Just Wanna Let Y’all Know That There Are Only 11 GMG Mesh Caps Left

If You Want One You’ll Need To Order It Soon. 

Here’s The Link To Buy Yours-

GMG Logo Cap Navy With White Mesh Back. Three Color Embroidery




Hi Joey,

I just got my cap and sticker from you hand addressed and in a box I loved.  When you said you had a limited amount available I ordered as fast as I could and my wish came true and I got my GMG cap last Saturday.  I was surprised since you had so few. I recently had skin cancer surgery on my head and will be wearing hat a lot these days and yours is the one I wanted the most. Thank you. My wife and I are from Connecticut and come to Gloucester every year and I wish I could live there but for family reasons I don’t think that will happen.  But I will always love and go back to Gloucester and continue to read your blog every night or morning.  Thank you Joey, I will represent down here in CT and everywhere else I go. At some point I will post or send you a picture.

Truly thankful,

Gary Peltzer

Don’t say I didn’t warn you…

The stone washed ones didn’t last a day. Congrats to those of you who got in on it.


A few of the new micro mesh golf style premium caps are still available but probably wont last the night (these ones are my favorites)-


If you want one I’d place your order ASAP click here to order

Representing! GMG Happy FOBs

Ellen Santos writes-

Best Hat Ever!!

Hi Joey,
The hat got here just in time (almost) for my husband Reggie’s birthday.  He was surprised and thrilled with it and wore it to Salisbury Beach today.  Reggie is a Gloucester native and we both follow your blog daily.  Thanks for keeping us in touch.
Ellen Santos

Reggie's New Hat 2

Dee Noble writes-

Love our new Stonewashed hats

Hi Joey! We LOVE our new beautiful blue stonewashed hats! We are rocking the beach in this AWESOME GMG swag! Better place an order for more…..They are going to go like hot cakes….


Kevin Berrigan writes-

Thank You!

New hat got here today! Thanks so much for sending it right out!! Can’t wait to have it become a permanent fixture on the top of my head and show it off proudly wherever my travels take me!!


Send in your GMG Swag photos and Represent with the rest of the GMG FOBs!

What’s that you don’t have one yet??? Then order one up and get on the team.

To order GMG Dry Fit Short and Long Sleeve Shirts, Super Crazy Soft Feminine Cut V Neck or Scoop Neck T Shirts.


If you don’t see a shirt in a style/size/color  combination you like, you can send in a request and I’ll do my best to make it happen-


Rusty Shatford represents! With His New GMG Cap

FOB Frank Ciolino surprised rusty with his new cap at Fort Square Café- Yet Another of Gloucester’s Killer Breakfast Joints!

I’m looking forward to winter when I can get back to my breakfast haunts like Fort Square Café, Mamie’s Kitchen, George’s, Willow Rest, Charlie’s Place and Sugar Mags.


Bob Lukach Represents!

Hey Joey! The GMG mesh hat is so cool (literally). I love it. Thanks again. And thanks for reserving one of the stonewashed hat for me also.  Just email when they come in and I’ll pick it up at the dock.

Keep up the tremendous work you do with the GMG blog. It’s what we all need in these crazy times now.

Best to you and your family!

Bob Lukach

Seabrook, NH2013-07-20 10.08.54

Just Added To Gloucester Things Pop-Up Store- White and Pink GMG T-Shirts

Here’s a link to the storefront- http://gmg.storenvy.com/


Very limited quantities of each item.

Two Black With Black Mesh Back Caps left.

There’s 1 XL Pink, 2 L Pink, 1 Med Pink, 2XL White. 1 S White- All T-Shirts are free shipping for a limited time.

In addition  there are Dinner Dealer Decks, Ron Gilson’s An Island No More, and my This Is Gloucester DVD

GMG Cap Store Is Now Open. When They’re Sold Out- They’re Sold Out

Click below to reserve yours. They should be in stock within a month. Limited amount.

If you want a cap I need you to order it through the website.  It makes things 100% easier to keep track of with the set quantities and collection of people’s orders.

If you order one and plan to pick it up here at the dock, just leave a note that it’s for local pick up and I’ll refund your $5 shipping when you come pick it up.

Part of the money raised by the sale of these caps will pay for our ever rising photo hosting and podcast hosting fees.  The huge amount of content we’ve created for you has to be paid for on the wordpress site.  So to those of you buying a cap, know that in doing so you are help support the blog.



They’re Ordered! The First Official High Quality GMG Logo Caps

Because There were people on both sides of the black cap/blue cap fence I ordered limited quantities of each. 

Three color embroidery low profile caps so you don’t look like a dunce with one of those cheap high front trucker caps you see all over the place.  I ordered the exact hats I wanted for myself.  No compromises.  Something I personally would be proud to wear.  Can’t wait to get ‘em.

They should be in in about a month and I don’t suspect they’re gonna last long. (I’m taking a black/black and a navy/black for myself) Smile

Black with Black Mesh Back


Navy With White Mesh Back


Stonewashed Blue


Tight like a tiger I tell ya!

Help Me Decide Which Color For The New GMG Caps

I’m ordering some crazy high quality hi stitch count GMG Caps but need help deciding the color.  I’m only ordering 24 with the mesh back because those are the caps I prefer but I know our readership will probably prefer a stonewashed canvas type cap so there will be two different styles.

The mesh ones will be black or navy with a white mesh back.

I went with three color hi stitch count ridiculous quality.  They aren’t cheap but I want to put out a killer product.

Keep in mind that blue has been the GMG background color from the beginning.

Ron Gilson says the black is too harsh (I think the old timer’s getting soft on us).

Help me decide in a vote


Black or Navy