WANTED! Hollywood in Gloucester

Message from Scott Memhard at Cape Pond Ice:

WANTED – will exchange for new – your well worn Cape Pond Ice Navy crew neck (no hood) sweatshirts, size Medium and size Large, with our “New Style” logo – ie. the small “Cape Pond Ice – Gloucester MA – Pure Yankee Cold” on front left chest.

Folks visiting from Hollywood have a certain need – contact Scott or Larry at: coolestguys@capepondice.com if you can help  – your old sweatshirt may be famous!

GPP-Cape Pond Crew 121_MASTER_PRINT (1)

Little Italy on Main Street ~ 2014 Block Party Season Ends on a High Note!

Terri Gianni Gallo ©Kim Smith 2014Terri and Gianni Gallo with sister and friend

What fun was last night’s block party!!! The best event of the season was saved for the last, as the West End of Main Street Gloucester became “Little Italy.” The streets overflowed with hundreds of partygoers while Gianni and Terry Gallo broadcast live an episode of their new show, L’Italia Chiamò – Radio Show.L'Italia Chiamò ©Kim Smith 2014

cheese maker Luca Mignogna ©Kim Smith 2014Artisan cheese maker Luca Mignogna served samples of his outstanding cheeses as Chef Paolo La Boa created delicious appetizers of prosciutto, complemented with his signature pesto. Chef Paolo La Boa ©Kim Smith 2014The slew of Vespas parked out front of Caffe Sicilia caused everyone to stop and oogle.Vespas ©Kim Smith 2014 copy

I wished I could have stayed for the entire evening but unfortunately had to hurry home. Looking forward to next year’s Block Parties although, I don’t know how they’ll ever top last night’s event!

Nutty Red Head ©kim Smith 20014

Lisa Griffiths, also known as The Nutty Red Head, gets carded by Robin at the Cave–it makes her day!

Goddess Family ©Kim Smith 2014jpgThe Goddess Family ~ Franny, Tony, Samantha, and Baby Woody

Scott Memhard Lise Breen ©kim Smith 2014Scott Memhard with Hannah, Andrea, and Lise advocating for the “College Success Program in Gloucester.”

Fred and Valerie ©kim Smith 2014Fred and Valerie


Gloucester Celebrity ALS Ice Bucket Challenger at Cape Pond Ice ?

Scott Memhard submits-

Who is it ? Guess who is the latest Gloucester Celebrity ALS Ice Bucket Challenger at Cape Pond Ice ?

Who is it ?  Guess who is the latest Challenger raising awareness & funds in the Strike Out ALS – Ice Bucket Challenge Fundraiser at Cape Pond Ice ?
Who is it now, beneath that cascade of ice ???
Hint:  This is a brave local “celebrity” shouting out to friends to promote an important cause…



And,  Andy Ziergiebel, Leo DiMecurio and Peter Couture
this past Sunday….  https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=941725072509482


and on Saturday, Kevin Barrett of Reading at Cape Pond Ice:   https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=790173539395

Scott Memhard
Cape Pond Ice Company

A Beautiful and Moving Tribute to Carol Gray, Retiring Sawyer Free Library Director

Carol Gray  Bruce Tarr Mary Weissblum John Ronan©Kim Smith 2014John Ronan and Company (Senator Bruce Tarr, Paul McGeary, Mary Weissblum, and Scott Memhard) Reading John’s Very Humorous Poem About Carol

Carol Gray husband ©Kim Smith 2014.

The library was packed with Carol’s colleagues, friends, and well-wishers, all with hearts full of thanks and gratitude for her guiding hand throughout the library’s recent years of growth and development. Everyone spoke of Carol’s extraordinary dedication, tireless work ethic, and positive spirit during this period of great change and challenges.

Sawyer free Library ©Kim Smith 2014

Bruce Tarr Scott Memhard ©Kim Smith 2014

Carol Gray Bruce tarr ©Kim Smith 2014.JPGSenator Bruce Tarr Gave a Beautiful Heartfelt Speech

Thank you Carol ~ we are all going to miss you in your role as the Sawyer Free Library Director, but are so happy for you that you will be able to spend more time with your  growing family!Carol Gray ©Kim Smith 2014

mary weissblum catherine ryan ©Kim Smith 2014JPGMary Weissblum and Catherine Ryan

John and Sandy Ronan ©Kim Smith 2014Sandy and John Ronan

Linda Bossleman Shelia  ©Kim Smith 2014

Mary Weissblum © Kim Smith 2014Shelia and Floria ©Kim Smith 2014Shelia Blake and Floria Crowell

I’ve shared this story with friends, but thought our GMG community would like to know how Carol’s positive can-do spirit has touched a life. My Carol Gray story is just one example of thousands!

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Fish on Fridays

The Fish on Fridays series is a collaboration between Gloucester photographers Kathy Chapman and Marty Luster. Look for various aspects of Gloucester’s centuries-old fishing industry highlighted here on Fridays.

Scott Memhard, Pres. of Cape Pond Ice (http://www.capepondice.com/) fills the fish hold of FV Teresa Marie III before they set out for Georges Bank in search of Haddock.





Video © Kathy Chapman 2014
Photos © Marty Luster 2014

Community Stuff 10/12/12

Click the banner below for The News from Rocky Neck via Judy Robinson Cox



Museum presents second lecture in the series: Who We Are Is Who We Were: Historic Businesses of Cape Ann

ice pond

The Cape Ann Museum is pleased to present the second lecture in their series Who We Are is Who We Were: Historic Businesses of Cape Ann. The series looks at today’s local businesses that have thrived on Cape Ann over a hundred years. On Saturday, October 20 at 3:00 p.m. Scott Memhard, President of CAPE POND ICE COMPANY, INC., will be discussing his historic business. As part of his illustrated talk, Memhard will have historic ice harvesting tools, block ice and other tools of the trade to share with the audience. This program is free with Museum admission.

Cape Pond Ice Company was started as Gloucester Co. in 1848 by blacksmith Nathaniel R. Webster, who recognized the local fishing industry’s need for a reliable, large volume source of ice.  Prior to that time, fish – primarily halibut & cod – were preserved with salt and brine. Webster dammed a local brook and built his first ice house on what became known as Webster’s Pond; today it is the site of Veteran’s Memorial School and the Route 128 extension.  The ice industry grew rapidly, and within four years Webster built ice houses on Upper & Lower Day’s Ponds, where Foster’s Service Station is located, and on Cape Pond in Rockport, which the company is still named after.  

Almost a century and a half later, in 1983, Memhard Investment Bankers of Riverside CT became the fifth family group to own and operate Cape Pond Ice. Today, it not only provides ice to the commercial fishing industry but also the produce, poultry, and concrete industries, and to sculpture and wholesale / retail packaged ice customers.

Since “The Perfect Storm” sales of the popular “Cape Pond Ice – Gloucester – The Coolest Guys Around” t-shirts and merchandise have become a significant element of the business, including national advertising and internet sales. Over the past 29 years, in the face of dramatic declines in the commercial fishing industry, the company has implemented a strategy of diversification, requiring substantial investment in plant and technology upgrades.  The workforce increases from a year-round base of 7 to 20-30 during the busy summer season, including a fleet of ice delivery trucks.  Cape Pond Ice occupies an acre of industrial harbor-front real estate, and also has storage and distribution operations in Peabody and Lawrence, MA.

Funding for this program was made possible through a grant from the Massachusetts Cultural Council, which promotes excellence, access, education and diversity in the arts, humanities and interpretive sciences, in order to improve the quality of life for all Massachusetts residents and to contribute to the economic vitality of our communities.


Annisquam Light photos and Historic Icehouse Tours for a rainy day

Scott Memhard writes-

Hi Joey – this photographer Bill Downey was down here at the ice co Saturday pm taking some pix, and looking for locations for a LaSalle college photography class project.  He said feel free to post his Annisquam lighthouse photos to GMG if you’d like.

We were slammed with "rainy day" tours here at the icehouse today.  Offered at 9:30, 11 am and 2 pm.

Best, Scott
Scott Memhard, President


Boston’s First Night Ice Sculptures Born Right Here in Gloucester MA Pics and Videos

Christmas Eve at Cape Pond Ice I swung by and got some pictures and video of Ice being harvested for use in the ice sculptures for Boston’s First Night displays.  All week long there will be some of the world’s most renowned ice sculptors preparing the ice in sections for installation New year’s Eve in Boston.  There are some big sections featuring Boston sports icons Tom Brady and Shaq being prepped there right now. So if you go into town and see those sculptures, know they were born right here in beautiful Gloucester Massachusetts.

Scott Memhard gave us a lesson as we stood atop 300 tons of 300 lb ice cubes.  Videos tomorrow.image

Beautiful Industry- Harvesting 300 lb Blocks Of Ice At Cape Pond Ice






Steven Rosenberg Talks With Scott Memhard In Boston Globe Article About Gloucester

Ice demand has melted away

Globe photo-

Scott Memhard of Cape Pond Ice has seen his harbor business drop by more than half.

Scott Memhard of Cape Pond Ice has seen his harbor business drop by more than half.

By Steven Rosenberg

Globe Staff / August 22, 2010

To read the entire article click here

thanks Chuck Cook for forwarding me the story

Memo from Cape Pond Ice

Please be assured: Cape Pond Ice is safe and acceptable – packaged ice inventories were put up before August 15 (since that date production was curtailed, by request of the Mayor’s office, to meet the City’s water crisis) , and surplus ice product is being trucked in from sources outside Gloucester to meet needs of consumers, restaurants and ice accounts through this weekend, to assure adequate safe ice supplies. Again: Cape Pond Ice is safe to use! – Scott Memhard, President & GM, Cape Pond Ice Company

Beautiful Industry- Cape Pond Ice

Here is Scott Memhard, owner of Cape Pond Ice.  The picture is taken from the tower where ice is distributed to either oceanside to the boats or truck dockside to truck trade.

Beautiful Industry- Cape Pond Ice, originally uploaded by captjoe06.


Beautiful Industry- Cape Pond Ice Industrial Elevator

This industrial elevator is capable of lifting palletloads of ice up and down.  That saves a whole lot of manual labor.

Fisherman Statue Ice Sculpture Cape Pond Ice

It’s a sculpture of a sculpture!  This particular ice sculpture has been hanging around frozen inside Cape Pond Ice for four years.  It is shown on the tours that they give.   Part IV video is coming at 9:00AM

Beautiful Industry- Cape Pond Ice

I’ve got to get back into Cape Pond Ice as my camera battery shit the bed about half way through.  There’s so much more I want to capture