Another Shark Sighting off of Rockport….because you can never have enough.

We stopped down the docks at Cape Ann’s Marina Resort last night to visit quickly with “Uncle Ricky” on the Wicked Pissah and were happy to get the chance to also say “hello” to Captain Paul Hebert…as well as Beaker on the Miss Fern.  After chatting with Beaker about the upcoming Bluefin Blowout Tournament (he’s always a huge contender…if not the winner), Ricky showed us some photos (the one he texted me is included) of a shark that they caught/released off of Rockport around 2:00 in the afternoon.

The jury is out as to whether it is a Great White or a Porbeagle?  I’m no expert, but I do know all about Cisco and his recent sightings.  I also read, as you may have as well, this awesome blog post about lobsterman, Gil Mitchell, hooking Cisco recently.

In addition, there have also been some porbeagle sharks seen in the area.

I do know that porbeagle sharks have a distinctive white triangle at the rear base of their dorsal fins….which this shark seems to have.  The face, however, and the clear line between the bluish grey coloring and the white belly seems more indicative of a white shark.  Also, the tail fin seems to be curved or rounded in the same direction as a great white  as opposed to curved in like a porbeagle’s (see tail fin chart)  Hmmm.


Porbeagle sharks, for the record, are members of the same family as great whites, but I’ve read that there have only been three recorded attacks on humans…and none were fatal.




Correction- Basking Shark Jason Bolcome Photographs Great White Shark Off Of Rockport and GMG Has The Pics

I am Jason Bolcome, I was flying around Gloucester in my piper warrior when I heard over the radios information about a great white shark off rockport. I went back to beverly airport and picked up my friend Paul Beaulieuj who had a good camera and we decided to head off the cost of Rockport at 4pm and look for it. About 8 miles east off the coast of Rockport we started spotting large schools of fish and whales when Paul spotted a fin in the water. We then flew to investigate the fin when we had realized it was the great white shark everyone was talking about. I am no expert however comparing the size of it to the fishing boats my educated guess is that it is about 20ft long. Paul then began to take pictures as I flew the plane.




Fishy money

I got a book of dollar bill origami by Won Park. It includes some sea life models.  This shark is the first design I have tackled from the book.

The shark tank was one of my favorite parts of Seaworld, where I visited about ten days ago, but I’d rather hold a paper shark than get too close to a live one without lots of glass between us.

I hope to share more “fishy” money origami in the next few days.

Origami sea life

Guess who got a book on origami sea creatures for Christmas? Appropriate for someone living in a fishing port. I got folding right away.

Blue shark, designed by John Montroll, folded by me from 10" kami.
"Venus's comb" murex shell, designed by Robert Lang, folded by me from 10" kami.

These are both “first tries” for me with these models; I hope to do them better justice later using more specialized paper and wet-folding techniques.

The book, “Sea Creatures in Origami” by Robert Land and John Montroll, is one of two books on this topic by these authors. Lang and Montroll are master origami designers and have published many books, so the models are great and the diagrams are very clear – and they include some informative notes on species represented.

Shark At The Breakwater Pic From Rob Bouchie- Shark ID Requested

Hey Joey,
I had my college buddies up for the weekend, we took a walk down the breakwater on Sunday, (a cold Dale’s Pale Ale in hand) and about halfway down we saw this approx. 5.5’~7.0′ (solo, juvenille?) shark.  Some may Nurse Shark, I think Lemon…
We followed it along the inside wall, heading west and near the end it headed towards the harbor.  The classical spread of the small eyes, distanced fins, it’s shape, size, color were typical of Lemon…although if you zoom in it has a white tip to it’s tail fin only, which excludes the obvious white tip shark, which has a white tip on the dorsal. ??? Who knows?  Maybe someone can figure it out.  Very cool though!


Want The Coolest Desktop Screen Ever? Check Out The Discovery Channel’s Sharkweek Live Feed

Click on the live video below and then make it fill up your screen by clicking this image

in the bottom right hand corner of the video-


It is the live view of the Ocean Voyager exhibit at the Georgia Aquarium, the world’s largest aquarium, located in Atlanta, Georgia.