Bluefin Blowout, Baby!

As always, this is a legitimate tuna tournament, with action not to be missed.

In fact, it is “New England’s Premier Giant Bluefin Tuna Tournament” and it does not disappoint.

Great work done by the organizers, the sponsors, the boat crews, and everyone else involved.

A great chance to peak inside what this side of the fishing industry can be like!

The crowd was excited, the competition was on…yet friendly, the Orion was up to their usual antics all “Funky Red Barn” style, and the fish were…well, BIG.

A heartfelt moment of silence for past “Weigh Master”, Mark Godfried (whom I worked for and loved), was a really nice touch.

To kick-off this year’s tournament, Day #1 ended with The Miss Fern bringing in a fish that weighed 805 pounds.  It was immediately followed by’s 913 pounder.  Yikes!

Congratulations to all!    Check out tournament info here






F/V Orion and Team All Funked Up are all fired up for the 2nd Annual Bluefin Blowout in Gloucester

F/V Orion and Team All Funked Up are all fired up for the 2nd Annual Bluefin Blowout in Gloucester. Game time is 12:00 a.m. out of Cape Ann Marina Friday August 23. Time to have some fun, fun, Funky!

For more info-

ORION, Son of Poseidon

Orion Son of Neptune (Poseidon)

He was a handsome giant and a mighty hunter. His father gave him the power of wading through the depths of the sea, or, as others say, of walking on its surface.


by Melissa Lee;

“Orion was the son of Poseidon (Neptune) and Euryale. Like most of Poseidon’s children, Orion was a man of gigantic proportions. He also was quite the hunter, and the constellation that bears his name forms the shape of a great hunter in a defensive pose against Taurus, the bull.

While a young man Orion fell in love with Merope, the daughter of Dionysus and Ariadne.) Orion sought to marry Merope and he remained in the king’s service for some time attempting to win his favor, but Oenopion dragged his feet in arranging the marriage. Impatient, Orion raped Merope. Naturally, the king decided to take revenge. He got Orion drunk, and when the giant fell asleep, Oenopion put his eyes out and threw him out towards the sea.”     CLICK HERE TO READ MORE