Update Don’t Buy My Camera for $275 It’s available for slightly more than that online Selling My Camera The Sony HX9V

I posted this last night after checking the price on Amazon-

Here is the camera I’ve been using to take about half the shots for the blog this past year.  It is retailing for $379 on Amazon right now new but you can have my slightly used no wear at all except for a few tiny scratches on the back screen that are barely noticeable and in perfect working condition one for $275.


What I didnt realize is that there are other stores selling it for less money than what amazon has it listed for new.  So don’t buy my camera for $275.

Sorry, but I’d feel terrible.

email me at goodmorninggloucester@yahoo.com

It’s a great great camera.

Here it is on Amazon new-


Since I bought the interchangeable NEX-5N I don’t have the need for both.

So first one to come up with the dough gets the camera responsible for these shots-

email me at goodmorninggloucester@yahoo.com

Click the pic for the full sized view


I love my little pocketable HX9V and all the tricks it has up it’s sleeve.

Copied from some older posts-

Click photos for full sized panoramas.  Have I told y’all yet how much I love the new camera?  The Sony HX9V, 16 times zoom, killer video, panoramas in camera HDR processing and it slips right in my pocket!  The thing is the nuts!  I highly highly recommend it. DSC00288








Lobster Boat For Sale $60,000

While bouncing around in Rose’s parking lot at 4:30AM this morning (because really where else would I rather be at 4:30AM?) I stumbled upon this lobster boat that is tucked in the corner.  It looks like new construction and has pretty nice lines.

Lobster Boat For Sale $60,000, originally uploaded by captjoe06.