It’s a great day to shop downtown!

















It’s Black Friday and everyone else is “over the bridge” and “up the line” bumping elbows at the malls, but we locals can stay on the island with our wish lists. The pop-up shop(see related Times article) Present has an incredible selection of unique gifts.

Present is a seasonal art collective made up of fifteen local men and women offering a bevy of eclectic fine craft. Living, creating and recycling on Cape Ann are common themes reflected in the goods including bags made from reclaimed sweaters and recycled sailcloth. Look for jingle flounder, lovely wreaths, hand-knit hats, pottery, felted flowers and bowls, fish prints, and photographs inspired by local people and landscapes.

Delightfully unusual wares also include unique prints and collages, hand-dyed clothing printed with seaweed and other found materials, clever clothing and accessories for children, iron-pressed sandwich keepers, hand-knit wire jewelry, beautifully sewn doll clothes, and itty bitty jewels. Present is a great place to shop for pretty things and one-of-a kind gifts and ornaments.

Present is Karen Chapin, Amanda Cook, Jane Cunningham, Jessica Demarjian, Elizabeth Grammas, Frieda Grotjahn, Jill Josephson, Pam Lally, Sharon Lowe, Stephanie Mason Thibodeau, Camilla MacFadyen, Melanie Murray-Brown, Erin and Scott Place, and Mary Rhinelander.

You can visit the holiday pop-up shop at 271 Main Street, Gloucester from November 6th through December 24th, 2010.

Hours: Monday through Saturday 10-6, Sunday 12-5; extended evening hours on Thursday; also open 6-9 on Men’s and Ladies’ Nights

Thanks!!    —Sharon

BTW- You can get my Cape Ann calendars at Present, and for those of you who live out of town, you can order them here.