Patti Amaral Clean City Initiative thanks Jason Burroughs & others for refurbishing #PublicArt Carry In Carry Out murals @Gloucester beaches

Nice letter from Patti Amaral in today’s Gloucester Daily Times writing on behalf of the city’s Clean City Initiative. She thanked the city, donors and supporters while providing some background about the Carry In Carry Out art. In case you missed it: Nov 9 2017  Letter to the Editor

Patti Amaral thanks Jason Burroughs for Public Art and other community partners for help with beach and gardens

The murals were refurbished by Jason Burroughs in October 2017. They were designed and painted by Bob Viau from StudioVo 15 years ago. Here are a few photos documenting the refurbishing. The Wingaersheek wall needed more attention.

Carry In Carry Out mural at Good Harbor Beach BEFORE 

CONDITION BEFORE Good Harbor Beach Carry In Carry Out mural had faded. original by studiovo 2002 redone 2017 Jason Burroughs

Carry In Carry Out mural at Good Harbor Beach AFTER


Carry In Carry Out mural at Wingaersheek BEFORE


Carry In Carry Out mural at Wingaersheek AFTER





Anyone interested in sponsoring a possible update to these beach displays, please let her know!


Clean City Initiative Earth Day Thank You’s


Patty Amaral Writes-

Hello Joe, First time posting on your site and I love it, thanks for all the great info you are getting out. If you could put these pictures up and my earth day thank you that would be great, thanks so much for all you do. Oh, the three women volunteers with the recycling sticker are cleaning Ferry Street, and the rain gear crew is cleaning Burnham’s field, thanks so much.  Patti Amaral Clean City Initiative  

Thank You

The Clean City Initiative would like to thank the die hard volunteers that came to our city- wide earth day cleanup at Stage Fort Park. It was not the ultimate weather out that day and to see all the hard workers that came to clean our city, well it was amazing. Special thanks goes out to Sharon Kishida from the DEP for her expertise in helping to coordinate getting the word out about our cleanup and the concert. From posters to recycling pins and more, Sharon got the job done.

Thanks to Chelsea Berry, Pete Lindberg, Jake Pardee, Charlee Bianchini and James Buhrendorf who put on a wonderful earth day concert for everyone at the Cape Ann Brew Pub. Louise Welch for designing the concert earth day posters for the concert and Hiltz Disposal for the recycling pins. The Beacon, Gloucester Daily Times, Good Morning Gloucester, Cape Ann T.V., Chamber of Commerce and Gloucester Maritime Center for advertising the event. The Willow Rest donated generously to the Food Pantry as we asked volunteers to bring fresh fruits and vegetables in honor of earth day.

Thanks go out to:

Barbara Anderson, Damon Cummings, Diane and Alex Sousa, Matt Sydlowski, Noah Ashe, Laura Frontiero, Bill Hellmuth, Jane Sweet, Charlie Shutt, Patricia Petel and Jonathan Cunanan who cleaned Stage Fort Park

John Steiger and volunteers (Smith Cove), Susan Frey (East Gloucester), Mary Weissblum (East Gloucester), Ed Collard (Main St.) Barry Moir (Western Ave), Jane Sweet and Joyce and Henry Beaudet ( Concord St.), Holly Tanguay, (Raffes Chasm), Kenny MacCarthy (Centennial and High School Parking Lot), The Marble Road Conservation area team are Brian Barry, Charlie Olson, Mila Barry, Willow Barry, Nicole Bosin, Lila Olson, Jason Grow, Matilda Grow, Maisie Grow, Jemimah Grow, Katie Doane ( Marsh between the railroad bridge and C.A Marina), Jerry Ackeman (Western Ave around Fresh Water Cove), Sandee Eaton, Deb McComiskey (Essex Ave.), Polly Hickey ( along Good Harbor Beach), Win Story, Darlene Story, Diane Story, Rebecca Dowd, Brandi and Liz Bennet, Jim Dowd, Healy and Teala Bailey cleaned Swinson’s Field, Celia Beauparlant and family ( Fort Square), Cindy Hendrickson (Boulevard), The Burnham’s field cleanup crew are John, Aria, Luke, and Ruby McElhenny, Jennifer Hale, Mary Lou Pascucci, Dianne Waff-Thomas, Emma Thomas and Emily Moore, Maureen Malloy (Good Harbor), Tyler Knight (Pavillion Beach), Laurel Tarantino (The Fort), Donna Ardizzoni (Raffes Chasm), The Ferry Street Gang are Cindy Caffasso, Barbara McCarthy, Peter Mckinnon, Linda Martin and Deb Sacco, Chelsea Barry and John Henry Berg ( Magnolia Beach), Goose Cove cleanup organized by Citizen Water Committee ( Watch 20) Joan Kimberly, Russell Hobbs, Melissa Hobbs, Sean Brennan, Jack, Melissa Mooradian, John Guptill, Ted Smith and Larry Durkin Wayne Williams (Niles Beach) and Nancy Sullivan (Atlantic Road to Good Harbor) and Rose LoPiccolo and the D.P.W. for supplying the yellow bags and picking them up.

Remember every day is earth day and we should respect our beautiful earth and city, there are many more wonderful volunteers that I know I have missed and I’d like to say thank you to you and all you do to help us to “Keep Our Home Port Clean”.

Patti Amaral

Clean City Initiative

April 27, 2011 011