Visitors from New York




Family from Albany New York.

The daughter will be attending college in Boston this Fall


From Waterville New York.

They were staying at Beauport Hotel.

They were chatting with parking attendant at the Chamber of Commerce


This Family is from Long Island New York.

They had just finished breakfast at Sugar Magnolias


From Oswego New York

Visitors on the Boulevard


Cousins one form Seattle Washington and  the other from California


Visiting from Western Mass


Visitors from New York and California


Couple from North Carolina visiting her parents

DSC06995Their Children walked along the Boulevard at very low tide

Visitors on Stacy Boulevard

One of Gloucester’s Tourist attraction is Stacy Boulevard.


From Lynnfield Mass


From Richmond Virginia


From Syracuse New York

They traveled here in a mobile home and enjoyed a break on the Boulevard


A frequent visitor with his husky from Beverly Mass


From Peabody Mass, she worked in Gloucester and returns with her friends.

We Love The Tackle Factory

Several weeks ago, while rushing from work, to home, to hockey, our home phone rang and the caller ID said, “Tackle Factory.”  While we didn’t really have time to take a phone call, my husband (a fisherman at heart) was not about to pass up a call with such an intriguing name attached to it.

Turns out, it was a gentleman from Fillmore, NY who was calling about a video that he saw on YouTube of Thatcher and Finn catching minnows in the pond on the backside of Cape Hedge Beach. Turns out also…that the minnow trap they were using was none other than the “GEE’S® Galvanized Minnow Trap (G-40)” that the Tackle Factory has been manufacturing in New York since 1903.

As both a tremendous act of kindness…and also a pretty intriguing marketing strategy…this gentleman was offering to send the boys some new gear.  He was calling not only to get our address, but also to be certain that the gift of new equipment wouldn’t be lost on them.  Do they fish often?  Is some new gear something they would enjoy?  After the boys were out of the house for hockey, I called this gentleman back and we chatted about the boys.  I told him that, for sure, their two favorite past times involve hitting the ice or hitting the water.  Fishing is something that they have loved for years already and I can’t imagine them ever losing interest in.  They have spent hours on end sorting through their massive tackle boxes and have already added a long list of fish tales to their repertoires.

Confident that the boys would indeed use some of the awesome gear that the Tackle Factory makes and that it wouldn’t sit sad in the corner of a garage or basement, he took our address and told me he’d be sending them a package soon.  Happy to see two young boys enjoying their product…the only thing he asked in return (if at all possible, but certainly not mandatory) …was that once they started fishing with their new traps, that maybe we take the time to make another short video.  No problem!

With November upon us and hockey season in full swing, the boys may not get to splash their new traps until the spring, but I kind of loved this whole story enough to write about it now.  And…I obviously look forward to watching the boys enjoy their new gifts like crazy and catching it on film for the Tackle Factory to enjoy in return.

In a world that is a bit crazy at times, my heart gets happy about things like this. Thatch and Finn enjoyed a perfect day at the pond with some friends, the simple little video has been viewed more than 2,000 times, the manufacturers and owners of the minnow trap company stumbled upon it, they loved that the boys love their gear, they sent the boys fantastic gifts, the boys and I got to learn about the pretty interesting history of Cuba Specialty and the Tackle Factory, I get to help spread the word about their excellent products (not to mention how kind and generous they were)…..and the boys get to look forward to more great days spent fishing.  Full circle…and nothing but good.  And, after looking through their catalogue, I know where I can do some perfect Christmas shopping.  Win, win.


They also manufacture a full line of minnow, eel, crawfish, crab traps and nets. Look for us under these trusted names:


Look at the unbelievable amount of awesomeness that arrived in the mail!  You can also check out both the original video of the boys using their Gee’s Minnow Trap below and a great video about how the traps are made.

Visiting Halibut Point from IN, NY, and Denmark


A delightful couple from Indianapolis Indicia with their teen age daughter enjoy the quarries.


Couple from Denmark


A Couple originally from Beverly now live in upper  state New York, visit the place he proposed forty years ago.  Happy Anniversary