Gloucester Zen- Good Harbor Beach At Dawn July 5th 4:50AM

Sometimes when I bitch about having to get up at 3:45AM every morning for work I forget about being able to bring you scenes like this-

and then it all seems so worthwhile

(turn up your speakers and let the sound of the waves wash over you)


Gloucester Zen Niles Beach 9/1/10

So Blessed.  So Blessed Are We To Have This.

Who doesn’t feel stressed?  Do yourself a favor.  Grab a beach chair and go to Niles Beach alone at 7:30AM with a  cup of coffee and a muffin.  Put that beach chair right at the water’s edge and just let the peace of the sound of the gentle waves lapping at the shore melt away a couple of layers of that stress you are holding in your neck and shoulders.

Gloucester Zen- The Plan B Loads Welding Tanks

Gloucester Zen The Plan B Loads Welding Tanks

Minimal Editing- Minimal Commentary- Just A Slice of Time On Gloucester Harbor

Gloucester Zen 05/24/10 Morning Mist Gloucester Harbor Damon Rowing

Minimal Commentary- Minimal Editing- Just a Slice of Time On Gloucester Harbor

Check out how fast Damon has that dory going.  That’s a pretty good stroke for an old man!

Gloucester Zen Johnny “Doc” Herrick And Mate Aboard The Dog and I

Minimal Editing- Minimal Commentary-Just A Slice of Time On Gloucester Harbor

get that gear out there boys.  It’s not gonna make any money in the yard!