Come on down! Main Street is abuzz with shoppers and partygoers–it’s so much fun to see the street come alive at night. Shops are decorated to the nines and chock-a-block full of gifts. Maritime Gloucester is hosting a fantastic art show. All the Main Street restaurants are open and ready to serve you and your friends after a fun evening of shopping.

Changing of the guard at Dogtown books

A very well attended celebration and changing of the ownership of Dogtown Books. Bob and Andrea retire and give the keys of the castle to the new owners Lucas and Caroline. Best of luck to all involved. A new start for all!


Hats off to Gloucester’s Main Street merchants for their splendid holiday window decor!

To vote for your favorite window display go to the Chamber’sDowntown Gloucester Holiday Window Contest ” Facebook page.

Whimsy and wonderment on Main Street -the most magical time of the year!


“Dive Deep Within” – Goetemann artist Deborah Redwood’s sculpture at the Paint Factory

Don’t you love the scale of Deborah’s piece? Much like Gloucester’s most beloved statues, the “Fishermen’s Wives Memorial,” “Man at the Wheel,” and “Joan of Arc,” “Dive Deep Within” is built to a very human scale and blends beautifully with the environment. “Dive Deep Within” is a statement, but does not try to compete with or dominate the surrounding landscape. Read more about Deborah’s piece here:

Deborah Redwood

and visit her website here:

When I look at the subtle artistry of “Dive Deep Within,” I am reminded of the humungous abrasive metal sculpture that our community has been highly pressurized to accept, to not only find a suitable location for its installation, but to pay for its fabrication as well. One suggested site was the tiny narrow strip of green grass on the Rocky Neck causeway. When that location was wholeheartedly rejected, the next attempt was to locate the sculpture at the beautiful, but again very small, Solomon Jacob’s Park. This suggestion was especially nonsensical because the Solomon Jacob Park was specifically designed to be an open window to the working waterfront.

Monumentally large sculptures like that perhaps look best when sited in vast open spaces, a midwestern prairie or on a farm field; at a similar place where from the artist has made his home for most of his life, rather than Gloucester’s stunning waterfront.

Greatly appreciating the scale and intention of Deborah Redwood’s “Dive Deep Within”

LOBSTER TRAP CHRISTMAS TREE TAKING SHAPE (and breaking news of sorts!)

David Brooks and crew spent a solid eight hour day building Gloucester’s famous lobster trap tree, the one and only lobster trap Christmas tree decorated with hand painted buoys by local children and artists. They will be returning tomorrow to finish up, weather permitting. Lending a hand this afternoon when I stopped by to take snapshots were Mark Schlichte, Shawn Henry, Jake Hennessey, Peter Asaro, Jason Burroughs, and David Brooks. If you see these guys around town, let them know how awesome you think they are!


The exciting news is that this year we will be enjoying COLORED lights!!! Although white holiday lights are wonderful and beautiful, it just seems to me that colored lights on our lobster trap tree are more festive and compliment better the hand painted buoys. For the past several years, the tree was decorated with white lights and I am glad to see they are mixing it up with colored lights this year. What is your personal preference?

Did you know that it costs approximately $800.00 for lights each year? The cost seems relatively modest when you think about the delight and wonderment this most unique of holiday trees and accompanying buoy painting brings to our community. If you would like to help with the expense of the lights, please contact David Brooks at 978-335-2219. Thank you!

This year’s tree lighting takes place on December 8th, from 4:30 to 5pm.


A view that never disappoints-

Choppy harbor waters

Storm clouds clearing

Later that same afternoon


Beautiful breakers and sunset light slipping through the clouds after the storm.

Mother Ann’s silhouette through the waves



By Ray Lamont Staff Writer

A man suspected of holding up the Institution for Savings bank outlet on Parker Street in Gloucester moments after 9 Monday morning has been captured by police in Lynn.

The man, whose identify has not yet been released, was taken into custody as he came off a bus in Lynn, Gloucester interim police Chief John McCarthy has confirmed. The suspect had apparently ridden it there while trying to escape from Gloucester.

Gloucester and Massachusetts State Police had been searching for a man described as being in his 30s and wearing with a black hat and black sweatshirt who reportedly held up the bank branch at 4 Parker St. in Gloucester about an hour after the branch opened at 8 a.m. McCarthy said he anticipates the suspect will be arraigned Tuesday in Gloucester District Court.

A sign placed on the bank door by 9:30 a.m. indicated that the facility was temporarily closed while offering an apology to customers for their “inconvenience.” The bank’s drive-up windows and automated teller machine were also shut down on the exterior of the building.


GHs football playoff vs Wayland & Ghs all stars from fall sports

The Fishermen roll over Wayland in drenching rain. At halftime the all stars from all the fall sport programs are introduced…

The generous Gardeners at the boulevard

The Generous Gardeners with the help of folks from Gortons prepare and then plant the tulips at the boulevard for our pleasure next spring. Another great job and a huge thank you for all your work from all of us!!!

2018 11 7 Gen Gardeners Replanting Tulips 007

2018 11 7 Gen Gardeners Replanting Tulips 013

2018 11 7 Gen Gardeners Replanting Tulips 019

2018 11 7 Gen Gardeners Replanting Tulips 033

2018 11 7 Gen Gardeners Replanting Tulips 039

2018 11 7 Gen Gardeners Replanting Tulips 042

2018 11 7 Gen Gardeners Replanting Tulips 045

2018 11 7 Gen Gardeners Replanting Tulips 056

2018 11 7 Gen Gardeners Replanting Tulips 061

2018 11 7 Gen Gardeners Replanting Tulips 065

2018 10 31Walks & Halloween #2 003

2018 10 31Walks & Halloween #2 018

2018 10 31Walks & Halloween #2 017