Cured-In-Place-Pipe Repairs at St Peter’s Square

IMG_3517Cured-In-Place-Pipe (CIPP) Repairs, being performed at St. Peter’s Square.  The Repairs had already been performed, this was the last step, which is blowing steam into the pipeline to cure the repairs.





IMG_3514See Dave Moore’s video in his comment below.


Where is the Fiesta Ferris Wheel?

Last year I overcame my Fear-of-Carnival-Equipment and took my first ride ever on the Fiesta ferris wheel. When I was a child I loved amusement parks. Fear-of-Carnival- Equipment is an affliction that strikes one upon becoming a mother. Nevertheless, at this time last year my camera was brand new and I was determined to take photos from the ferris wheel vantage point (and both kids had left for college and grad school).

I was disappointed to see that this year the ferris wheel was not set up along Pavilion Beach. According to carnival employee Bones, the ferris wheel was recently sold to a permanent park in Mexico because it was becoming too old for the frequent moves demanded of it from a traveling company. Although I will miss the gorgeous view of Gloucester from atop the ferris wheel I am glad they made this safety call. The good news is that the company is planning to purchase a new ferris wheel and hopefully it will be here next year!

Snapshots from St. Peter’s Square this morning.

“The Savages” Seine Boat Team

Fiesta Faces – Last Night’s Novena

Even with the rain, the former Doyon’s was packed. Father Garaboldi and Father Harrison greeted the participants, young and elderly. Greg Cook’s new baby is adorable. Santo Militello looks healthy and tanned. Tony Testaverde told me about his new Fiesta walking stick that he wants photos of on Friday.

Although the walk from St. Peter’s Square to the end of Beach Ct. was wet, several people followed the statue through the streets to hear Father Garaboldi pray for the fishermen lost this year.

Now we need to pray for sunshine and good weather for the rest of Fiesta!

Novena starts today-

DSC_3336 [640x480]
Sharon Lowe photo
Monday Novena opening signals St. Peter’s Fiesta

By All Hands (Gloucester Daily Times)

It’s another week and a half to go before Gloucester’s 2009 St. Peter’s Fiesta hits full stride.

But the first elements of Fiesta begin on Monday — and that goes beyond the very visible construction of the altar in St. Peter’s Square, and the well-wishing signs for a “Buono Fiesta” greeting customers at some Rogers Street watering holes and other local businesses.

The nine-day Novena to St. Peter — held each year as a prelude to the Fiesta and the patron saint of the fishermen — opens Monday at 7 p.m. and continues at the same time each night through June 23 in the former Doyon’s building on Rogers Street, next to St. Peter’s Square.

The public is invited to attend any or all of the Novenas. Anyone seeking further information is welcome to call St. Peter’s Fiesta Committee member Joe Novello at (978) 283-4367.