Joe Ciaramitaro Lobster Trap Tag Found on Cornwall Beach in The UK

Chris Easton writes-

Dear Joey,

Earlier this year I found a fishing tag which I think may be yours. It reads F/V NET PROFIT 7918 JOE CIARAMITARO along the bottom. I enjoy walking along the strand line on my local beach – Perranporth in Cornwall in the UK. It is not uncommon to find flotsom from the fishing industry of the East Coast of America which travels across the Atlantic on the North Atlantic Drift.

I Googled the name yesterday & got linked to , so I thought that it might be worth sending you a photo of the tag & a photo of Perranporth Beach, where it was found. The village is at the far end of the beach.

Hope you find this of some interest.

Yours,  Chris Easton


Chris, the Joe Ciaramitaro who was a lobsterman and incredibly friendly guy on the Gloucester waterfront passed well before his time.  I’m not a lobsterman, my cousin Frank and I are lobster dealers here in Gloucester MA and own a commercial dock.

After Joe passed Joe Grillo bought the Net Profit and continues to fish it today.

Here’s a post from 2009-

Joe Grillo’s Net Profit

Posted on February 19, 2009 by Joey C

Joe Grillo bought the Net Profit.  His old boat The Wanderer was old, tired and slow as molasses.  To say that Joe is happy about the upgrade would be an understatement.  Video at 8:00AM

The Net Profit

Joe Grillo’s Net Profit, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

The Wanderer

Do you see the buoys on the old Wanderer’s antenna and the Net Profit?  The same, red on top, yellow on the bottom- Joe Grillo’s buoy colors!