Real progress on the Magnolia Pier, pretty Shore Road and a Stand Up Paddle boarder

On a beautiful Wednesday took a walk to to the beach.  There were many people out walking with proper distance.  The Pier looks great, Shore Road is so pretty and love the fact there was a paddle boarder off Kettle Island.  It does not take us hardy New England citizens to adapt as soon as the sun is out.  Beautiful day.

Shore Road Closure Magnolia Pier rebuild

Talked to an engineer the other day with regard to the crane on Shore Road to build the Magnolia Pier.  The workers have been very polite and considerate of the neighbors and walkers.  He informed me that the crane can reach over 200 feet.  He also stated that most likely it will take about two more weeks with the crane.

Magnolia Pier

Information regarding the Magnolia Pier

Pier update: working with BTT Marine on their plan to bring in a crane so they can put in the remaining 16 piles. The crane will be on private property and city property so they still need the city engineer’s approval. If they get approval they hope to start February 14.