Join This Community Yard Sale To Sell Your Stuff!

Have you ever hosted your own yard sale and had a very slow turnout?

Would you like to clean out your basement, shed, garage, and closets….without the hassle of advertising and planning your own yard sale?

Would you like to be a part of a multi-vendor yard sale in a great location to increase your odds of selling your loot and making some money?


PRIME Yard Sale location at 243 Essex Street in Beverly!

All are welcome! For a $20 participation fee, simply RSVP so we hold you a spot, pack up your items, and set up your space here on campus.

Crafters and artisans welcome as well!

Harborlight is hosting our first ever Community Yard Sale.  To make the event even more fun, we’ll have some live music, family yoga on the lawn, and some yard games and children’s activities like bocce ball, corn hole, and more.

Please RSVP to participate to Nichole at

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Local Teacher and Students Celebrate Play Publication

I am very proud and excited that a play written by our Director of Performing Arts, Katie Oberlander, and performed by our students at the 2016 Massachusetts Middle School Theatre Festival, where they won a gold medal, has been published by Eldridge Publishing and will performed by two other schools, located in Texas and Indiana, in the next few months.  

I’m also looking forward to celebrating with Katie and the cast/crew of Mastermime in a few weeks.  See information below.


Harborlight Montessori’s Director of Performing Arts, Katie Oberlander, and her former middle school students are celebrating the publication of Oberlander’s play, Mastermime, with a party at the Beverly school on Tuesday, October 24 at 6:00pm. Students are planning to sign scripts, greet fans and reminiscence about the creation of the original play.

Mastermime is an over-the-top melodrama that tells the story of a notorious criminal who distracts audiences with entrancing mime routines and then disappears with their valuables. The mystery unfolds, punctuated with theatrical cell phone ringtones, love-at-first sight encounters, and a dramatic mime battle! Oberlander wrote the play for her students to perform at the 2016 Massachusetts Middle School Theatre Festival where they won a gold medal for their performance. Eldridge Publishing, a leading play publisher based in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, subsequently published the play and schools in Texas and Indiana have upcoming performances planned for November and December.

Harborlight Montessori is a preschool through 8th grade independent school in Beverly, MA, serving communities North of Boston. Mastermime is the second play to be published that teacher Katie Oberlander originally wrote for Harborlight students to perform. Oberlander works closely with her students to create plays that are fun for them to perform and specifically catered to their talents. For more information, please contact Director of Communication Nichole Schrafft at



Mime performance

73 x 2 =146

March.  After years of teaching, March marks the beginning of the end of the school year.  That has many implications as a teacher.  As a mother, it also means that the end of lunch packing is on the horizon.  Victory dance.  A mere 73 (give or take) nights of lunch packing left for each boy.  Only about 146 more lunches to pack.  Sigh.

If you’ve followed my posts at all you’ve probably heard me whine about lunch packing before, so I apologize.  While easy…it is the biggest time suck of all of the things I do for my boys.  I’ll take a load of laundry (socks included) over lunch packing any day.

It sounds simple, but it is actually quite involved.  This is the spread that is filled, packed, and unpacked  Not to mention the hand washing and drying of each container so that they can be used the next day.  Two lunch boxes packed with a main meal, some cut up fruit + veggies, and usually some banana, or apple, or pumpkin bread thanks to the world’s best grandmother who bakes some regularly for the boys, two snack bags packed with a variety of snacks in little containers, two small water bottles for in the lunch boxes, and 2 larger ones for the playground, gym class, fitness class, etc.  and 6 ice packs.  No joke.


Harborlight-Stoneridge Montessori School Students Get A Little Lobster Edumacation Here At The Dock

Hi Joey!
Thank you so much for being willing to entertain 26 students from the Harborlight-Stoneridge Montessori School this afternoon!  The two-week summer session that they’ve been participating in has followed the theme of "Marine Biology and Maritime History."  They have been incredibly fortunate to spend most days on the water engaged in a variety of hands-on activities.  Today they had to opportunity to explore Gloucester Harbor to learn about the rich fishing industry and to see up close the large variety of vessels that call Gloucester their home. 
Last week was spent learning about plankton, mollusks, echinoderms, fish, and crustaceans while conducting research at sea.  After having hauled traps and having learned about lobsters, it was important to me that they see "what happens next."  I really wanted the students to see a working waterfront and you very kindly supplied that opportunity!  As expected, you were incredibly patient with their questions and able to hold their attention while refining their knowledge.  They felt at ease with you right away and would have gladly stayed for hours had they the chance.
Not only do you now have 26 new FOBs, you’ve also helped this group of children better appreciate an industry that has been incredibly foreign to many of them.  To quote one of your new friends as he boarded the bus to head home, "That place is so cool!" 
Thanks so much!
Nichole Schrafft


Aim High Snoop Maddie Mad

Parent Night At School Madeline shows us her Kindergarten painting depicting what she wants to be when she grows up.  A fashion designer in Paris.  Nice aspiration right there Madeline.  Much better than what she told us she wanted to be last year- a taxi driver or a hole puncher.  Imagine a career as a hole puncher. 

2013-03-20 18.13.36

Old Rocky Neck School Class circa 1914 ??? From Bill Hubbard

Hi, Joey,
Here’s another puzzle maybe some of your readers may have the answer to.  The attachment is a picture of the class from the old one room schoolhouse on Rocky Neck. 

My uncle, Eber Dahlmer has been identified as the boy farthest left in the back row with the big smile on his face.  Next to him has been identified as the late Harry A. Wheeler, a lifelong Rockynecker.  Capt. John A. Dahlmer’s family settled on Rocky Neck on arrival from Michigan in 1914.  Eber would have been ten years old then, Ronald 11 and Margaret 9.  I would guess the picture was taken about that time.
I wonder if anyone can ID any of the others. 

Visit my artists website and Blog at:

Rocky Neck sch0001

The Girls Are Back At School

Yep, The Bean and Snoop Maddie Mad are back to “school”.  For Madeline it’s her first time going and The Bean is back with her buddies.

Luckily when I got home from work last night Madeline was up talking in her crib even though it was past her bed time.  So I got to go in and ask her about her first day at school.

She was a little disappointed because she thought she would be cutting and pasting but they only got to color.  Snoop Mad is all about doing “projects”.

Funny her first day and she ran right in to the school and never looked back- the girl has no fear.

The Girls Are Back At School, originally uploaded by captjoe06.