Peg Dillon of Gloucester Represents! in Ullapool, Scotland

Peg Dillon of Gloucester represents in Ullapool, Scotland, where she participated in the World Skiff Championships July 8-13. Peg, who is a member of the Gloucester Gig Rowers, competed as part of a New England team from Lake Champlain, VT.


Somebody Needs To Get Me One Of These Feel Your Boobies Stickers STAT!

Saw one of these on a car up at the MAC.


Whoever came up with this campaign deserves a promotion. 

Breast Cancer is no joke.  Read all about self examination here-



I fully endorse the self feeling of boobies to detect early on signs of breast cancer.

are you doing it?

Paula Capizzi and Anne Lubbers Represent! From The Holland Lighthouse

Anne is the Mother of FOB Kurt Lubbers and MIL of FOB Danni Lubbers

The Holland lighthouse is called “Big Red,” and the photos are of me (Anne Lubbers) and my sister, Paula Capizzi. The windmill is in VanBragt Park.

Karen Pischke Represents! At the Cherry Blossom Festival In Japan

Hey Joey-
SAKURA is in full Bloom in Japan! A year ago my elderly mother wondered why
I had to go to Kyoto, Japan for Sakura (Cherry Blossom Festival,) since
‘D.C. has beautiful Cherry Blossoms.’ I told her, because D.C. does not have
my Reiki teacher, Inamoto Sensei. Despite the disaster      in Japan, we
felt it important to continue our trip as planned in support of the Japanese
people. And Hyakuten assured us- "Kyoto is safe. You should come." And so,
3/30/11 we flew. One year ago today was our first full day in Kyoto! It
felt(and still feels!) surreal to be there. While there I also represented
GMG! You can find photos from this journey on Facebook Pages- Dreamtime
Wellness, Komyo Reiki Kai/New England and Komyo Reiki Kai Boston. And now,
Hyakuten will be coming to Boston/New England for the 1st time this October!
Hope you get a chance to meet him! Enjoy the photos. Note: Before the trip
and upon my return, we have organized fund raisers for Japan for continued
support at our monthly Reiki Clinic and Meditation Events. The gentleman in
the picture at the food stand kept saying- "Sank you. Sank you vely much."
The Japanese people we met were most grateful we were there, and Japanese
people still need our support! Thanks Joe! For all that you do! It ‘ripples
out’ to many!!    Karen Pischke, Dreamtime Wellness
Peace, love, and light,  Karen

Lois McNulty Represents! In Inisheer

Hi Joey-

I just got in from Ireland where I spent a fast week with my daughter Nora.

This picture is from Inisheer, one of the Aran Islands off Galway Bay on the west coast.  I thought I was in Gloucester- surrounded by the sea.   Fishing boats, granite everywhere, a bar on every corner, and the NICEST people.  See you soon!

Lois McNulty


Nancy Hendrickson Represents! In Galway Ireland

Hi Joey,
Wow, It’s been a while, huh?  Sorry I didn’t see you during my quick
trip home.
I had meant to send something from my months in Germany but somehow
misplaced my sticker!  So, here are a couple photo’s from Galway, Ireland with love to GMG 🙂


Homie Takes An Art Tour For Gloucester Artists NYC With Catherine Ryan


Together with Augustus-St Gaudens Diana, there’s Gloucester ’s Paul Manship’s Three Bears side by side with Anna Vaughn Hyatt Huntington’s Jaguars.


What’s this?

Anna Hyatt Huntington Jaguars very curious and might pounce


The Met’s American painting wing is closed until Spring 2012 or Homie would have visited some other Gloucester artists and images.



GMG readers know Manship’s famous Prometheus at Rockefeller Center ’s (skating rink!). If you are unable to go to the Bronx Zoo, where Manship’s Three Bears and Huntington ’s Jaguars adorn the entrance and were commissioned in 1932, right next to the Metropolitan Museum of Art there’s the Children’s Aid Society’s Manship gates installation. You can compare the Three Bears configuration to the one back inside the MET, which was on Manship’s property inLanesville for over 20 years. The Met’s label says near Gloucester , perhaps not knowing Lanesville is Gloucester .

That building past the Manship  is the MET, so very very close and not to be missed!



Gloucester doesn’t make it on Huntington ’s label for Joan of Arc across the other side of the city, 92nd Street , Riverside Park, NYC. The label mentions another replica in SF Golden Gate Park Palace of the Legion of Honor, but where’s the love for Gloucester ?

Hard to see at first,


Spot Homie!


Now head to CAM for some Manships there and find this


And see Gloucester ’s Huntington ’s Joan of Arc completed for Gloucester ’s 300th, same time as Craske’s Fisherman at the Wheel.