Beverly, this show is at 10:30 on Saturday.  Doors open at 9:30. Tickets cost $8.50 for children and $13.50 for grown-ups.

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Vanessa Trien has been performing music for kids and families since 2005, many of those years in collaboration with her lively folk/roots/pop band, the Jumping Monkeys.  She has three Parents’ Choice award-winning CDs for kids and families and is currently working on her fourth album, due out this winter.  Vanessa packs concert halls, preschool fundraisers and outdoor venues with dancing kids and families.

She is known for her highly interactive shows, featuring plenty of group singing and movement.  One of her most requested songs, “Tickle Monster” has families sneaking around on tip toe and then on queue, all start tickling each other!

In addition to performing, Vanessa teaches as an early childhood music specialist in preschool and pre-K classrooms in Brookline and has also taught parent and child group Music Together classes for ten years. Originally from New York City.

Vanessa moved to Boston in the nineties to attend Harvard’s Graduate School for Education and has stayed ever since, first diving into the Cambridge folk music scene and festival production and then eventually jumping with her whole heart into the wild and wonderful world of children’s music!

Pick #2:  Snow Tubing at New England Sports Park in Amesbury.

Read all about it HERE


Tickets are available for different tubing sessions. You can choose either from 10:00-2:00 or 2:00- 5:00, or 5:00-8:00 (Saturday only).



Pick #3:  The Cape Ann Museum

Read all about the fabulous Cape Ann Museum HERE

We are so fortunate that the Cape Ann Museum is free to all Cape Ann residents for the month of January!  This is the time to go!  What a wonderful escape from the winter blues.


Be sure to enjoy one of the Winter Shorts during your visit.

Walking Tours, Gallery Tours

Join the docents of the Cape Ann Museum on a variety of themed mini tours. Several twenty minute tours will be offered, beginning on the hour and on the half hour. Each tour will touch on a particular area within the Museum’s collections. Docents have created tours around their favorite topics, including Gloucester Fishermen, Women Artists of Cape Ann and 19th Century Selfies, among others. Participants are encouraged to spend the entire day at the Museum, enjoying one, two or all of the mini tours.

Tours are free for CAM members and Cape Ann residents or with Museum admission. Tours are “first come, first served” (space is limited – no reservations).



As always, for a comprehensive list of family activity please visit our friends at North Shore Kid

We’re not always right but we’re right about this

Once in a while we pick a winner.  This is one of those times … trust me.  Ruby Rose Fox will be a major Rock Star in the not-too-distant future.

We’ve presented Ruby Rose Fox on stage twice: Opening for Martha Davis + The Motels last April at Beverly’s Larcom Theatre (where Sheila Roberts Orlando took the photo at right) and in a co-bill with Jesse Dee at The Cabot last July (see this review).

In addition to being one of the best singers and songwriters we’ve encountered over the past dozen or so years, Ruby produces extraordinary videos (see them here).

Today she premieres a double feature.  That’s right, folks … 2 videos at once.  See a review by Infectious Magazine here.  Better yet, watch and enjoy, below (top volume and full screen recommended).  You can see Ruby at Katrina’s on June 18th with Gloucester’s own Inge Berge opening (another one of our favorite singer/songwriters/video producers — see some of Inge’s videos here and listen an excellent Inge Berge song below).

RUSTED ROOT PLUS ROOTS OF CREATION This Thursday Dec. 3rd 8pm doors open at 7pm @ The Cabot in Beverly MA.

rusted root



World rockers RUSTED ROOT have been bringing people together since the early ’90s. With undeniably infectious anthems like “Send Me On My Way” and “Ecstasy,” they’ve captured hearts and minds while spreading their peaceful message around the world. The quintessential live band, Pittsburgh’s Rusted Root continues to perform high energy shows around the globe to sold out crowds.

Having collaborated for two decades, Rusted Root has honed the perfect combination of musical intuition, freedom and virtuosity, which has allowed them to organically shape their music into it’s own distinct and undeniable vision. With eight albums under their belt, over three million records sold and countless nights on the road, Rusted Root transcends age, cultures and musical styles.The members of Rusted Root are drawn to and have explored virtually every form of music. “I am very inspired vocally by anything from Indian to African to Middle Eastern sounds and scales having grown up with a lot of Hebrew music” Liz Berlin notes. Michael Glabicki cites the Bee Gees, Elvis Costello, Neil Young, Toni Childs, Black Keys, Black Sabbath and various Afro Pop music as among his influences. Combining a jam aesthetic and a global mindset, Rusted Root combines World influences into a transcontinental brew. The powerhouse ensemble’s hypnotic live performances have allowed them to tour alongside Santana, Dave Matthews Band, The Allman Brothers Band, Plant & Page and many others.

Rusted Root brings down the house every time they hit the stage, and we’re proud to welcome them to the Cabot!JUST ADDED: ROOTS OF CREATION!

“From addictive reggae pop songs to consciously charged roots rhythms and berserk electronic improvisations, the grace and precision with which ROC executes their bass-heavy works is overwhelming. Their roots are tinged with rock, their rock brushed with electronica, and they’re as likely to dash off into a 10-minute guitar-led groove as they are to perform righteous vocal songs that resonate like the roots-rock classics of old” wrote Homegrown Music Network.

2013 New England Music and Cider Magazine Award Winners, Roots of Creation, mixes roots and dub reggae with guitar-heavy rock and electronica, all wrapped around lead singer/guitarist Brett Wilson’s introspective and consciousness-laden lyrics.

The band is raising the bar at every performance with the intent of delivering a true rock show cleverly disguised as a reggae dance bash with psychedelic and energizing lights.  The techno-beam and LED tube lighting increases the already high-energy sound that Roots of Creation (RoC) brings to their audiences.

RoC’s newest release, Live at Bella Terra Festival (. . . And Stoned at Church), captures the band, during a 10 show tour, from the east coast to Chicago to Eastern Canada in August 2011.  The stop at Bella Terra in Stephentown, New York allowed RoC to perform a high-profile slot directly after the headliner, The Mickey Hart Band.  As thousands of fans poured from the main stage over to the late-night tent, RoC delivered a truly unique musical experience with thumping reggae bass lines, piercing guitar licks, and an electronic-dub sound only this band could create.  RoC travels with their own lighting designer, who put on a show of techno beams and LED tubes to match the music and vibe of Bella Terra as lead singer Brett Wilson demanded the crowds’ attention with his soulful lyrics and revolutionary calls.

Roots of Creation is made up of original members guitarist/lead singer Brett Wilson, keyboard player Tal Pearson, and drummer Mike Chadinha.  RoC is currently touring with a rotating arsenal of bassists, horns, and auxiliary members to blow the audience away by enhancing the overall sound and energy. The band formed in 2001 with Wilson, Pearson, Chadinha and former bassists while attending Franklin Pierce College and began touring heavily in 2004. RoC also tours with a rotating arsenal of horns to blow the audience away by enhancing the overall sound and energy.

The Jon Butcher Axis w/ Special Guest Cliff Eberhardt Together again for the first time! Saturday 8:00pm 8.15.2015



(doors open at 7pm)

The Cabot
286 Cabot Street

Beverly, MA 01915


If you haven’t seen them then you’re in for a wicked good treat..
I got to catch the last show “Jon Butcher Axis Experience” and it totally blew my mind….
Part of the buzz…This guy is f’n’s like Jimi Hendrix reincarnated….let me tell this person does not toss compliments around lightly…
Brought to you by GimmeLiveVickie & Peter Van Ness

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It’s much harder to write a good review than a bad one

Inge Berge

It’s not that hard to write review panning a concert or an album.  You’ve probably read many such reviews.  It’s much more difficult to write a glowing piece that doesn’t sound corny or like a puff piece.  Below is one of the best examples of a rave review that I’ve ever read. It is at once intelligent, witty, entertaining, straight to the point and completely devoid of obscure references and highfalutin language reviewers all to often use in an attempt to show off their intellect.  It’s written by local singer/songwriter/composer/lighting designer Inge Berge, who is actually smart, so he doesn’t need to try and convince anybody.  Check it out:

Fans of exquisite music: Pay attention to Ruby Rose Fox. Her headlining at The Cabot tonight, courtesy of Peter Van Ness and GimmeLive is easily among the top 3 shows I’ve seen all year (and I see way too many shows.) This show was pure magic. Sublime. Genius.

Her songwriting is smart, heartfelt, genre-bending, profound and just plain gorgeous. Her musicianship is impeccable. Her stage presence is mysterious, deep, eclectic and sexy as all get-out. The backup singers blend like butter yet cut like a razor. The band is road-tight and stadium-confident. The material is presented with rock balls, sensual vulnerability and analytic intelligence. A show chemically cleansed of clichés and standard showbiz cheese.

I count myself among the lucky few who got to experience this evening of not-yet-world-famous MA-grown music before it turns into something more industry-processed. (Hopefully not.)

Unfortunately, what I find of Ruby Rose Fox’s music currently online does not quite do justice to the show I saw tonight. But I understand there’s a full length CD in the works. I’m first in line to purchase.

Sometimes you just gotta cross the bridge

Robert Randolph & The Family Band @ The Cabot -- photo Holly Harris
Robert Randolph & The Family Band @ The Cabot — photo Holly Harris

Last night, a number of our Gloucester friends came to the Robert Randolph & The Family Band concert we presented at The Cabot in Beverly, some of whom exclaimed, “Boy it’s just amazing that we can see this level of music so close to home!”

Indeed, Beverly is about as close as a national touring artist, the likes of Robert Randolph, is likely to get to Gloucester.  So perhaps it’s time for us to extend our notion of “just down the road” to include Beverly, which is … dare I say … over the bridge.

Tomorrow we’re bringing three of the hottest Boston area bands to the Cabot stage: Boston Music Award winners Ruby Rose Fox and Jesse Dee with Salem’s Sarah & the Wild Versatile.  We believe all three bands will soon be playing much bigger venues — that are much farther away than Beverly and — oh yeah — charge a whole lot more for tickets.  ALL AGES  seats for tomorrow’s concert start at $15 (the same as it costs to see Jurassic World at the mall).  It’s a great show for your kids, who’ll be able to say “I saw them up close at The Cabot!”  Good seats are still available here.

THE WAILERS w/ Dub Apocalypse show. Another amazing M.E. Productions at The Cabot!! Ya


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courtesy photo
courtesy photo

Dub Apocalypse

dub press

courtesy photo

The Cabot  photo by Social Palates

photo by Social Palates


286 Cabot Street
Beverly, MA 01915

M.E. Productions presents HOT TUNA w/ Larry Campbell and Teresa Williams Saturday, July 11 at 8:00 pm – all tickets $45

hot tuna

Buy Tickets Online or by Phone: 978-525-9093
Rock N Roll Hall of Fame alumnus, Jorma Kaukonen and Jack Casady have been performing together for the past 50 years. Originating from Jefferson Airplane, the duo formed the iconic blues-roots band Hot Tuna.

While in Jefferson Airplane, putting together the soundtrack of the 60s, the pair remained loyal to the blues, jazz, bluegrass, and folk influences of the small clubs and larger venues they had learned from years before. San Francisco down time…hotel rooms on the road…just about anywhere they could manage some off time, they would play together and worked up a set of songs that mirrored their love of roots music. They would often play ‘their’ music at clubs in the Bay Area and while on the road, often after having played a set with the Airplane. In an era in which volume often overtrumped musicianship, Hot Tuna provided both. Fans also discovered that Jack and Jorma really loved to play, sometimes 3-6 hour long sets…which only energized the crowds, and in turn energized their performances.

Buy Tickets Online or by Phone: 978-525-9093
Jorma and Jack certainly could not have imagined, let alone predicted, where playing would take them. It’s been a long and fascinating road to numerous exciting destinations. After two decades of acoustic and electric concerts and albums, the 1990s brought a new focus on acoustic music to Hot Tuna. More intimate venues with a more individual connection to the audience became increasingly frequent stops. Soon, the loud electric sound (and the semi trailer load of equipment) disappeared entirely from Hot Tuna tours. Two things have never changed: They still love to play as much as they did as kids, and there are still many, many exciting miles yet to travel on their musical odyssey.

WATCH VIDEO: Hot Tuna “Hesitation Blues”

Larry Campbell & Teresa Williams

Larry Campbell recently performed, and some say stole the show, to a full house at the Shalin Liu Performance Center alongside David Bromberg and David Hidalgo. Larry is well known in musical circles, initially as the instrumental wizard behind Bob Dylan’s Never Ending Tour and later as the musical director and three-time Grammy-winning producer for Levon Helm. Campbell’s musical dexterity is legendary and won him a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Americana Music Association. Larry stays busy producing albums for Garland Jefferies, the Steep Canyon Rangers, David Bromberg and Hot Tuna. Campbell is married to Teresa Williams and the pair often perform together. The two of them also performed on Jorma Kaukonen’s newest album, Ain’t In No Hurry.

Buy Tickets Online or by Phone: 978-525-9093

Don’t forget about the Seth Mcnally/ M.E. Productions HOT TUNA w/ Campbell & Williams show this Saturday July 11th at The Cabot. Hot Tuna is made up of Jefferson Airplane Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Alums Jack Casady and Jorma Kaukonen.

hot tuna gg


Who knows when the next time you’ll be able to see these two ICONS together so get those tickets now. Hit the link below!

ON-SALE ALERT: Tickets just went on sale for John Cafferty & the Beaver Brown Band with special guest Charlie Farren

John Cafferty singing one of his #1 hits with the audience at The Larcom in January photo Sheila Roberts Orlando

Most of you who follow us know that we present concerts just down the road at Beverly’s Larcom Theatre (among other venues).

This summer we’ll also be presenting concerts at The Cabot — and the first one we’ve put on sale is John Cafferty & the Beaver Brown Band with special guest Charlie Farren on Friday, July 31 — and it’s helping us answer two questions at once: “When are you bringing John Cafferty back?” and “When are you bringing Charlie Farren back?”

We figured this summer was the perfect time to party at The Cabot with these 2 high-energy rock stars, who haven’t performed together on stage for years.

It’s an All Ages show with reserved seats starting at only $25.  Get your tickets now (RIGHT HERE) because this show will sell quickly!

Nichole’s Picks of the Weekend 1/17 and 1/18

Pick #1

If you make it, they will come….I think.

With no real accumulation and the kids dying to go sledding…or in this case TUBING, New England Sports Park (formally Amesbury Sports Park) has you covered! This weekend is finally opening weekend so they must be making snow.

What is New England Sports Park? Where do we start? 

We are best known the steepest, fastest snow tubing hill in New England in the winter.  

But we are so much more.


Pick #2 

I am a huge fan of Scavenger Hunts…just saying.  So, this sounds like a ton of fun! I’ve been meaning do one of the Watson Adventures Scavenger Hunts for some time now.  I’m not going to lie, the outdoor ones around Boston are more my cup of tea, but this sounds great….especially if you have kids who can’t get enough of the Museum of Science!

The Mad Science Family Scavenger Hunt

See the surreal side of science on a whirlwind tour to see the best of the Museum of Science. Kids and adults work together to uncover the secrets of eye-popping interactive exhibits, a life-size T. rex, a sneaky snake, hidden messages, an electrified jumping disk, optical illusions, a mad scientist’s lab, a musical zebra in a hunter’s trophy room, a book by a cat, live animals and a nightmare chair.

For ages 7 and up. Kids must be accompanied by adults, and vice versa. Click on the button below to see the hunt schedule and find more fun!

Saturday 1/17 at 2:00.  Kids 7 and up.  Be sure to purchase tickets ahead of time on the link provided!  GOOD LUCK!


Pick #3

Ok. So this is a bit premature, but if you want to score tickets, you need to act now.  The new Cabot in Beverly is such a fantastic venue and they have opened with a bang offering a wonderfully diverse array of shows.  If you’ve been wanting to take your kids to a concert, but haven’t scored tix to Taylor Swift, One Direction, or Gosh Only Knows Who Else….or if you’re not sure that they’re old enough for such an event…next weekend’s Alastair Moock concert may just be the ticket you’ve been looking for. A sweeter, simpler concert for young music fans, for sure!

  • When: Saturday, Jan 24, 2015 10:30 AM (Doors open at 10:00 AM)
  • Ticket Price: $5.33 $8.24

AWARDS: 2014 Grammy nomination – Best Children’s Album; 2013 People Magazine Best Kid’s Album; 2013 Parents’ Choice Gold Medal; 2013 NAPPA Gold Medal.

Nearly twenty years into his performing career, 2014 Grammy-nominated musician Alastair Moock has managed to carve out a unique niche for himself: He is a songwriter committed to celebrating the roots of American music while knocking down the walls between different audiences, genres and musical traditions. Today, his audiences range from adults all the way down to preschoolers, and he plays everything from nightclubs to theaters to schoolrooms. Like his boyhood hero, Woody Guthrie, Moock believes in the power of music to reach all people — young and old, far and wide, for all occasions.



But it is Moock’s newest album, Singing Our Way Through: Songs for the World’s Bravest Kids, which is nearest and dearest to his heart. In July of 2012, one of Alastair’s daughter’s was diagnosed with leukemia. The Singing Our Way Through project began when they started writing songs together in the hospital. Over the next several months, Moock continued to write and collect songs that reflected his family’s experiences – the love, the pride, the surprising amount of joy, and some of the more difficult parts too.

Moock decided he wanted to record an album for other families traveling similar paths. With the help of an amazing fundraising campaign and the musical talents of friends including co-producer Anand Nayak, Chris Smither, Aoife O’Donovan, Rani Arbo, Mark Erelli, The Okee Dokee Brothers, and (fellow 2014 Grammy nominee) Elizabeth Mitchell, Moock released Singing Our Way Through in July, 2013. Since then, more than 2,500 albums have been distributed to hospitals, cancer organizations and patient families around the country.

Nichole’s Family Picks of the Weekend 12/13 and 12/14

You might have to act quick for a couple of these so don’t delay!

Pick #1

Debbie and Friends at The Cabot in Beverly.  Saturday, December 13th at 10:30

A live Debbie and Friends show is fun for the whole family. The boston-based band plays a varierty of pop/rock styles, and the songs are interactive and engaging. Puppets and cartoons are part of every show.

Winner of more than 20 National Awards, including CBS Boston’s “Best Local Children’s Musician”, and a “Nickelodeon Parents Pick Award”, Debbie and Friends also performed on the 2011 Grammy Winner for “Best Children’s Album”.

Debbie and Friends are wonderful with children as well as being accomplished musicians. All work on the staff or faculty of Berklee College of Music.

This fun concert at The Cabot will be perfect for children ages 1-9 and their parents and grandparents, and will feature some seasonal tunes to help everyone celebrate the holidays.


You can hurry up and purchase tickets here 


Picke #2

The 35th Annual Candlelight Stroll at Strawberry Banke in Portsmouth

How Norman Rockwell does this sound?  The Schraffts will be there this weekend or next for sure!  Just saying.

35th Annual Candlelight Stroll in the “Holiday Capital of North America”

For December 6-7, 13-14, 20-21, 2014


Stroll through life in a simpler time as 350 years of American history, winter traditions, and holiday celebrations unfolds around you in New Hampshire’s oldest waterfront neighborhood.

  • Historic houses from four centuries with decorations hand-crafted from natural materials
  • Hundreds of wood and glass candle boxes lighting the lanes and landscape
  • Live music and holiday entertainment for all ages
  • Horse-drawn carriage rides
  • Holiday decoration demonstrations
  • Traditional barrel making demonstrations
  • 18th century holiday hearth cooking
  • Tinsmith demonstrations
  • NEW! Ice skating on Puddle Dock Pond opening Dec 12.


You can get tickets at the door, but it is wise to book in advance.  There was a Living Social coupon for admission, but it just expired.  Keep an eye out for a new one though!!

Find out more here

Pick #3


Assembly Row in Somerville is pretty fantastic, but maybe shopping in the midst of holiday mayhem isn’t for you.  Who could fault you for that?  How does a free movie in their rather plush theater sound though?

This Saturday, AND NEXT, they are offering free holiday movies on a FIRST COME FIRST SERVE basis.  This week is Home Alone and next week is Elf!

Tickets are available in the lobby beginning at 9:00 a.m. for the movies that begin at 9:30.

And, while there, you could also bop over to the Legoland Discovery Center…which also happens to be at Assembly Row. My boys both LOVED it there and can’t wait to go back. Might I add, that they’re really not Lego Fanatics, but they had a blast there nonetheless.  Advanced ticket purchases are recommended there too!

Free Holiday Movies

12/6, 12/13, 12/20 9:30am AMC Assembly Row 12

Join Assembly Row as we treat you and your family to a free big screen showing of The Polar Express this Saturday at AMC Assembly Row 12.
Tickets will be distributed in the lobby of AMC on the first floor starting at 9AM. The show will begin at 9:30AM. Space is limited to one theater and tickets will be distributed on a first come, first serve basis. One ticket per person.

Movies Coming Up!
Saturday December 13th: Home Alone
Saturday December 20: Elf

Learn more about Assembly Row here 

Check out LegoLand Discovery Center here



Nichole’s Family Picks of the Weekend 11/29 + 11/30

Pick #1

So, I’m cheating here a bit with this post because my 1st pick is actually a few weeks from now.  Originally, I was going to post about the Parent/Child Cupcake making class that is taking place at Eurostoves on Saturday 11/29, BUT it is sold out….which made me think that some things I may want to recommend in the future may need to be written about ahead of time so that interested readers don’t get shut out!  I’ll try to keep that in mind.

You’re in luck, however, because the “Parent/Child Cupcake Crazy” is also being offered on December 26th.  So book now….and turn it into a great little gift to put under the tree!  A fantastic little date day for you and yours (or a niece, nephew, grandchild, etc) all wrapped up with a bow.  Annnnd, no need for the recipient of your awesome gift to be patient, because just when the Christmas buzz is about to wear off, you get to hop in the car and keep the fun going!

Check out Eurostoves here

Pick #2

If I’m to be honest, I haven’t been here yet, but I’ve been meaning to go and this weekend’s Annual Holiday Bazaar in the “magical shop in the forest” sounds pretty perfect to me.  I love the sound of the nature-inspired gifts, but strolling through craft tables can get boring for kids, let’s be honest.  The Center for Wildlife in Cape Neddick, Maine, (just over an hour away….so not too bad!) eliminates that by giving the kiddos an opportunity to meet the owl, hawk, falcon, and more who call the center home! And, this weekend’s events will also include winter book readings.

“Environmental Fairy Tales Come Alive! We will have readings of “A Christmas Owl” and “A Winter Solstice Celebration” at 1pm and 2pm. Gather under our educational pavilion, enjoy hot cocoa and cider, listen to these great tales, and meet some of the animals from the book!”

Stop for some lunch and hot cocoa in Newburyport on the way home to break up the drive and you’ve made a whole day of it!

Check out the Center for Wildlife here!

Pick #3

One of our favorite holiday traditions!!  For the record, traditions are really important to my little family unit.  Because I say so.  Kidding.  In all seriousness, creating traditions and being sure to do them each year so that our boys would hopefully learn to love and cherish them, was really important to me.  So, we have several traditions that we don’t mess with….and hopefully never will.  One of those is cutting down our Christmas Tree.  In November of 2010, the Bertolon family opened the Beverly Tree Farm.  Since then, countless families have marked their calendars to make the annual pilgrimage to their gorgeous property to find the one.  The one perfect tree that speaks to them!

We have gone every year since.  I’m not going to lie, the trees could easily be considered expensive. However, you’re not just paying for a tree.  You’re paying for hot cider, cocoa, homemade Christmas cookies, a roaring fire, and an incredibly kind and friendly family run business.  You’re paying for holiday memories in the making.  When they first opened it was possible to tag the tree of your dreams and then go back and get it later. When that was an option, we got two times the tradition for the price of one!  We would go, find our tree, decorate it at the farm, have some holiday yummies, sit by the fire, and then head home….Christmas carols blaring! Then, we’d head back the following week, search for our masterpiece, and cut her down. We’d eat some more yummies, sit by the fire for a bit longer, strap it onto the car….and head home once again.

Tagging it for later pick-up is no longer an option.  One of the reasons for that is that the tree farm is so phenomenal that they now sell out of trees in just two short weekends.  They open the day after Thanksgiving and stay open just this weekend and next weekend.  That’s it.  Still, even without the tagging, it is totally worth it.

A very important fact to know is that the Bertolon family uses proceeds to cover operating costs and then gives every other penny to charity.  A couple of years ago a large recipient was Hospice of the North Shore….last year, they were able to give $25,000 to Direct Relief to assist Philippine victims recovering from Super Typhoon Haiyan.  In all, over the past few years, they have given an incredibly $85,000 to selected charities.  This year’s charity is The Cabot….as in The Cabot Performing Arts Center in Beverly.

So, be sure to check out the Beverly Tree Farm here!

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