Hundreds of riveted readers | Patricia and Donald Oresman renowned art collection selling at Doyle’s Auction 11/20/18

I’ve been an arts adviser, curator and gallerist  for more than three decades. Patricia and Donald Oresman were clients and friends– curious, erudite, generous and kind. The Doyle auction on Tuesday November 20, 2018 features 567 works from their renowned collection. Have some fun viewing – they loved to share it– here’s a link to the complete catalogue on line: 

Patricia and Donald Oresman sale at Doyles Tuesday November 20 2018 _
Cover art- I sold “Special Edition“, a 1936 color linocut masterwork, by Australian artist, Ethel Spowers (1890-1947) acclaimed Grosvenor School of Modern Artist 


photos of the Oresman collection illustrated in the Doyle auction catalogue (for Cape Ann locals- there is one work inspired by Gloucester, and some artists with connection here, e.g. Louis Lozowick, John and a Helen Farr Sloan, and a couple of works by Sally Avery, etc.)


Throwback photos at the Oresman library. I suppose a more accurate photo of Donald would show him sporting his favorite hat. He took it off when he met my kids 🙂 



unnamedIn addition to the art show, come see the latest restoration work
at the Paint Factory, headquarters of Ocean Alliance,
including the Robotics Lab—home of “SnotBot.”

See you there!
Amy & Iain Kerr

The art of Leon Doucette

This distinguished, brooding portrait almost seems to depict some Spanish caballero of the type painted by Velázquez or El Greco. However, I met a cheerier version of this same face on Wednesday at the Cape Ann Museum.  It belongs to Leon Doucette, who was our docent for the regular 11AM guided tour.  He grew up in Gloucester, moved away for a few years (including college), and then moved back recently and started working at the Cape Ann Museum.  His local knowledge and love of art was evident in the tour he gave us.

Besides being a really nice person, he is a very talented painter. When he said he is an artist, I looked him up right away on my iPhone and found his blog.  My first thought when I saw his painting was, “why is this guy not 24/7 behind an easel?”  I guess it’s hard for an artist – especially a young man who is relatively new on the scene – to get enough work painting to do that full-time.  At least he has a job in an art museum!  But honestly, his work is really good, worth checking out. Here’s another image from his website:

The artist's father
The artist's father

Great, isn’t it?  There is a lot more on his blog.

Sadly, he doesn’t have any work on display right now in Gloucester. I am going to follow his blog in the hopes he announces a local show sometime soon.

I wonder how many other talented young artists like Leon are hidden in our midst…  They are the future of the art community here on Cape Ann.  I hope they get the support and recognition they deserve.

Fortunately, we have initiatives like the The Cape Ann Painter and Photographer Group, which meets the second Monday of each month from 9:00 to 10:30 at the Annie.  In general, from what I’ve seen, the Cape Ann art community is very welcoming and encouraging for artists who are new to the area.