Week 2 of The $1,000 Singer Songwriter Challenge at Machaca Gloucester 7:30pm Tonight 1.22.2020

Tonight’s lineup! We have one late slot open. Message us if you want to see what it takes to make it to our Week 8 finals and a chance at the $1,200 prize!

Contact info below.

The winner of the first week’s challenge was Chris Fritz-Grice

Here’s an original  of “She Don’t Cry”

14 Rogers  Street  Gloucester, MA. 978.865.3669

Machaca Gloucester’s one thousand dollar SINGER SONGWRITER CHALLENGE TONIGHT! 8pm 3.20.2019

Chris Langathianos live music promoter of Single Tree Music

I’m excited for tonight’s edition of Machaca’s $1,000 Singer Songwriter Challenge. We have a rare night where 5 out of our 7 performers will be women singer-songwriters. Come on down at 8pm for what should be an awesome night of live, local music with the night’s finalist moving on for a chance to perform for a piece of the $1,500 prize purse in 2 weeks!


Machaca Gloucester
14 Rogers Street, Gloucester, MA


Machaca’s $1,000 Singer-Songwriter Challenge week #5 happening this evening 8pm 3.13.2019

Tonight, we bring you week #5 of our $1,500 Singer-Songwriter Challenge starting at 8pm. We have an incredible lineup tonight, so arrive early to get a seat and catch a great night of live, regional talent and see who will move on to the April 3rd Finals and a chance to play for part of the $1,500 prize purse!

14 Rogers Street
Gloucester, MA
(978) 865-3669