Corn Dog Challenge – The Ed Episode From Manuel Simoes

Manuel Writes-

Corn Dog Challenge – with the focus on Ed.

It was difficult to clean up some of the video, because it was such poor lighting, and putting thirty minutes of fun and laughs into less than 10 minutes was my challenge. My stomach hurts from just watching all those corn dogs go down and come up.

Get To The Corndog Challenge- Or Deal With Ed!

Thursday Night  8PM

The Farm Bar and Grille- Don’t Make Me Send Ed Out For You

I Don’t Want It To Get Any More Ugly Than We Have To


It’s On Bitches!- Corndogs- Yes Corndogs!

The final negotioations have taken placed and we’ve inked a deal to bring the next leg of The Good Morning Gloucester Man vs Food Challenge to you and it’s all about the corndogs baby!

After an absolutely insane night of fun at The Farm Bar and Grille for the Hot Wing Challenge we decided we had to go back to the well as the venue was just perfect for our event.  The owners Brad, Noah and Ryan are more than accomodating and the combination of the sound system, the ability to drink during the event and the set-up of the room is just phenomenal.  I’m sure that anyone who attended would surely agree.

The date is February 11th and we have firm commitments from past champs Big Lar’ and Ed Collard.  Dangerous Dick Low has been suspiciously absent so we will try to locate him as well as Tucker Farm Family Diner  Three Stooge Breakfast Champ Cliff Rideout.

We have several slots open for competitive eaters so if you know anyone that can really put it away let me know and I’ll see if I can slide them into one of the few open slots.  Keep in mind that we have a very strong field so please don’t waste my time with a naomination for a slightly above average eater.  They gotta really bring the thunder and have a personality to back it up. 

To watch any of the videos from the past GMG Man vs Food Challenge click this link

The Farm Bar and Grille February 11th- Be There!


If you haven’t watched any of the videos thus far from the GMG Farm Bar and Grille Hot Wing Challenge you owe it to yourself to look at these final ones.  It is where things reach climactic levels filled with suspense, drama, chaos and the conclusion.

Round Five Gets Underway At The GMG Farm Bar and Grille Hot Wing Challenge

Round 4- One Million Scoville Units Videos

Round Four jumps up from 235,000 scoville heat index units to 1,000,000



4.7 MILLION SCOVILLE UNITS!!!!!!, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

Team Doe- Re- Me Represents!
Impartial Judge Paul Morrison- "PAULLL!! WHERE'S PAUL?"
Team Chupo
Special Thanks To The Rabbit and Lauren From North Shore Magazine
Big Lar Developing A Huge Fan Base!

Round Three -Separating the Wheat From The Chaff

Round three brings us 235,000 scoville units of heat

Round 1 and 2 The GMG Farm Bar and Grille Hot Wing Challenge

Round One-GMG The Farm Bar and Grille Hot Wing Challenge

Which Contestant Do You Think Won The GMG/Farm Bar and Grille Hot Wing Challenge?

Signing The Waiver Forms For The Farm Bar and Grille Hot Wing Challenge

GMG/Farm Bar and Grille Hot Wing Challenge Contestants



Jeremy Guyotte- click pics for full sized versions
Ed Collard
Dangerous Dick Low
Jalepeno Timmy and Tommy The Two Foot Tiger AKA "The Pillowbiter"
Chris Doe and Sour Stomach Jamie
Big Lar
The Lovely Stephanie


GMG/Farm Bar and Grille Pre Contest Smack Talk Videos



GMG/Farm Bar and Grille Hot Wing Challenge Introductions

Mikey Tigga Two Foot Taylor Struggles After Erroneously Rubbing His Eye

Ed Collard Pic From The Rabbit


Cool, originally uploaded by bmanpitt.

El Chupo, Sleazy-E and Jeremy Pic From The Rabbit
Ed Collard and Big Lar
Chris Doe and Sour Stomach Jamie
Big Lar Looks Concerned For The Lovely Stephanie Click for larger view


I have no voice left.  Video’s are uploading.

Thanks for all that came out, thanks to the participants, the sponsors and our hosts- Bradley, Ryan and Noah at The Farm Bar & Grille.  Also thanks to Lauren from North Shore Magazine who came out to cover it, Jay Albert from Cape ann Images and my boy The Rabbit.

I’ll tell you that was one hell of a show.