Marina Evans releases her new EP ~ The Tuscan Sessions

Check the songs out here.  Read what Marina has to say, below:

Hello from  Nashville!

The Tuscan Sessions are finally done – and I am SO excited to share them with you! Written and recorded this past spring in Florence, Italy, this record brings a distinctly European feel to folk Americana. Special thanks to producer and one-man-band Bernardo Baglioni, without whom this record would never have been possible. Click here to have a listen, tap yer foot, and sing along.

Meanwhile, the tour rolls on! Tonight, Berna and I will be featured at a songwriters in the round session in Nashville – quite an honor! So much talent in this city. And the honky tonks are WILD. Also – I’ve added two more dates to our itinerary: Dallas (11/11) and Socorro, NM (11/13). More soon!


Sneak Peek Inside the Harpsichord

You’ve heard Frances Fitch play her new harpsichord (see here or here if you missed either of those videos).  In this video, her husband and gimmesound co-artist of the week, Greg Bover, takes us under the hood (literally — he takes off the jackrail to reveal plectra and then shows us how they pluck the strings).

You won’t see the plectra Next Tuesday, May 15, but you should go to Shalin Liu  at 7:30pm anyhow to hear his masterpiece played in one of the most perfect acoustic settings on Earth — and it’s right down the street — and it’s FREE.

Inge Berge is back at Giuseppe’s tonight for his 2nd of 5 Thursdays.  If you go, request his gorgeous new song and ask him if it’s the sequel to this song.

Let’s not take Gloucester’s tremendous talent base for granted.  Get out and support them.    It’s fun!  See the full music lineup here.

Three new songs in less than a month from Cape Ann’s most prolific songwriter

Allen Estes is on a roll!  Just in the last week, he’s written 2 new songs.  And last month he premiered this gem, recorded for his show Local Music Seen that will air later this month.  (If you were at the Docksiders’ benefit on March 31 you heard the song in this video).

Allen is Fly Amero’s guest tonight at the Rhumb Line at 8pm, so head on down and request one of his new songs!

Later in the evening, check out local drummer Dennis Monagle (see him battle it out on drums with the Docksiders here) as he welcomes Jeremy Parker, Justin Piper and John Aruda for some Organ Funky music at Minglewood.

You can start your evening out by singing at the Annie at 7pm.

But before you go out, be sure to catch Orville Giddings on  Local Music Seen at 6:30 on Cape Ann TV Channel 12.

So it’s a great night of music in Gloucester starting at 6:30.  See full music lineup here.

First performance ever of Allen Estes’ new song

Allen Estes sings his brand new song Be Safe My Son for the first time on his show Local Music Seen, which will air in April.  Here’s a preview.  He literally finished the song last week, so this is the very first time it’s been heard by anyone outside the studio (except his son, Dylan, of course).

Lots of music today starting at noon.  Our friend, Inge Berge, comes out of hibernation tonight at 8pm to appear at Giusseppe’s!

See full lineup here.