The Dish Covers Cape Ann Brewing

My girls over at The Dish (North Shore Dish if you didn’t already know) came to G Town to cover one of our jewels- Cape Ann Brewing

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Enthusiasm is Brewing on Cape Ann

Posted: July 22nd, 2010

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Finding ourselves in Gloucester on a recent sultry summer day, we needed to quench our thirst, and where better to find a frosty quaff than Cape Ann Brewing Company? A small craft brewing company, CABC has gained not just a loyal following but a popularity that reaches far beyond local.

In 2002, owner Jeremy Goldberg and a handful of friends decided to travel the country, experiencing 38 craft breweries in 40 days. The result was a documentary film entitled “American Beer, a Bockumentary.” Goldberg then moved to Gloucester to start his own operation, and in 2004, Cape Ann Brewing Company was born.

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Enthusiasm is Brewing on Cape Ann

Dillon, Assistant Brewer At Cape Ann Brewing

Here is Dillon, the assistant Brewer and manager of the front of the house at Cape Ann Brewing in Fort Square.  Not often do you see bar managers wearing rubber boots, but when said bar manager is actually producing the beer you are about to consume it all makes sense.

Cape Ann Brewing Pumpkin Stout

Check out Cape Ann Brewing in Fort Square open til 9PM nightly.  Free Wifi, Flat Screen TVs, excellent beer, Panorama pizza, Ned’s Sandwiches.

Cape Ann Brewing Pumpkin Stout, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

Cape Ann Brewing

Cape Ann Brewing, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

Here are some of the tanks used to brew at The Cape Ann Brewing Company. I was astounded when Mike Beaton told me how much they invested in the place.

It’s a whole lotta dough. About three times what I would have guessed.

Sig Hansen- “What the hell is a Growler?”


Cape Ann Brewing Growlers, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

“What the hell is a Growler?”

That was one of the first things Sig Hansen The Captain of The F/V Northwestern on The Deadliest Catch asked the crowd when he got on stage at The Gloucester House for The Plum Cove School Charity Event.

Well my friends, Growlers are the jugs that they fill up with your favorite Fisherman’s brew at The Cape Ann Brewing Company in Gloucester’s Fort on Commercial Street.

Cape Ann Brewing Company Tasting Room

Lots of detailed woodwork in the front room of the Cape Ann Brewing Company Tasting Room.

Where The Locals Go Coupon Spotlight- Cape Ann Brewing Company

Where The Locals Go

Today’s Where The Locals Go coupon spotlight is for The Cape Ann Brewing Company on Commercial Street in the Fort.  There are three coupons, each for a free pint glass with the purchase of a T shirt.

Cape Ann Brewing Company, originally uploaded by captjoe06.