Who’s the Serious Security Guy in this Blues Fest Video of the great Shemekia Copeland?

Here’s another video of Shemekia Copeland (Queen of the Blues) at the Gloucester Blues Festival with yet another powerful song that shows off her band as well as her remarkable voice (see yesterday’s post if you missed the song that gave me the chills).

Who’s that security guy walking in front of the stage at at about :30 seconds into the video?  He looks so serious! You wouldn’t wanna mess with him would ya?

Just in case you missed getting Shemekia’s excellent CDs signed at the Blues Fest, you can order one here and ask her to sign it next time you see her (see tour schedule).

It’s a testament to Gloucester’s stature as a music destination that we can attract major international recording artists, the caliber of Shemekia’s Copeland, for our very first Blues Festival.  Perhaps it’s because of the tremendously talented musicians who live here.

Don’t take them for granted.  Check Cape Ann’s live music schedule and go see them now.  Some day you may  have to drive an hour and pay a hundred bucks to see artists you can see this weekend right here on Cape Ann for free.

Just a Ghetto Child in Gloucester

Shemekia Copeland’s astounding performance was the climax of Gloucester’s Blues Festival 2 weeks ago.  We blogged all day from the festival, but never showed you any of Shemekia’s set — so here you go:  In this video, she walks the crowd singing without a mic, while the band plays from the stage.  Perfect mix; powerful music; gave me the chills.

We’ve had a busy month of festivals, here in Gloucester.  This weekend we’ve got 28 artists in 16 venues — two of which are schooners. And that’s just Friday & Saturday (see the Friday & Saturday live music lineup here).  You’d think it was another festival.  Nope.  Just more evidence of Cape Ann’s thriving music scene.

Start the weekend a little early with the epic Seafood Throwdown rematch today at 4pm at the Farmer’s Market at Stage Fort Park.  Then the Harbor Loop Concert — 12 live music choices in all.  See tonight’s live music lineup here.

Yes folks, Sun will shine again, and when it does top Blues Stars will also shine on Gloucester

Yesterday’s video introduced you to the Gloucester Blues Festival performers (click here if you missed it) and promised a week-long preview.  Today, we feature the headliner Shemekia Copeland, whose stellar performance at the White House recently aired on WGBH TV.  Watch the video and you’ll know why you have to get tickets now, so you can save $12.

Just since yesterday, we’ve received new music listings, including a live Blues Concert featuring Rita Chiarelli (Canada’s Queen of the Blues) at Cape Ann Community Cinema on Friday and  T Max’s CD Release Party at the Dog Bar on Saturday.  See new updated music lineup here.