24 hour Countdown to Santa in Rockport

In 24 hours, Saturday at 3:45PM the Freemantle Doctor will round up and head into Rockport Harbor. You can open this post (click the header) then refresh the photo to get the most up to date view of the goings on.

Sandy Bay Yacht Club Net Cam
Sandy Bay Yacht Club Net Cam

Sandy Bay Yacht Club has two Net Cams click here. But better to get down there in person to meet Santa, enjoy some hot chocolate complete with mini-marshmallows,  enjoy the caroling in Dock Square and the lighting of the most awesome tree to ever grace Dock Square.

While you’re at the Sandy Bay Yacht Club web site go ahead and sign your kids up for sailing lessons next summer. Sailing season will be here before you know it.

The Real Santa Claus by Lobster Boat this Saturday December 1 at 3:45PM in Rockport

As an annual tradition dating back centuries, Santa Claus rides into Rockport Harbor on a fishing boat, and then makes his way to Dock Square to light the tree. This is no mall Santa but the real thing!!

The day we have all been waiting for!

This Saturday, December 1st. Santa arrives at 3:45PM and the tree lighting is at 4PM in Dock Square.

The 2010 tree:

Santa in Rockport this Saturday!!!

This Saturday, December 4, looks to be a peach of a day for Santa’s arrival in Rockport. Last year it was blowing a gale and still hundreds of nice and not naughty children came to scream “IT’S SANTA!!” at the top of their lungs as Santa stepped off the lobster boat at 3:45 PM.

This is what the weatherman predicts. Partly cloudy in the forties with a bare hint of a wind.

Last year Santa hooked up with the Ocean Reporter:

The year before it was the Freemantle Doctor:

Who gets to drive the rotund red one into the harbor this year? (The competition has been fierce.) I’ll be there to report what boat and if there is enough whipped cream and marshmallows to cover all the gallons of hot chocolate that will be handed out in Dock Square when Santa lights the tree.

So get your grog on and don’t miss him. Spend the whole day on Bearskin Neck but at 3:45 PM be there or it’s coal in your stocking.