Statues & Plaques of Gloucester From Peter Dorsey – Chester Grant Stone


In my travels around Gloucester there is one memorial stone that I do NOT recommend that anyone try to visit or to even look at closely. The best place to see this stone marker is right here on Good Morning Gloucester.

The reason for this is because the marker in question is located at the outside edge of inside of the first traffic circle you come to on Rte. 128 when you come into Gloucester; called Grant’s Circle. The only other way to see it is to park in the Friendly’s parking lot, hop over the traffic barrier at the side of the circle, and carefully negotiate on foot through two lines of circling automobile traffic. You could peer out the window of your car as you drive around the circle, BUT I DO NOT RECOMMEND THAT EITHER!! The stone marker is a tall dark, possibly slate or polished granite stone with a carved relief portrait of Chester Grant, for whom the circle is named ” This Circle, Erected by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, 1956, is Dedicated to Honor Chester H. Grant, 1897 -1954, A Soldier and Devoted Citizen”. Chester Grant served in World War I in France from 1917 to 1919. He was, “cited 3 times for Meritorius Conduct Under Fire and Received the Silver Star with Palm.” The silver star, known as the Croix de Guerre or the War Cross is a French Military decoration to honor people who fought bravely with the Allies against the Axis Force during World War I. “As a Public Official for the City of Gloucester – Displayed Great Ability in the Performance of His Municipal Duties.” There is a flag pole behind the stone marker with a light which shines on the flag from the underside at night.

Peter Dorsey