our-lady-of-good-voyage-gloucester-massachusetts-copyright-kim-smithBlue-eyed Our Lady our-lady-of-good-voyage-gloucester-massachusetts-2-copyright-kim-smith

our-lady-of-good-voyage-in-the-morning-sun-copyright-kim-smithOur Lady of Good Voyage Church in the morning sun

Our Lady of Good Voyage was designed to resemble the Church of Santa Maria Magdalena on the island of Pico in the Azores. The west tower houses one of the oldest collections of carillon bells in the nation. The community is treated to a concert of the bells of Good Voyage on Tuesday evenings during the warmer months.

our-lady_71-gloucesterThe above photo is of the original Our Lady, which now lives on at the Cape Ann Museum. She was shared by Anita Coullard Dziedzic.

Excerpt from the Maritime History of Gloucester

“Originally dedicated in 1893, Our Lady of Good Voyage was built for the Portuguese community in Gloucester, after they petitioned the Roman Catholic Church for the establishment of a place to worship dedicated to the Madonna. Large numbers of Portuguese immigrants migrated from the rugged Azores Islands and began settling around Gloucester’s Inner Harbor as early as 1829 to work in the city’s active fishing industry. By 1888, approximately 200 Portuguese families lived in Gloucester making it the largest Portuguese colony on the East Coast. According to the story of Our Lady of Good Voyage, a stranded fisherman in the rough Atlantic Ocean broke one of his oars and could not return to his homeport. He sought help from the Madonna and the sea miraculously calmed allowing him to reach port safely.”

Read more about the history of Our Lady of Good Voyage here on the Maritime History of Massachusetts website.gloucester-our-lady-of-good-voyage-winter-snow-c2a9kim-smith-2015


Church of Santa Maria Magdalena, Madalena, Pico Island, Azores, Portugal

Church of Santa Maria Magdalena photo courtesy Google image search.

The Latest Location of The Unmanned Solar Voyager Which Left Gloucester for Portugal


To follow the live location tracker feed and information-


Once you click on the link look for the dashboard tab in the lower left hand section of the page.

More Fishermen’s Statues. This Time From Portugal

Matthew Parisi submits-


I saw your post of the fisherman’s statues from Norway.  In Gloucester their are quite a few folks from Buarcos, Figueira da Foz, Portugal.  It’s where my Portuguese family came from.  Anyway, they have both a Fisherman’s statue and a Fisherman’s Wife statue.  Thought you would be interested!

Best regards,

Matt Parisi


and here are the ones from Scandanavia we posted the other day-

Photos of Fisherman/woman Statue from Scandinavia

Posted on November 5, 2013 by Joey C