For Those Of You Who Use Pinterest- My BBQ and Smoking Recipe Pinterest Board Is Live

If you want to pin your favorites to try when you get a chance you can follow or share from my BBQ Board here-




Alrighty Pinheads- Expose Yourself!

Anyone else on Pinterest?


I’ve been slowly adding to my Pinterest Boards.  It all seemed pretty redundant being on Pinterest while I’m already blogging, that was until I started doing searches for things that interest me.

My favorite board is the motivation board where I search for motivational pins and find stuff that really gets me fired up.

So who among you have Pinterest accounts?  What are some of your favorite boards of yours or boards you follow?

Share if you will some of your favs.

Here is my Pinterest account-

Check it out for yourself and instead of just creating your own board use the search box and look for stuff that interests you.

Oh and BTW we have a Pin it Button below each post.  That will post what you like to one of your own boards.

You Can Now Pin Us! Pinterest Share Button Under Each Post

With the huge success of Pinterest I and many others wrote WordPress asking for a Pin It! button under each post as a sharing option.  Well the folks at WordPress came through and it is now an option for those of you who use Pinterest to collect and share ideas.

I hear it’s very addictive.

So under each post (or if you don’t see it if you click on the title of that post) you will now have a Pinterest share button in addition to the Facebook, Twitter, email, Google +, Linked In and Press this buttons.

Here is a screen shot of what those options look like when you are viewing the blog on the website as opposed to the nightly feed in your email.  Even if you subscribe and get the daily posts emailed to you at the end of the night you really ought to bookmark us as we update every hour on the hour from 6AM-8PM on the blog itself.