To The Wonder at the Cape Ann Community Cinema

Sarah Green to the Wonder CACC ©Kim Smith 2013Sarah Green at the Cape Ann Community Cinema

Last night I caught the screening event of To The Wonder, hosted by the film’s producer, Gloucester’s Sarah Green, and showing at Cape Ann Community Cinema. My favorite aspect of the film is the cinematography by Emmanuel Lubezki–simply stunning, really-and the characters are equally as gorgeous to look at as are the landscapes that surround. The theatre was packed for this very special event and the procedes are going towards launching Cape Ann Community Cinema’s indigogo fund-raising campaign to upgrade their projection equipment. READ MORE ABOUT THE CACC indiegogo fundraiser here.

The full schedule can be found at the Cinema’s website at Cape Ann Community Cinema.

Sarah Green Duncan Nelson to the Wonder CACC ©Kim Smith 2013Duncan Nelson’s Impromptu Ode to Sarah 

Sarah Green to the Wonder Cape Ann Community Cinema ©Kim Smith 2013JPGSarah’s Q & A after the film’s screening

Read Gail McCarthy’s Gloucester Daily Times story about Sarah Green here.

Sarah Green to the Wonder CACC ©Kim Smith 2013 Michael UllmanBoston Filmmaker Michael Ullman

All the photos are grainy. They were shot without flash in the cinema’s darkened theatre with the Fujifilm X-E1,  ISO 12,000, which isn’t too shabby that my camera even has an ISO 12,000!

Sarah Green to the Wonder CACC  Michael Ullman Rachel©Kim Smith 2013

Sarah Green to the Wonder CACC  Michael Ullman Rachel -2. ©Kim Smith 2013Michael meeting the always gracious and beautiful Cape Ann Community Cinema’s Rachel

Au Revoir

Au Revoir©Kim Smith 2013

I had half an hour to spend between client meetings on a recent trip to Boston and used that time to take a quick stroll around the blocks between St James and Bolyston Streets as there are lots of great resources in this area for my interior design clientele. The photos are created in the moment and I am having a lot of fun exploring the double exposure mode with the Fujiflim X-E1.

Kartell Boston copy

Arlington Street Church ©Kim Smith 2013

Arlington Street Church

Gloucester Seagulls

I Love Homies!

Gloucester Seagull  ©Kim Smith 2013-1

Gloucester Seagull  ©Kim Smith 2013-2

Gloucester Seagull and Geese  ©Kim Smith 2013-1.

Gloucester Seagull  ©Kim Smith 2013-3.

Gloucester Seagull  ©Kim Smith 2013-4

Random snapshots from recent photo trips with Fujufilm X-E1. Ubiquitous, and from every vantage point, the gulls always make their presence known. Gloucester seagulls are the best–so photogenic!

More First Snowfall Photos

Winter garden-2

The morning after the beautiful snowfall (I hope it isn’t the only real snow of the season!), I took several snapshots of our garden before heading over to the Harbor Walk, then ended by photographing at Niles Pond. The Harbor Walk photos are posted here, and I am just getting to the rest of the images.

Winter Garden

The last two photos are for Sharon and Donna. Note: the waves that can be seen crashing in the distance beyond the narrow strip of land are at Brace Cove, not Good Harbor.

Niles Pond Brace Cove

Niles Pond

Niles Pond after new fallen snow

Wintry Harbor Walk at Dawn

The Harbor Walk was beautiful this chilly dawn after the first significant snowfall, with a deceptively warm-appearing orange sherbet sunrise. Despite frozen fingers and toes, I couldn’t help but feel blessed by the beauty that surrounds.

Harbor Walk Dawn Winter ©Kim Smith 2012

Harbor Walk Dawn Winter-2 ©Kim Smith 2012

Harbor Walk Dawn Winter-3 ©Kim Smith 2012

Harbor Walk Dawn Winter-4 ©Kim Smith 2012

Harbor Walk Dawn Winter -5©Kim Smith 2012Harbor Walk Dawn Winter -6©Kim Smith 2012Harbor Walk Dawn Winter-7 ©Kim Smith 2012Harbor Walk Dawn Winter -8©Kim Smith 2012Harbor Walk Dawn Winter -10©Kim Smith 2012Gloucester Harbor Walk December 30, 2012

Christmas Whimsy

Christmas Fujifilm X-E1 Multiple Exposure -2 ©Kim Smith 2012

Several weeks ago I posted several experiments taken with the new Fujifilm X-E1 multiple exposure setting. I really like this feature although I received some flack from a photographer friend informing me that double exposures can be created in Photoshop. Of course I know that, I just like the immediacy of composing in the camera and in the moment and think the feeling that is achieved is reminiscent of the accidental effects created in film photography. These photos were all shot in very low light indoors and I am looking forward to playing more with this feature outdoors on a warm sunny spring day, with butterflies and other living creatures as muses, rather than imaginative Christmas fairies!

vintage christmas decoration

Christmas Fujifilm X-E1 -1 Multiple Exposure ©Kim Smith 2012

Christmas Fujifilm X-E1 Multiple Exposure -3 ©Kim Smith 2012

Christmas Fujifilm X-E1 Multiple Exposure -5 ©Kim Smith 2012Christmas Fujifilm X-E1 Multiple Exposure -4 ©Kim Smith 2012Christmas Fujifilm X-E1 Multiple Exposure ©Kim Smith 2012 copyFujifilm X-E1 Multiple Exposures 

Click photos to view images full size.

Multiple Exposure Fujifilm X-E1

Fujifilm X-E1 Multiple Exposure ©KIm Smith 2012

To create a double exposure select the Multiple Exposure mode in the shooting menu. Take your first shot, and if acceptable, press ok. The first photo is now visible in both the viewfinder and the LCD monitor, which allows you to easily compose the finished photo. Take the second shot and press ok to exit. If you do not like the second shot, you have the option to retry. 

Fujifilm X-E1 Multiple Exposure -4 ©KIm Smith 2012

Multiple Exposure mode allows you to change focal length, degree of focus, and aperture between shots. I absolutely adore this feature and can think of a hundred thousand images. Creating double exposures is always possible post production although I prefer the ephemerality of composing in the moment.

Swans Niles Pond ©KIm Smith 2012

Over the past several months I have spent many mornings at Eastern Point trying to film the resident swans in their pre-dawn flight. My hope was to capture 20-30 seconds of swans silhouetted against the red rising sun. For the most part I have been  unsuccessful and have only managed a mere snippet or two. The swans eye me warily and then head to the far side of the pond. Yesterday morning I went to my usual observation point to experiment with the Fujifilm X-E1 multiple exposure shooting mode. Perhaps because I was so focused on my exposure experiment and wasn’t paying a lick of attention to them or perhaps because I did not have my tripod with me (I am convinced now more than ever after today that the swans think my tripod is a rifle), but for whatever reason, two decided to groom themselves within arms reach.

Swans Niles Pond-1 ©KIm Smith 2012