While out and about shopping local during this holiday season, be sure to make Sugar Magnolias one of your destination lunch spots. Pictured is my husband’s Goatie omelette, which was devoured, and I had the Florentine Eggs Benedict, which could not have been more perfect and delicious. Sugar Mags never disappoints!

Guertner Cousins Reunion

Guertner Cousins celebrate breakfast at Sugar Magnolia from Washington, Texas, Colorado, Arizona, and Massachusetts.


IMG_5414  IMG_5415

IMG_5416  IMG_5417

IMG_5418  IMG_5419


Christina and Valentin Bike from Somerville for Breakfast at Sugar Mag

IMG_4980Christina and Valentin Bike from Somerville for Breakfast at

Sugar Magnolia.

Valentin is planning to start a bike ride across America on Monday.

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The Gals From The Dish Do Gloucester (and no that’s not a porno title)


Highlighted on a recent romp through G-Town are Sugar Mag’s and Duckworth Beach Gourmet.

click the two links below to check out their findings-

Gloucester Goes Gourmet at Duckworth’s Market

Morning Decadence: Gloucester’s Sugar Mags

Missy From Sugar Mags Calls Out The Boys From The Farm Bar and Grille

Thursday afternoon at The Cape Ann Farmer’s Market The 2010 Seafood Throwdown series will officially begin with two time former champ Missy from Sugar Mag’s taking on newcomers Ryan Cox and Co from The Farm Bar and Grille.

Missy was a little agitated that the Seafood Throwdown organizers pit her in a seafood cooking competition against boys from the country who specialize in BBQ and issued the following bet to her competitors at The Farm Bar and Grille-

This could get ugly.  Look for the response from the boys at The Farm Bar and Grille tomorrow on these pages!

Check out pictures and video from The Farm Bar and Grille here

Also pictures and video from Sugar Mag’s

Sugar Magnolia Crab Cakes Bene Rocks!

This is one of my favorite breakfast meals in town.  We are spoiled with  great breakfast joints but the Crab Cake Bene at Sugar Mags and The West Indian Hash at Sailor Stans send me into breakfast orgasm mode.   I add a little tobasco to both to spice them up a bit.

Sugar Magnolia Crab Cakes Bene Rocks!, originally uploaded by captjoe06.