Thank you so much dear butterfly friends for sharing Beauty on the Wing trailer. As I am writing this post, the new trailer just hit 600 views. That is quite wonderful as it has only been three days since we first shared the trailer and because unlike YouTube where if you watch only a few moments of a video it counts as a hit, with Vimeo, you have to watch it all the way through to be counted. By sharing the trailer and generating many views, you are truly helping when festival judges are viewing our submission.

So thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing!!! 

I couldn’t resist sharing the above photo from Alisa Marie, a member of the terrific group “The Beautiful Monarch,” administered by the very knowledgeable Holli Hearn.

Monarch Heart


Dear Friends,

You are receiving this note because you donated generously or because you have been a friend and supporter in one manner or another to my documentary Beauty on the Wing: Life Story of the Monarch Butterfly.

I am beyond excited to share that we will be picking up the masters this week from the color and sound editing studio, Modulus, which I have been working with these many months. The film has come together beautifully. I think you will love the soundtrack by Jesse Cook and the new mix and voiceover recording. Because of several delays over the course of editing, I was able to include footage from the butterfly’s spectacular late winter exodus at Cerro Pelon, Mexico, and from the exquisite Monarch migration that took place along the shores of Cape Ann this past fall.

Currently I am submitting Beauty on the Wing to film festivals. Over the weekend I sent in no less than 18 submissions. Some festivals we’ll hear back from within a few weeks, others it may take several months. In the meantime, I am learning about film distribution and am working on scheduling a sneak peek preview screening for all my donors and will keep you posted about that.

Here is a link to the new short trailer. Beauty on the Wing Trailer

I hope you will have two minutes to view and also, if you could, please share. The old trailer has thousands of views and believe it or not, number of views is important to festival organizers and film distributors So please share. Also, I am creating a longer, more detailed trailer and will send that along later this week.

A most heartfelt thank you for your generosity and your kind support. I am so grateful.



P.S. See below very rough draft of a poster because I needed one quickly for the festival applications- I am looking for a graphic designer who can help with some ideas I have for posters, postcards, and other promotional materials. Please let me know if you have someone you love to work with. Thank you!


No good news to report. Early this morning there was some activity with a GFD rescue boat searching at Niles Pond but nothing was found.

For the remainder of the day, the area around Niles and Brace Cove was eerily quiet. Gloucester detectives are continuing to follow up on any leads. Residents are checking sheds and outbuildings and neighbors are continuing to walk the paths around the Point in hopes of some sign of Abbie. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Abbie’s family.

Abbie’s disappearance seemed tragically similar to that of Theresa Coen, who went missing from Penzance Road, Rockport, in March of 2018. However, that they both disappeared after heading out for a walk ends the similarity. Theresa’s death was determined to be a suicide.


As of 4:30pm, Abbie Flynn has not yet been found. There were over one hundred detectives and officers out searching today, along with police dogs, and land and sea aerial patrols. Detectives are deeply concerned and plan to resume searching tomorrow morning. Let’s hope and pray tomorrow’s daybreak brings happier news

Fox News helicopter circled around Niles Pond earlier today dozens and dozens of times.


This morning I went out at daybreak to walk where fellow photographer Abbie is known to have walked. I didn’t see any search activity and was hoping for the best, but unfortunately she is still missing. As I was leaving Eastern Point at 7:00am, the police began arriving to resume searching.

Yesterday afternoon I was walking at Niles Pond around the time Abbie went missing. At 8:30 this morning I met with Gloucester Detective Mizzoni to report some suspicious activity that I had observed on my walk yesterday. Our citizens should know that the detectives and officers are deeply concerned and are doing an outstanding job. If you saw any suspicious activity yesterday afternoon, anything, please report to Detective Mizzoni. The command station is located at Saint Anthony’s chapel parking lot at the corner of Farrington Street and Saint Louis Avenue.

There are a number of search teams combing Eastern Point, with officers and detectives from all around the Boston area including Lexington, Andover, Salem, and Newbury.

Thanks to Iain Kerr from Ocean Alliance for lending his drone cameras to the search effort.

Abbie is still missing as of 1:00pm.


The tiny “Little Auk” has been on our shores for several days and this morning I was finally able to take a few good snapshots. It dips and bobs in a funny manner, weaving back and forth, up and down the channel, before using its wings to deeply dive for small fish and crustaceans.

The Dovekie is the smallest member of the auk (puffin) family. A bird of the open Atlantic Ocean that breeds on Islands in the high Arctic, Dovekies are only seen during winter months in New England.


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