Work in Progress – Trapper John and Dog and I Verre Eglomise

From deb Clarke

current status of my verre eglomise of The Dog and I and The Trapper John at Joey’s dock. a panel started last summer. preparing the glass to receive a new color field.

Cut Out Stern on The Dog and I vs Setting Table On The Stanley Thomas

Johnny Doc Herrick has lobster traps all ready to launch off the stern as lobster season is getting under way.  If you notice the stern of the Dog and I is cut out level with the deck of the boat.  Some guys like open sterns and others have closed sterns on which they build setting tables.  The ones with setting tables like the Stanley Thomas slide the traps down the rail of the boat and set them off teh setting table.  the ones with the cut out sterns set the traps off of teh deck of the boat.

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Beautiful Industry- Hydraulic Control Aboard The Stanley Thomas


Below the hauling station aboard Johnny “Doc” Herrick’s Dog & I is another example of the hydraulic control which operates the lobster boat’s pot hauler.

The Dog and I

Lobstermen are starting to gear up for the coming season.  They go through the rope and take out knots.  They clean and repair the traps.  They paint buoys.   It’s coming.  As the water warms the lobsters will be on the move and our lobstermen will be ready to catch em.

The Dog and I, originally uploaded by captjoe06.