Cape Ann Art Haven Buoy Auction -3 @www.kimsmithdesigns.com

Andrew Luman, Schuylar Corbett, and Ruby Lyman

Cruiseport was filled to overflowing with the joyful sounds of children laughing and parents socializing, all there to join in the fun of Art Haven’s 8th Annual Buoy Auction. The hundreds of buoys hand painted by local children were displayed in a fresh new layout with a “Haven Walk” surrounding the perimeter.

Emily Bean Andrew Lumen Cape Ann Art Haven Buoy Auction @www.kimsmithdesigns.comAndrew Luman did a fantastic job as the auctioneer and emcee (with Emily Bean above)

For the silent auction, beautiful buoy creations were donated by some of the most talented local artists.

Colleen Apostolos-Marsh Cape Ann Art Haven Buoy Auction @www.kimsmithdesigns.comColleen Apostolos-Marsh “Sugar Skull”

Traci Corbett Cape Ann Art Haven Buoy Auction @www.kimsmithdesigns.comTraci Thayne-Corbett “The Big Catch”

Jeff Weaver Cape Ann Art Haven Buoy Auction @www.kimsmithdesigns.com Jeff Weaver

Art Haven’s Buoy Auction is truly a community event in every sense of the word ~

Special thanks were noted in the program to the lobstermen who loaned the traps, Peter Mondello, Bob Morris, Chris Orcsillo, and Scott Horne. Sheree Zizik once again generously donated Cruiseport, delicious food was provided by local restaurants and shops, and many area businesses donated buoy supplies, transportation, and event promotion. Thanks too was given to all who helped construct the Lobster Trap Tree, with thanks to the buoy auction committee, and a very special thanks to Traci-Thayne Corbett and Karen Conant.Cape Ann Art Haven Buoy Auction -2 @www.kimsmithdesigns.comSEE MORE PHOTOS HERE Continue reading “A SIMPLY SPECTACULAR TURNOUT FOR ART HAVEN’S FAMILY FUN AND BUOY AUCTION!”

Scotty Horne’s Boy Is Destined To Be Great Fisherman

I can see it in this kid.  The way he climbs all over the boat without any fear.  The way he grabs the fish and loves everything about being out on the water.  Mark my words- in 15 years this kid will be a great Gloucester fisherman (that is if they let you catch any fish by then or if the entire industry hasn’t been bought out by big corporations which will make it impossible for a young person to make break into it).


Touch of Grey Family Affair

Here Scotty Horne pulls away from the dock with two of his sons after a day of lobstering. Not sure if you can make it out but his little one is sitting up on the dash just to Scotty’s left.

Touch of Grey Family Affair, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

Lobstermen Truck Series- Scott Horne

In today’s edition of Lobstermen Truck Series we feature Scott Horne and his GMC Sierra pick up.  This is a big ol truck.  Note the extended cab to lug Scott’s boys around and full size bed which he uses to transport trap to and from the dock to repair and store them.
Scott works at Gloucester Engineering and part time lobster fishes.  He has had his boat The Touch of Grey for over ten years and has gotten his money’s worth out of that boat I’ll tell you that.  In the summer it isn’t unusual for him to use his lobsterboat for double duty of pleasure (going up the river) and then lobstering along the way.
Here Scott is putting on a load of gear.