Kirkus review and book launch at Charles Fine Arts for the new children’s story about Bobbi Gibb, first woman Boston Marathoner and artist

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Flowers and Elegant Objects

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Group show features Bobbi Angell,   Liz Ayer,   Stephen Bates,   David Bareford,   Lorrie Berry,   Eli Cedrone,   Geoffrey Teale Chalmers,   Anne Winthrop Cordin,   Traci Thayne Corbett,   Yhanna Coffin,   Fran Ellisor,   Bobbi Gibb,   Paul George,   Ellen Granter,   Marjorie Hicks,   Christine Molitor Johnson,   Bonita LeFlore,   Nella Lush,   Marija Pavlovich McCarthy,   Tracy Meola,   Carole Porter,   Judith Monteferrante,   Katherine Richmond,   Jan Roy,   Rosalie Sidoti,   Tony Schwartz,   Charles Shurcliff,   Deb Wolf

Special Event June 13

Charles Fine Art is hosting a book launch Tuesday June 13 for the new children’s book about Bobbi, The Girl Who Ran, by Kristina Yee and Frances Poletti with illustrations by Susanna Chapman. The event is co hosted by Sawyer Free Library and The Book Store. Here’s the Kirkus Review:

Bobbi Gibb page

The Girl Who Ran kristina yee

IMG_20170608_150752 (1).jpg“In cooperation with Gibb herself, Poletti and Yee tell the story of the first woman to run the Boston Marathon, questioning authority with her feet.

The Boston Marathon had been taking place for 70 years when Bobbi Gibb, a white woman, steps illegally to the starting line in 1966, a hoodie covering her hair. Her road there is strewn with the land mines of bias, everything from “So unladylike” to the official comments on the rejection to her application: “Women cannot run marathons. It’s against the rules.” Poletti and Yee neatly evoke the joy some find in running, simply running. Gibb “ran with her pack, going higher and higher, / the world whooshing by, like the wind in the fire.” Such couplets are found every few pages, the last four words the refrain. Readers gain a sense of the experience through Chapman’s artwork, the light-footed energy of the watercolors slipping outside the pen’s fine line, a veil of wind trailing behind Gibb. Halfway through the race her ruse is up. She is boiling in her hoodie and confides to a fellow marathoner, a black man, that she is afraid of ejection. “We won’t let anyone throw you out; it’s a free road.” Well-told and illustrated, Gibb’s story speaks to not only women’s fight for equality, but the power of community.” 

Opening Reception Inside and Outside

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This Friday, June 7th from 5:00 – 8:00 pm, don’t miss the Opening Reception for Inside and Outside, exhibit of works by Judith Monteferrante and Roger Salisbury.  Exhibit runs through June 14th at Khan Studio and the Good Morning Gloucester Gallery, 77 Rocky Neck Ave., Gallery 3.

E.J. Lefavour

Judith Monteferrante, Roger Salbury and Rich Seeley’s Out Of Africa Exhibit Opening Photos

Here’s a video from Rich Seeley

click the long skinny ones to view the panoramas


Khan Studio and The Good Morning Gloucester Gallery
77 Rocky Neck, G3, Madfish Wharf
Gallery Hours: Wens. – Sun. noon – 8:00 pm

Photography Workshop From Judith Monteferrante

Judith writes-

Three sample pictures taken in the Rain during today’s Creative Photography workshop to illustrate slow motion of the waves and landscape photography principles. Still room to sign up for the next two workshops in July and August.  Details on the Arts Map links below


Check Out Judith’s ALL OVER THE WEB-

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Creative Photography Workshop Creative Exploration of Color and Motion With Judith Monteferrante

East Gloucester, MA 01930
United States
978 283-6856

June 10 to June 12, 2011

Friday evening introduction and full day Saturday and Sunday, including critique.  Small Group (limited to 6 students). $150.00 ($80.00 in advance to reserve spot).

Explore your creative side in Photography and go beyond taking snap shots.  Creative use of shutter speed, aperture, HDR and zoom spin will be reviewed along with basic composition.

Remind Me About This Event

Will be photographing in Gloucester and Rockport Massachusetts: landscapes, seascapes and close up subjects creatively adjusting deep of field and shutter speed to add to the color and composition of the scene. HDR techniques and spin zoom techniques will be covered as well as basic digital darkroom processing back in my studio.  Digital cameras, laptop with photo editing software such as Photoshop CS 4 or 5, elements or Lightroom 3. NIK HDR or Photomatrix Pro plugs in’s will be used for HDR.