Commercial Fishing: Rome

Apparently commercial fishing in Rome is alive and well.  In my opinion you can tell how well the boats are doing by how well they are maintained.  These boats are all in good shape and devoid (mostly) of rust so they must be doing alright.

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View From Our Hotel Last Night In Rome In The Heart Of Rome’s Commercial Fishing Port: Hotel Tibor

Looking out the front window of our room we got to see the Rome Dragger Fleet. Behind our Hotel, Hotel Tibor there are fish processing plants and open fish marketplaces, and along the boardwalk next to our hotel and in front of the commercial docks there are lines of Seafood Restaurants. The one we ate at last night reminded us of The Causeway. Large fresh portions obviously landed from the boats tied up right in front of us, a family run joint and very reasonable prices.

Inside our hotel facing the boats they had a restaurant Latitude 41.  the similarities were wild.

What was particularly cool was to see the boats way over here using the same types of net reels and doors as they do here in the states.  I’ll post more pictures of the boats soon.  I was taking pictures of the way the dragger fleet had their decks set up thinking that FOB Joe Testeverde would like to see.

Beautiful spot!

View from our room at Hotel Tibor

Directly behind Hotel Tibor are the fish processing and open fish markets




Directly in front of Hotel Tibor the commercial fishing docks and Coast Guard Station


Behind Hotel Tibor fish processing and open fish markets



Hotel Tibor View Panorama



View from our room.


Dwight Hebert Represents! In Roma

Dwight writes-

GMG was once again a witness to the sites and sounds of Europe, this time we are in Roma.  A wonderful city, with warm people who send their love and affection to the folks on Cape Ann.  Next on the agenda (tonight)…the closing ceremonies for the Barcelona (Spain, if in question) fire festival, aka: La Merce Festival. It features a fireworks and laser show.  Monday, we head to Ibiza and then to Formentera. 

As always, Dwight Hebert