Alicia Unleashed- Photo talk with the Porters

Recorded Oct 1 with B-Side and Hostess Alicia.

We sat down with Award Winning Photographer Roger and Patti Porter.


Hot Plate-We discuss Puerto Rico and ways people can help and what some people don’t know.
Hugh Hefner’s passing, Joel Kalinowski’s event Yoga for Surfing event at Cape Ann Power Yoga October 14th.
You have seen their photos. We are CONFIDENT you have! We talk with Roger about his process and his passion for taking Astrophotography photos, camera lenses, filters, Gloucester Area Astronomy Club.

Did you know you can see the Aurora Bourealis here in Cape Ann? They talk about photographing snowflakes and the process behind that. Patti discusses her mixed media art as well as macro photography. We also dive in to photographing the Eclipse that just happened and what it takes to film an event like that. We talk about Roger’s award winning photos at the Magnolia Library art show! Cape Ann Giclee is the best!

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