The Bluefin Blowout Raised $366,050 for The Alzheimer’s Association!

$366,050. Knowing how passionate and dedicated they are…and knowing they won’t stop until there’s a cure… I guess I shouldn’t be surprised….but, yet I was. This group….this amazing and determined group….supported, celebrated, and loved by so many generous friends, sponsors, captains/crews, advertisers, and family members…. knocked it completely out of the park.

Last night, gathered at the Beauport Hotel, the Lyon-Waugh Auto Group presented a check to the Alzheimer’s Association.

With their massive efforts and unyielding generosity (both theirs and that of those who support them) they managed to raise a surreal $366,050 during this year’s Bluefin Blowout to help #endalz. That’s more than half a million in just two years alone….not to mention the six previous tournaments! I am forever, completely in awe of what they do and by the support that others give to them. Those who give gather. These people could move mountains.


Bluefin Blowout Wrap Up

I’m still “reeling” after a week’s worth of Bluefin Blowout events. You could not ask for a better collection of people to be gathered in one place for the sake of raising a ton of money for a cause near and dear to the hearts of so many….and certainly theirs. The Lyon-Waugh Auto Group and tournament founders,  Drew Hale and Rob Bouley, have gathered an incredible array of generous sponsors, volunteers, exhibitors, donors, and Captains and Crews...that also happen to rival the most fun of any guest list I challenge you to find!! With a massive amount of heart, passion, and determination they (most certainly Cidalia Schwartz and Kruti Kansara) have created an event that grows exponentially each year. It’s success can surely be measured in the amount of money raised for the Alzheimer’s Association…. at least $320,000 this year and close to $500,000 in just two years alone (not to mention the 6 previous years) ….but, also in the giant laughs, amazing memories, and gratitude that all involved feel for being a part of it. This amazing group, led by none other than Warren Waugh, inspire everyone to make a difference. I am continuously in awe of what happens when these people gather together under the tent…and I am humbled to watch them through my lens. Warren remains, to me, the epitome of “Those who give, gather” and I am thankful for the opportunity to be on the periphery of the magic as it happens.

This year’s tournament consisted of 67 boats and brought in 14 fish.

Then winning boat, with a 560 pound bluefin, was the Reel Easy.  They took home a check for $62,800, a BMW from BWM Peabody for one year, and many other prizes. Second place went to The Lady M with a 500 pound fish and 3rd place went to the Painkiller and their 432 pounder.  The Painkiller actually caught a second fish on Saturday and that one weighed in at 368 pounds.

Also on the board were the Karen Lynn, the Lady J., Gypsea, Lion’s Den, Shark Bait, the Frigate, Tonno, Fair Warning, Kelly Ann, and Tuna Taxi with fish weighing in between 410 and 186 pounds.

A record breaking amount of prize money was awarded to the winning boat…..and a record breaking amount of money was raised for the Alzheimer’s Association.




Fun Guaranteed. Giant Tuna Expected. Bluefin Blowout 2017.

This is, without a doubt, the place to be this weekend…starting early this afternoon. Check out the schedule of events in the first few photos below.  Wednesday night’s private event was fantastic…and last night’s Captains’ Party was no joke at all.

Be certain to come down at some point, have a great time, and maybe bid on some auction items to help raise money for the Alzheimer’s Association! The Lyon-Waugh Auto Group has gone all out and, as always, Cape Ann’s Marina Resort is the perfect venue.

Captains and crews left the docks late last night or early this morning and hopefully some large tuna will be landed later today.