History of Medieval Arms and Armor

August 22, 2019

History of Medieval Arms and Armor and Knighting Ceremony

Thursday, August 22, 2019 at 130 AM – 12 PM

History of Medieval Arms and Armor & Knighting Ceremony
John Pettibone, former curator and executive director of Hammond Castle Museum, will host a lecture and demonstration of the History of Medieval Arms and Armor. He has spent many years studying the ancient art of armor and examples from the castles collection will be on display including: Japanese samurai pole arm (naginata), an armored sleeve and shoulder protection from a Japanese Samurai, and a two handed European sword. John will talk about how one became a knight and the rules of knighthood. He will then confer knighthood with a Dubbing Ceremony for girls and boys of all ages, in order to induct our very first members into the Order of the Junior Knights of Hammond Castle.

At the conclusion of the program there will be a question and answer session, an opportunity to try on the Armor and a tour of Medieval aspects of the Museum.

Bite Me indie film screening at Hammond Castle #GloucesterMA & candlelit tours

left Director Hammond Castle_right Naomi McDougall Jones writer actress producer Bite Me_20190728_Hammond Castle_Gloucester MA ©c ryan (1)

The Joyful Vampire Tour of America landed at Hammond Castle for a most special screening of Bite Me, within its Great Hall, one of the location shoots for the film.

Bite Me is the second feature film of writer/director collaborators Naomi McDougall Jones and Meredith Edwards. Writer, star and producer, Naomi McDougall Jones, is so besotted by the charms of Hammond Castle, she’s currently working on her next feature inspired by John and Irene Hammond. She hopes to film at the castle in 2020. Her husband is a north shore native and connection for her introduction to this cultural landmark. Hammond Castle programming and curation is returning to its heyday. Look for upcoming special events, and curated exhibitions from new research into the archives.



Marlee Newman, Assistant to Naomi McDougall Jones, shared all the channels of this tenacious film push and where you can screen the movie. Thanks, Marlee!

Website: http://bitemethefilm.com

Youtube & Docu-series: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=keIisDY8eeo

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/vampiresdontbite/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/BiteMeTheFilm

Instagram: http://instagram.com/bitemethefilm

IMDB: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt7201818/?ref_=fn_al_tt_1

Stream the movie:

Seed & Spark: https://www.seedandspark.com/watch/bite-me

iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/movie/bite-me/id1457605251

Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Bite-Me-Christian-Coulson/dp/B07QBVSZ23/ref=sr_1_11?keywords=bite+me+the+film&qid=1557176151&s=movies-tv&sr=1-11

Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/movies/details/Bite_Me?id=s6HqpTtaDgY&hl=en_US


Next Stops:

Wellfleet, MA (July 29): https://www.bitemethefilm.com/tour-screenings/2019/5/10/acme-screening-room-lambertville-nj-4pfw4

Cape Cod, MA (July 30): https://www.bitemethefilm.com/tour-screenings/2019/7/30/cape-cinema

New York, NY (Aug 5): https://www.bitemethefilm.com/tour-screenings/2019/8/5/end-of-the-tour-joyful-vampire-ball-and-conversation-with-team-bite-me-in-nyc

Marlee Newman

Assistant to Naomi McDougall Jones

Naomi McDougall Jones

Writer |  Actress |   Producer





TEDTalk: go.ted.com/naomimcdougalljones
Podcast: Fear(ful)less: Filmmaking From the Edge

If you fancy getting updates on Naomi’s latest projects, sign up for her newsletter here

Hammond Castle Candlelight Tour

July 18, 2019
Candlelight Tours at Hammond Castle Museum

From 06:00 pm to 08:00 pm
Hammond Castle
80 Hesperus Avenue
Gloucester, MA 01930

Candlelight Tours at Hammond Castle Museum

John Hays Hammond, Jr. loved the evening. Alexander Graham Bell had suggested to Hammond that he work at night and sleep during the day, which Hammond adopted. Domestic staff, frequent overnight guests, and even Hammond’s wife were daytime people and frequently commented that they might go long periods where they rarely saw him.

With this in mind, “candlelight tours” are offered Thursday nights during the months of July and August. Guides will show you the rooms the Hammond frequented and tell stories about how Irene Fenton Hammond and her husband enjoyed their many years living in the castle. Guided tours are the only way to see the castle on Thursday evenings at no additional charge other than basic admission, and are offered at 6:00, 7:00 and 8:00 P.M. Thursday August 15th there will be no candle light tours. Come and

Hammond Castle is open daily! Check out new programs and events like this art show opening July 8


photo of Hammond Castle by Rebeccah Pearson Museum Shop Manager


Rebeccah Pearson, Museum Shop manager submits:

Artist reception at Hammond Castle Museum Monday July 8th 6pm – 8pm

“On the Right Track” artist meet and greet is a wonderful way to meet some of our most talented artists on Cape Ann that are being featured in Hammond Castle’s Museum Shop. Join us Monday July 8th at 6pm ending at 8pm. Refreshments will be served as you talk with the artists and enjoy their paintings. Please RSVP by going to the website at www.hammondcastle.org

The featured artists for the month of July include: 

Rosemary Ryding was born in London and is greatly influenced, by the art old and new in Europe. Her main interest is in the study of new mediums and methods. Her present pursuit is the study of ENCAUSTIC which is a medium used by the Greeks in the fourth century BC. It is now used in a multitude of ways and combines the old and the new.

Patty Boynton is a painter whose art is inspired by the beauty of the Northeast, in particular the marshes of Cape Ann and the Isles of Shoals . She works in oils in a representational style with a goal of simplifying and abstracting her subjects. When she isn’t painting, she enjoys walking, working in her garden, singing in her church choir, reading and traveling. You can reach her at p.boynton@comcast.net.

Linda Harvey has been painting as hobby for the past 20 years. Her work includes seascapes, landscapes, children and European streetscapes. Oil on canvas is her medium of choice. She has had many painting adventures in France, Spain, Majorca and Italy . She paints with joy in the beautiful color.

Therese Melden lives in Manchester, MA and began painting 14 years ago. She has explored acrylic and oil paint and currently works in pastel. “I have always loved making art. I enjoy trying new techniques and have been fortunate to work with gifted teachers and talented peers. I paint plein air and mostly from photographs. I choose subjects that I have an emotional reaction to.”

Camille Skilton has been painting as a hobby for around 15 years. She started in watercolors but now does mostly oils. She paints in the tonalist style which George Inness started in the 1800s.

Carmela Martin a native of New England, Carmela Martin finds that these are the landscapes and people that most attract her as an artist.  Whether working representationally or in a more expressionistic style, her art is informed by her experiences living in this unique part of the country. Martin has studied at Montserrat College of Art and with many gifted and renowned artists from the North Shore and beyond.  She works in pastels, acrylic and oils, often incorporating cold wax and marble dust. Martin is an artist member of the North Shore Arts Association, Rockport Art Association, Newburyport Art Association and the National Association of Women Artists (NAWA). Her paintings are in private and corporate collections in the U.S., Canada and Scotland.

Katie Bull has lived in Beverly MA most of her life. Though her travels inspire her art, she thrives on her sense of place in her own back yard. Her primary medium is pastels, and recently she has been exploring and enjoying painting in oils.

Art at Hammond Castle Museum

Every month through out our season Hammond Castle Museums Shop will be featuring  local artists upon its walls. A portion of the proceeds will go towards restoration efforts. To view this months local artist please click  here! Hammond Castle Museum, 80 Hesperus Ave, Gloucester MA 01930 www.hammondcastle.org

Hammond castle open daily! Enjoy guided or self-guided tours.

Thursday night Candlelit Tours coming July and August


RESULTS Week 4 INVENTORS | #greatteacher Mr. Goulart’s local history hunt #GloucesterMA #TBT

Gloucester, Mass.  Great teacher at Gloucester High School, Shaun Goulart, creates a local history scavenger hunt trivia game for his 9th grade students that takes place weekly for 6 weeks. We’re taking the challenge paced one week after the students.


How did you do? Week two delved into Gloucester’s famous inventors. Stop here if you prefer to go back to see Week 4 questions only

Mr. Goulart’s Local History Trivia Scavenger Hunt Week 4 Inventors

1.John Hays Hammond Jr. “Jack”

  • Go to the location of his home and take a picture with a member in it.

  • What did he invent?

Answer: “Over the course of his professional career, he was awarded over 800 foreign and domestic patents resulting from over 400 of his inventions.  Many of these began in radio control before extending to electronics, naval weapons, national defense, as well as various consumer products.” – Hammond Castle

“In connection with his radio researches Jack obtained most important patents for receiving and broadcasting and these he sold to RCA…” John Hays Hammond, Sr

hammond 3109


Hammond first radio boat off Gloucester_The boat is run from the shore as no one is aboard_photograph Boston Public Lib

Hammond Castle – I hope that one day the Trustees and Historic New England add this as a shared property among their preservation jewels, along with the Natalie Hammond property and much of the parents’ estate, Lookout Hill, with some portion of admission for the City. At one point Hammond Castle was one of the top attractions in Massachusetts.



2.Clarence Birdseye

  • Go to the location where his company was and take a picture with a member in it.

  • What did he invent?

Answer: flash freezing

Beauport Hotel Gloucester Ma_former site Birdseye_25 March 2019_photo copyright Catherine Ryan
photo: Beauport Hotel, March 2019 ©catherine ryan 

3.Augustus H. Wonson

  • Go to the location of his grave and take a picture with a member in it.

Answer: Mt. Pleasant cemetery

  • What did he invent?

Answer: Augustus S Wonson invented antifouling copper paint to protect boats. Tarr & Wonson’s was established in 1863.  The former factory and harbor icon is now Ocean Alliance.

Mt Pleasant grave_20190325_© c ryan

Paint Factory Past/Present


Paint Factory Ocean Alliance_20180928_ Goetemann artist Deborah Redwood Whale in process public art_Glouc MA©catherine ryan

Paint Factory Ocean Alliance_2018 09 28_ Goetemann artist Deborah Redwood public art – whale’s tail in process_Gloucester, MA © catherine ryan

4.William Nelson Le Page

  • Go to the location where his company was after it moved from Rockport and take a picture with a member in it.

  • What did he invent? 

Answer: Le Page’s glue from fish waste (established 1876)

  • Go to the location of Le Page’s company co-founder Ruben Brooks’ manor and take a picture with a member in it.

Answer: Castle Manor Inn

lepage now_20190325_Gloucester MA © c ryan


Castle Manor Inn_20190325_© catherine ryan


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Boston Globe comes to #GloucesterMA for a perfect weekend

“How to spend a perfect weekend in Gloucester and the other cape”, by Christopher Muther, Boston Globe. 

Boston Globe weekend article Gloucester and the other cape only Gloucester Aug 15 2018.jpg

Article describes some Gloucester highlights: Cape Ann Museum and Harrison Cady exhibition, Gloucester Beaches, Stage Fort Park, Half Moon Beach, Gloucester Shuttle, Cape Ann Cinema, Gloucester Stage, Schooner Thomas E. Lannon, Hammond Castle Museum, Perfect Storm, Wicked Tuna, Rocky Neck, Latitude 43, Lobsta Land, Zeke’s Place, Willow Rest, Beauport Hotel, Ocean Hotel at Bass Rocks, Beth Williams, and (couldn’t get a reservation at) Duckworth’s Bistro.

detail from Harrison Cady on exhibit Cape Ann Museum through October 2018 ©c ryan.jpg
Detail from Harrison Cady on exhibition Cape Ann Museum 



Photos contributed by Denise Merlino

I think this is the first reported Snowy Owl to arrive to Gloucester in what looks to be quite possibly a fabulous year for Snowy Owls.

READERS, please continue to let us know of your Snowy Owl sightings. Thank you!

Good Morning Gloucester FOBs (Friends of the Blog) Denise Merlino and John Felock write,

Hi Joey

I remember when the Snowy Owl visited you, well she is back! We named her Samantha the Snowy Owl. She was seen in our back yard and she is beautiful. Everyone keep an eye out for her.


Denise Merlino and John Felock



Proposed building plans Sawyer Free Library, City Hall…Whoa! In the news plus the 1973 appeal led by Joseph Garland, universal access, and archives

“No finer place for sure, downtown.”

“Fate of historic buildings uncertain” Gloucester Daily Times, Ray Lamont, Jan 3 2017

Seeing double? Yes, you’re supposed to. The Sawyer Free Library addition was designed to mirror Cape Ann Museum as a balanced and nuanced architectural symmetry in deference to City Hall, and catalyst for a graceful center.

Cape Ann Museum, December 2017

Sawyer Free Library has announced a public meeting January 11th for discussions of a new building. (See the flyer at the end of this post.)

City Hall may have some upcoming construction on the Dale Avenue side as well.

Both projects are largely in the name of accessibility of a physical nature. Can they be cost effective, worthy of our history and culture, protect our significant buildings, and address current and future needs? The following are some of the issues, local coverage, links to resources, and archival material for your interest.


Although there are several new handicap parking spaces along Dale Avenue by City Hall, carving out the landscape on the left for more spots is in the cards because of grant money. Why? Several people told me that Dale Avenue parking spaces are hazardous for anyone exiting on the street. Although I do not want to minimize any pressing needs, I still ask, “Really?” Have we become so car dependent we would rather a thoroughfare here than the elegant streetscape we have (once a tree lined walk from the train station.) I was also told that it will increase visitation counts. It is an unfair advantage that historic sites with access to more funding (Monticello, Smithsonian, Colonial Williamsburg, and more) are better equipped to face these seemingly no-win situations. But there are creative retrofitting options for Gloucester, too.  Universal design is about balance, not chasing funding sources at the expense of preservation and beauty, nor backwards planning.

Dale Avenue c.1910
City Hall, December 2017
The site of possible razing and paving


NEW LIBRARY 2016. And 1973.

Before the current 2015-16 library outreach, the library hosted extensive visioning sessions throughout 2013. I went to a couple, and I was invited to take part in a focus group (on schools and the library.)  A completely new library and jettisoning of the historic Saunders library building was not an expressed community value. What were some common discussion points? A strategy for digitization of historic archives and newspapers, more staff, more hours of operation (Sundays), better bathrooms, parking issues, air conditioning, electrical work, maintenance, security, maximizing technology/ content access with schools, ditto Cape Ann TV, and attendance (see this great video from Lisa Smith by kids for kids ) were some goals that were mentioned.

So it was a surprise to see the unveiling of new architectural renderings that did not showcase the Saunders house. It’s like the White House not featuring the White House. I think the Saunders house should be key and central to any building overhaul, not tossed aside. Providing universal access should preserve the intended awe factors if there are any, FOR EVERYBODY–such as the architectural details, proportion, welcoming entrance and unique heritage of a historic building. In this proposal, with Saunders severed there is zero physical access to the main event. What a missed opportunity. And for a library. What do you think?

Today’s paper mentioned that the Saunders house could be used for other purposes instead of the library. Why can’t that be the case and the library maintain its #1 asset? The downtown cultural district (which is not going forward in the same capacity) and other organizations could use the library meeting spaces. Do we really need to conjure up another stand alone endeavor?

Back in 1973, the Trustees of the Library began a fund drive for the new library addition; the city of Gloucester paid 2/3. As the Library’s General Chairman, Joe Garland led that campaign. Not surprising, the text of the brochure is a good read! The architect was Donald F. Monnell. (In 1971 Monnell was quoted in the papers speaking about the attributes of Central Grammar.  One likes him more and more.) The population served was 27,000–nearly what it is today.

Awesome design  on this 1973 brochure for the fundraising campaign for the Sawyer Free library– led by the Joe Garland (cover). See photos of complete pamphlet
See “Preserving our Civic Center,” great letter to the editor by Prudence Fish, Gloucester Daily Times, December 23, 2016

Working together


2016 Planning term and movement- “Scaling Up”

A quip about the concept of Scaling UP that I remember from a conference this past September at Peabody Essex Museum and hosted by Essex National Heritage was to “think about the farm not just a barn”; in this case a downtown, or an entire city and region. I like thinking this way in general–architecture and planning, art, and schools. But this conference pushed me to add overlays beyond my areas of expertise or focus like wildlife and waterways. Gloucester, Cape Ann, Massachusetts–there’s so much! Mayor Romeo Theken is committed to working together and feels that planning is important and broad. One example, see Gloucester Daily Times Dec 19, 2016 Officials: City to Prioritize Its (competing) Needs 

City Looks to Prioritize its Needs, Gloucester Daily Times, Ray Lamont, Dec. 19, 2016

There are several looming questions, evaluations, and decisions.


Every era has choices. The prior library expansion plans began well before 1972. Possibilities swirled as they do now. (Back then, Central Grammar was also in the news, may or may not have been razed, and possible uses favored senior housing, commercial development, an annex to City Hall, and a courthouse police station.) Today there are competing building needs and uses floated for properties as diverse as: the Cape Ann YMCA on Middle Street, the post office on Dale, the Gloucester Fire Department, police headquarters, St. Ann’s, and the elementary schools–and that’s just to name a few. Let’s celebrate enviable architectural strengths, and not fuss with buildings that should be venerated, unless it’s to help them be accessible and healthy. Let’s get the balance right.

HISTORY MAKING PLEA- Archives for all

The prohibitive costs of best practice historic preservation (ADA compliant, temperature and humidity controls, security, sustainability, in house scanning/OCR/audio transcription, etc) is impossible for all the worthy collections in town, and pits them as foes when vying for funds. Let’s flip that impediment on its head and make Gloucester a model for the state.  Its treasures would be available worldwide if they were truly accessible –digitized.Two words may help accomplish this goal and free up cash for individual operations: shared overhead. It’s one hope I continue to stress–the need to share necessary resources for a state-of-the-art research and warehouse repository. This universal hub should be large enough to encompass any holdings not on view. There could be a smaller downtown central site combined with a larger off site location, such as at Blackburn. The list of sharing institutions could include and is by no means exhaustive: our municipal archives that date back to 1642; Cape Ann Museum; Sawyer Free Library; North Shore Art Association; Beauport; Hammond Castle; the Legion; Amvets and other social clubs; Sargent House; several places of worship; Gloucester Daily Times; Annisquam historical building collections; Lanesville; Magnolia’s historic collections; artists/writers estates; Veterans office; our schools; Isabel Babson Memorial Library, and perhaps businesses such as Cape Pond Ice and Gortons. The library plans don’t appear to retrofit their site(s) for this goal.

If incentives and policy supported neighborhood character over less generic construction collages51

that would be wonderful.  It’s not just Gloucester.


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Gloucester Motif Monday: coastal homes with cut out shutters

From where I was standing in Gloucester neighborhoods, here are several homes (and one gallery) with cut out shutters; beginning with the green shutters seen on the Beauport, Sleeper-McCann house, one of Gloucester’s two National Historic Landmarks, and a Historic New England property.









Beyond shutters: beginning with “Lookout Hill”, estate built by Natalie and John Hays Hammond, Sr :

Super special offers September 24 Holland America Cruise Ship and Trails&Sails

How exciting that  Holland America  and Trails and Sails are coming to Gloucester and Cape Ann this weekend! There are many special offers and events to help welcome visitors. This will be the second of three big cruise ships coming into port this month to Cruiseport Gloucester. It won’t leave Gloucester harbor till 11PM.  Last time I expected sight seeing, museum visits and shopping as reasons passengers disembarked. They did that. If you go by the clicker counter, 844 (give or take another hundred), plus 650 who pre-booked excursions, came ashore.

photo caption: Elizabeth Carey Discover Gloucester greeted and clicked. Peter Webber Cape Ann Chamber photograph.

I was surprised by how many passengers from a seemingly all inclusive cruise opted to take a whale watch trip and dine out. They did that, too. I’ll report back fun facts, but today I wanted to post about the special offers and events.

Working TOGETHER to welcome everyone is a beautiful thing. Thanks to the organizers (with a big shout out to Jeanne Hennessey, Joe Ciolino, Kathie Gilson, Peter Webber, Lorre Anderson, Bob Ryan and Elizabeth Carey):





photo caption: Bob Ryan/CATA, Jeanne Hennessey, Paul Talbot at Cruiseport planning out logistics for Saturday September 24, 2016

CATA created a special map for continuous downtown trolley loops (“frequency is key”) and to Rocky Neck and Rockport. The special pass covers their bus routes. What an incredible deal! They are extending operations until 10PM.  A new addition: Beauport Ambulance Services will be offering a shuttle bus for an Essex/Manchester/Cruiseport route. Kathie Gilson prepared and made hundreds of copies of a lobster roll list (a big common request), special events, and the Gimme Sound music schedule. Kudos to the volunteers, organizations and businesses for their hard work and creativity.

And now for Gloucester downtown Special events and offers. You can click logos to follow links.

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Art museums in Massachusetts are closer than they appear. Gloucester, Google maps and upcoming exhibitions



Last week I was in the Amherst area to meet with clients at a museum. I added on a couple of exhibitions that I knew were closing before I’d be back in that area. I have to map out shows or I miss them.

If you do an online search for ‘art museums in Massachusetts’ or ‘best of’ museum inquiries there are several helpful lists that pop up. The New England Museum Association for one has stepped up their digital presence for their membership directory. Still, must-see institutions on the North Shore and Cape Ann are rarely high lighted, buried deeply, and frequently absent from compilation lists ( see omissions at Artcyclopedia, Massvacation, Tripadvisor, visit Massachusetts, art-collecting, etc.)

Here’s a link to Massachusetts Art Museums created in Google maps. Part 2 Massachusetts 2016 fall/winter museum exhibition guide coming!

Upcoming show trends include: illuminated manuscripts, citizenship, art of picture books, and vintage and contemporary photography.




Motif Monday: Gloucester Crossing

It’s not common to integrate a bridge into New England homes. From where I was standing, a few of the intriguing thresholds in Gloucester and Rockport that announce their entry. Whether simple or ornate, necessary or whimsical, or both –who doesn’t like a journey and a bit of suspension? I enjoy thinking about themes of transition, space and connections.










Local bridges and architecture in two drawings by Edward Hopper

blynman bridge 1923-24

landscape with bridge watercolor whitney


Hammond Castle

On Tuesday morning I was invited to take a tour of Hammond Castle, first I would like to thank Orianna and John for taking me around. If you have never been there, you are missing an amazing place with so much history. For more information on The Hammond Castle please go to http://www.hammondcastle.org.

An upcoming fun event at the Castle will be The Medieval Fair, July 18 and 19th from 11:00 – to 5:00 pm. During the summer Hammond Castle will have candle light tours in July and August starting at 6:30, 7:30 and 8:15. The dates are July 9th, 16th, 23rd, 30th and August, 13th and 20th.

GloucesterCast 109- With A Full House Of GMG Characters Taped 12/21/14


GloucesterCast 109- With A Full House Of GMG Characters Taped 12/21/14

Topics Include: 9 GMG Peeps In The House- Peter Lovasco, Mrs Grumpypants Kim Smith, Alicia DeWolfe, Premenstrual Donna Arizzoni, Fresh Off The Stripper Pole Melissa Cox, Bill Cox, Frank Ciolino and Mr Effervescent Toby Pett and Host Joey Ciaramitaro. The GMG Holiday Party Recap, Taking a Cab, Thanks To Kathleen Erikson and Matt Beach for The Prosecco and Meat Plate, Kay Ellis Cucumber, Toby’s Chowder, Felicia’s Incredible Treats, Thanks To Fred Bodin, Re-carpeting Fred Bodin’s Back Room, The Winner of Sista Felicia’s Cookbook from Week 5 Subscriber contest Katherine Donlon, Week Six Gloucestercast Podcast New Subscriber Contest Prize Donated By Donna Ardizzoni is A Cape Pond Ice Coffee Mug Subscribe Here For a Chance To Win, The Rocky Neck Polar Plunge, Bring Dry Good Food For Donations To Be Collected At The Polar Plunge for Open Door, Peter Lovasco and Donna Ardizzoni and Melissa Cox all Pinky Swear During the Podcast To Do The Rocky Neck Polar Plunge, Christmas Eve Forecast From GMG Weatherman Pete, Downtown Gloucester Looked Like A Scene Out Of A Dickens Novel Saturday Morning, Gloucester’s DES Club, Fosters From Gloucester Now A Shell Station Which Means You Can Now Use Your Stop and Shop Card To Get HUGE Savings on Gas, Do Locals Go To Beauport The Sleeper-McCann House?, Cape Ann Museum Free To Gloucester Residents All Month Long in January, Hammond Castle, Pete Wonders About Beach Restoration At Good Harbor Beach, Harvesting Salt Hay and WPA Salt Water Marsh Depression Project, Wrapping Christmas Presents- That First Package vs That Last Package, Pinoli VIP Night and Review- Joey and Kim Disagree On The Pinoli Renovation, Melissa Cox Is Moving, Burnham’s Field Is A Total Destination Now, Relay For Life At Burnham’s Field This Year, Weatherman Pete- Oblivious To All Things GMG Except Weatherman Pete Stuff, Joey C, frank Ciolino and Donna Ardizzoni In the Relay For Life Dunk Tank, Fort Square Cafe, Georges Coffee Shop, Two Sisters Hash, Pinoli Open For Brunch Starting In January, Foreign Affairs Of Joey C’s Top 5 Restaurants North Of Boston, Blue Ox, Lone Gull, The Brewery, Rusty Shatford, Windward Grille, Azorean Steak Tips and Affordable Martinis, Breaking Nonnis Restauarant News- Top Secret and Joey C Wish For Willow Rest II, Kick You In The Cajones Cafe El Aguila Coffee from Toby, Glosta Joes Coffee Still Available At Paulines Gift Shop,  Alicia DeWolfe, Myron Lepine, and Laurie Lufkin In Cape Ann Magazine For Cooking Competitions, Thankful For Friendships, Donna Plugs Cape Pond Ice

podcasticon1GMG Podcast #109 Joey, Toby, Pete, Frank, Melissa, Bill. Alicia, Donna _Kim Smith 2014 Joey, Donna, Frank _Kim Smith 2014Donna Ardizzoni Donated A Cape Pond Ice Mug for  This Week’s New GloucesterCast Subscriber Contest.  One Of The First Ten New Subscribers Will Win the Mug to Be picked Up Here At The Dock. Subscribe Here For a Chance To Win