Stacy Boulevard construction Part 5: rounded a big corner and an angle of repose





Earlier posts outline the engineering. The photograph above details the subgrade that was re-established for irrigation (note ditch alongside walkway), loam and sod. The photo also emphasizes the lengthy short wall on the right which was removed for access during construction. “The excavation was deep enough that the angle of repose was into the old wall.” The wall in the photo is rebuilt.





Spacing and symmetry were important design considerations for Stacy Boulevard construction. The old benches were surveyed. Most were returned relative to where they were sited before the build out. The memorial benches on the boulevard are full. This one shows a tribute to Al Swelka.






Photos Nov-Dec 2016. Video caption: Stacy Boulevard construction minute – stroll before January, and sod.  Upcoming posts in this Stacy Boulevard series include: disasters, the cultural landscape, and Blynman. 


Part 4 – Gloucester’s majestic public works construction stats: bringing the Stacy Boulevard plans to life 

Part 3- Gloucester’s Stacy boulevard public works construction Part 3: compare high res plans from 1922 and 1923 with today

Part 2: Stacy Boulevard Public Works stunner | Gloucester is an early client for the Harvard and Olmsted trained landscape designer, Thomas Warren Sears. His 1908 photos are a must see!


September 12 2016- Stacy Boulevard construction update: historic Blynman the Cut Bridge project scope plans and engineering details

August 2016 

Where do you want your bench?

I was thinking about where I’d want my bench this morning.  Say you died and some folks wanted to put a memorial bench someplace with your name on it for people to enjoy.

I guess it’s similar to spreading ashes.  Some people keep their loved ones in an urn on a shelf in the house, some spread them out to sea, some spread them along a beach.

But in the tradition of our family we usually get buried in boxes and put into cemeteries. In some cases loved ones or family members may donate or erect a bench somewhere with the deceased’s name on it.


But I’m getting off track I’m not talking about the physical body placement once the spirit has left, I’m talking about if people were going to place a bench in memory of you somewhere. 

So here was my thought process when thinking about it-

At first I thought about a bench at Cripple Cove overlooking our dock but immediately erased the thought of that because of the gazillions of hours spent down here, the last place I want to be stuck at is overlooking work.  Then I thought about the beach somewhere overlooking Good Harbor.  I love Good Harbor Beach but really I rarely get there because I work so much.  Taking sunrise pictures of the Twin Lights from the footbridge is something I enjoy and thinking about someone else enjoying those sunrises while sitting on that bench would be nice. (Also briefly considered a bench at the Naples Beach Club).

But I consider myself a people person and I’m most happy when interacting with people I like.  So it came down to Main Street.  I love downtown.  I love the action, the people, the restaurants. So ideally it would be on Main street in the block between Menage Gallery and Passports on that side of the street where they get that beautiful morning sun.

Where would you want your bench?