JavaUp Coffee Energy Bars

Coffee that never spills.  Yes, please.

Have you tried these coffee energy bars yet?   You should.  Tremendous.

Oddly enough, formerly I wasn’t a big fan of granola bars, energy bars, protein bars, and the like.  I had tried many and while some were ok, I hadn’t found one that I’d bother to purchase a second time.  That having been said, these JavaUp bars have me hooked.

The first time I tried one was during this summer’s Bluefin Blowout.  JavaUp was on site as an exhibitor handing out samples….convenient for me during a four-day tournament that typically comes with little sleep. Convenient also for the captains and crews out on the water in search of bluefin tuna.  In fact, I heard many sing praise for the JavaUp bars throughout the tournament.

One can only drink so much coffee.  Even if I was inclined to drink more than my morning cup, if I’m being honest, I would absentmindedly set it down somewhere to become cold….or, in ice coffee’s case, watered down.  The JavaUp bars were a perfect way to both have a quick snack AND an extra little boost.  Win, win.

These words grabbed my attention too.  Nutritionally sound. Incredibly tasty. Sustainably-farmed. Direct Trade. And, who can leave out “the energizing equivalent of an espresso in a portable snack”?

That was my personal endorsement….but, read on to hear more about the JavaUp brand from those most in the know…and then go find some in a store near you or order on-line at the link below.   I’d also be interested in knowing where you are fortunate enough to purchase these bars in stores.  I swing by Willow Rest in Gloucester to grab mine once in a while.


JavaUp snacks were born in the Berkshires test kitchen of healthy food and cookie entrepreneur, Lisa Newmann. Inspired to provide real food in an industry that was becoming increasingly artificial, Lisa deeply believed that snacks could and should be a source of nutritional balance and incredible taste. Fueled by the ingredients in a chocolate java recipe from her cookie repertoire, she transformed it into a nutritionally sound, coffee-fueled snack bar, packed with real food. Consumers love the toasted whole grains, seeds, chocolate and coffee — the satisfying and energizing equivalent of an espresso in a portable snack.

Boost your afternoon with JavaUp coffee-fueled energy bars in the office, at the gym, on the road or at your desk. Keep them in your backpack and briefcase to enjoy them while working or working out.


The farms from where our coffee is sourced grow their plants only in the shade — under the canopy of fruit trees, clouds and on shaded mountainsides. These shaded enclaves provide habitats for migrating birds and pollenating bees and no pesticides are used.

Beyond fair trade, JavaUp coffee beans are Direct Trade — purchased directly from the farms and COOPs, where proceeds from their premium products go directly to the growers’ communities — to their schools, health clinics and water systems. The coffee is traceable and the farmers’ practices are documented for sustainability.

Our beans are roasted by artisan roasters at Six Depot Coffee in West Stockbridge, MA.


Crafted for taste from dark chocolate melted with espresso and toasted oats that will send every coffee lover to the moon!

Made with only sustainably-farmed, locally roasted, shade grown coffee.

All that information and more can be found HERE 


Enjoy either Caramel Macchiato: “Made with English toffee, shade grown organic espresso, chocolate, toasted gluten-free oats and sunflower seeds, the Caramel Macchiato coffee bar provides 5g of protein, 4g of fiber, 160 calories and is worthy of the best barista. Spill-proof, portable and delicious, there is an espresso in every bar!”

or Cafe Mocha: “The Café Mocha bar contains dark chocolate, espresso, toasted gluten-free oats and almonds, delivers 6g of protein and 5g of fiber with 160 calories. Satisfying & stimulating, there’s an espresso in every bar!”






Shake time!

Classic housemade  strawberry, chocolate and vanilla ice cream milkshakes at Happy Belly 3 Duncan Street, Gloucester, MA. Whip cream is homemade, too!

Fresh baked bread and bakery treats are excellent. Large loaves ciabata coming out of the oven in just about an hour…

**Update: the bread is ready and added some more photos from inside**


more photos inside Happy Belly and menus

Thanks Santa! @GlostaJoes On My Desk When I Got To Work This Morning!


Get Yours To Fill Up XMAS Stockings at @Seameadowgifts & @Paulinesgifts

Just noticed when I was looking over this post that on the label it tells you when the coffee beans were roasted.

Are you shitting me?

I love the fact that I know that my coffee was just roasted a couple of days ago- frickin cool AF



Alicia and Chris At Mamie’s Kitchen Offering Free Coffee and World’s Greatest Coffee Roll To Rocky Neck Polar Plungers

Now That’s What I’m Talkin About!!!


Hey Joey,
We are bummed we can not make it to the Plunge but in honor of our absence
we invite all the plungers (is that a word) in for a FREE coffee and FREE coffee roll
to warm their hearts before the Rocky Neck Polar Plunge!
We are open 7am to 2pm New Years Day!
Happy New Year!
Alicia & Chris
Mamie’s Kitchen


2012 Downtown Gloucester Holiday Gift Series- Pleasant Street Tea and Coffee Co

Today I’ll be kicking off the fourth year of the GMG Downtown Gloucester Holiday Gift Video Series where we walk up and down Main Street and try to capture as many retailers as we can and highlight their best gift ideas one a day every day leading up to Christmas.

We start out at Pleasant Street Tea and Coffee Co-


Glosta Joe’s Is A Brewin!

Got me my Perfect Storm Brewin right up on this cold blustery day.  The Perfect Morning Cup (or three)!

Check out The Glosta Joe’s Coffee Website Here


Meet Misti and Larry in our Glosta Joe’s Interview-


New Stuff Going On At Last Stop Variety

There’s a  whole new community chilling area at Last Stop Variety in the heart of God’s Country, East Gloucester.   Check out the photos today and video tomorrow for more info.

Join Us For Coffee At The Khan Studio Good Morning Gloucester Gallery Sunday Morning June 5th at 10AM

We will have an unveiling of the new colors on the GMG Sticka version 5.0, free coffee, your favorite GMG personalities and more.   If you are a FOB or a vacationer who is visiting from out of town this is a great way for us to meet you.

Bring your cameras if you have them and if people want we can go on a photo safari afterwards.  There aren’t many more photographic opportunities than right outside the doors of the GMG Gallery on historic Rocky Neck.  Industrial waterfront meets the oldest working art colony in the United States and we’re right smack dab in the middle of it!

Come say hey!!!!

77 Rocky Neck Ave at Madfish Wharf 10:00AM Sunday June 5th

click the map for directions-


Danger! Will Robinson, Danger!

From Deb Clarke,

“Whoa!  good thing i passed on the coffee, i washed my paintbrush in it and didn’t even notice.  there is quite a universe in there!  Any coffee?”

Debbie's "Coffee Cup Nebula"
The Horsehead Nebula B33 Orion Nebula (A real Nebula)


New Discovery- Cold Brewed Coffee

If you’ve been a GMG fan for any amount of time you know about my coffee obsession love.  I usually have a cup of coffee when things start to slow down in the morning around 8:30AM and then maybe another one in the afternoon so I can try to stay awake when I get home and spend some quality time with the family.  To say that I enjoy my coffee is an understatement.

With the soaring temps and humidity of last week coupled with being extraordinarily busy sometimes I can’t get to one of our local coffee shops and make coffee down here at the dock.  I’ve been using a french press since last spring and the results have been fantastic.  You can see the demonstration video I made when I first got the French press by clicking the video below-

A while back I saw an article on Lifehacker about making cold brewed coffee (as an aside if you haven’t bookmarked or put Lifehacker into your Google Reader you ought to, it rocks)

Anyway I tried making cold brewed coffee last night.   You need a little time  but it is ridiculously simple and the results are outstanding.

I took my travel press and loaded it up with three heaping teaspoons of ground coffee and filled it up with room temperature spring water, screwed the lid on and placed it in the fridge just before leaving work last night.  This morning I pushed the plunger down, poured the refrigerated coffee into my cup and fixed it just as I would a hot cup of coffee.

Fantastic!  They say more bitterness is extracted from the coffee beans with increased temperature so by using the cold brewing method you still retain that oily creamy texture of a good cup of french press coffee but without the bitterness.  Not having to use a paper filter also doesn’t sap the mixture of those coffee bean oils which get taken away with a paper filter.  You also don’t need to ice it which would dilute your coffee because it has been in the fridge all night.

I highly suggest this method if you are a coffee freak lover like me.

4:45AM Wednesday August 26, Dunkin Donuts Still Dark Due To Gloucester Water Situation

Dunkies is still closed as of 4:45AM this morning.  Cape Ann Coffee on Bass Ave is open with drive through convenience as well as Donut Jims.  Pleasant Street Tea and Coffee Company is operating also.

Dunkin Donuts Still Dark 4:45AM 6/26/09
Dunkin Donuts Still Dark 4:45AM 6/26/09
Dunkin Donuts Water Ban Signage
Dunkin Donuts Water Ban Signage