Exclusive Breaking New Bulletin: Bikini Speedo Dodgeball World Championship Controversy Erupts


Listen For the Late Breaking Controversy –


Sell Out Alert: A Few VIP Seats Left for Henri Smith YMCA Benefit on Friday 8/29 @ Cape Ann Marina’s Waterfront Pavilion (the BIG Tent)

JMB-WillieLast Friday’s James Montgomery show jam packed Cape Ann Marina’s Waterfront Pavilion (the BIG tent next to Mile Marker One) and VIP was sold out. The photo on the right shows how close the VIP seats are to the stage.

Wouldn’t you like to be this close to Henri Smith and his band New Orleans Friends & Flavours featuring Grammy-winning sax & flute player Amadee Castenell?

Henri_postcardYou can still get VIP seats (right here), but they won’t last long.  Plus you’ll be supporting Cape Ann YMCA Camp & Teen Services.

Don’t be one of those people who comes at the last minute and then complains that all the best seats are taken.  DO IT NOW!

Here’s a shot of the VIP section from behind the last row of VIP.
VIP Seating

Isn’t this where you want to be on Friday night to kick off the Schooner Festival?

Check out this video of Henri Smith’s sold out Mardi Gras 2013 concert at the Larcom Theatre in Beverly.


We’ve Got Balls. Dodgeballs That Is… Come To The Dodgeball Harlem Shake Taping/Registration Party At The Farm Wednesday Night!

The GMG/ Farm Bar and Grille 3rd Annual Bikini Speedo Dodgeball Tournament.  This Year having outgrown the capacity of The Farm Bar and Grille and being Held At Camp Spindrift This Saturday at Camp Spindrift

All the info can be found at the event Facebook page (you don’t have to have Facebook to view it)-

Click here to follow along with the Bikini Speedo Dodgeball Facebook Page –

Dodgeballers and Friends of Dodgeballers Don’t Forget to Come To The Farm Wednesday Night To Pick Up Your Dry- Fit Technical T-Shirts and Registrations Bring Your Uniforms for Approval and Get In The Harlem Shake Video we’ll be taping Wednesday night!

The event itself will be held at YMCA Camp Spindrift in West Gloucester. They have an ideal facility to accommodate this event as it grows. Parking will be at nearby Wingarsheek Beach and there will be a shuttle between the parking lot and Camp Spindrift.

On Wednesday, March 13th at 7pm there will be a COMPETITOR’S PRE-EVENT MEETING at the Farm Bar & Grille in Essex, MA (233 Western Ave). The purpose of this meeting will be to give the athletes their tshirts and wristbands, as well as go over the rules of play and verify athletes’ age and make sure swimwear is all legal. At least one person from each team should be present. The idea here is to make everything run smoothly on the day of the event.

The Farm Bar & Grille and Good Morning Gloucester together with YMCA Camp Spindrift present the 3rd annual outdoor bikini/speedo dodgeball tournament to benefit Next Step, a charity that provides aid to children and young adults with life threatening illnesses (www.nextstepnet.org)

Muffy White’s Muff Riders Captain Tad Is Gunning For The Competition In This Year’s GMG/ Farm Bar and Grille Bikini Speedo Dodgeball Tournament At Spindrift

There’s not much more that repulses me more than double denim but if I had to say there was something, it would be a hairy dude wearing a double denim cutoff denim shirt/denim speedo combination.

Makes me want to throw up a little bit in my mouth.


That being said if you don’t think Muffy’s Muff Riders are bringing the heat, you’ve got another thing coming.

I hope to see you all there on March 16th to support your favorite Dodgeballers and or charity- Next Step.  An organization that makes life better for young adults afflicted with life threatening diseases.


These Team Uniforms make Brokeback Mountain Look Like A Rambo Movie


Remember Camp Spindrift is available for your functions year round.  The perfect spot for a wedding or corporate team building function.

Wanna Talk About Class? Ryan and Wood Distillery Has It In Spades

I knew the Dodgeball rosters would get filled quickly and we would round out the 20 team brackets in a day or so.

Even though Ryan and Wood didn’t get a team submitted this year Bobby Ryan emailed to tell me that he still wanted to help sponsor the 2013 GMG/Farm Bar and Grill Bikini Speedo Dodgeball Tournament at Camp Spindrift.

That’s what you call being a community organization.  that’s what you call class.

Ryan and Wood Beauport Vodka, Knockabout Gin, Folly Cove Rum.  If you’re not drinking the highest quality spirits made locally or anywhere you’re doing a major disservice to your liver.


Like them on Facebook

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Check Out Their Live Distillery Cam-



Check out the 2013 GMG/Farm Bar and Grill Bikini Speedo Dodgeball Tournament at Camp Spindrift Facebook Page Here

It’s On Baby!!! 2013 Third Annual GMG/ Farm Bar and Grille Bikini Speedo Dodgeball Tournament At Camp Spindrift

We’ve outgrown The Greatest Hosts In the History Of Bikini Speedo Dodgeball Our Facility At The Farm and anyone that attended last year knows how many people want to participate in this year’s event so I’m sending this out to you all and want to  STRESS TO YOUimage



We are so excited to announce the new location for this year and our gratitude to Rick Doucette and Camp Spindrift for hosting this year’s Tourney which will be held on March 16th.

People generally think of Camp Spindrift as just a summer camp but it’s a perfect place for corporate events, weddings and so much more.

I attached a registration form.  Fill it out and get either me the form and money or drop it off at the Farm.
Also The Fabulous Frankie Gwynne set up a Facebook event page where you can get your smack talk on-
We will also be putting up a poll on Good Morning Gloucester For The Back of The T Shirt Catch Phrase
So far we have
Shrinkage For A Cause
This Game Takes Balls
Cold Weather, Hot Competition
If you have a better slogan submit it today and I’ll add it to the poll.

Winning slogan will go on the t shirts which are generously donated by Jungle Screen Printing

Once again the beneficiary of our event will be Next Step.  Next Step helps kids with cancer, HIV, and other serious illnesses. http://www.nextstepnet.org/

Last year we raise over $4000 for Next Step and they were very appreciative.
attached is the registration form.

Thanks To Noah, Ryan and Bradley from The Farm, My boy Frankie Gwynn, Rick Doucette and Jen Amero From Camp Spindrift and The Cape Ann YMCA and  DJ Matty K.
Don’t forget your team’s theme, and theme song.
Here’s Craig Kimberley’s video from last year in case you want to share it with friends-

Bikini Dodge Ball 2012 – THE MOVIE From Craig Kimberley

So to recap-
First To Register and Pay Is In- No Exceptions
Registration Form is attached
Facebook page link- https://www.facebook.com/events/132939246871131/ share it get your smack talk on
Submit your 2013 Bikini Speedo Dodgeball Theme and Entrance Music Song
We will be enforcing a strict speedo for men rule this year, if you show up wearing cut off jean shorts or shorts as opposed to a speedo, we will replace your team.
Frankie, did I miss anything?


















Good music pretty much all day and night for the next two days

It’s a beautiful day to be at Camp Spindrift for their Fall Into Winter Festival and music is still going on — if you hurry, you can catch John Jerome at 2pm (see schedule).

After that you can catch 3 more live shows today and dance into the wee hours.

Get up for brunch tomorrow at Alchemy with Flynn Cohen & Friends.  Then catch the Cape Ann Big Band benefit at Gloucester House — a great way to celebrate Veterans Day — and still have time for two more shows before the night is over!  WOW!

See the complete local live music schedule here.

August 29th Gloucester Event -Free Vendor Tables!

Dear Potential Vendors and Organizations!

Subject: SoberConnections.net & Cape Ann YMCA Camp Spindrift Event

I’m writing you since you showed an express interest in participating in our August 29 2010 upcoming
event called “End of Summer Splash”. We are scheduled to open the Gates around 12-12:30 PM and
the live music and events will be from 1-6PM. This is a Rain or Shine Event.

This is totally FREE to you the vendor, just set up and good luck! Since this is our first large event,
we cannot promise what our turnout is going to be, it could be 50 or 500. That being the case, we felt
that we couldn’t charge for vendor or organization booths.

This Event is the vision of SoberConnections.net being hosted at Cape Ann’s YMCA Camp Spindrift, 13 Atlantic Avenue, Gloucester, MA 01930.

We at Sober Connections are striving to create events for the sober communities here on the North
Shore, and hopefully expand across the state. Our Social Website, http://www.SoberConnections.net has
started picking up people from all across the country! Our goal is to bring to the sober community a true
sense community awareness that there are fun things to do without the use and abuse of alcohol and
or drugs, and with our website, a forum for people to find or share these events whether it be just a
group of people heading to the movies, or a large event like we are pulling together for this venue.

We have been creating smaller venue events now for about 8 months, mostly local bands and dances,
but are stretching our wings to do this outdoor Bands and Barbeque Family Time event in the hopes of
raising monies not only for Camp Spindrift, but also for our quest to become nonprofit.

Ok enough said. Our venue for August 12, 2010 incorporate the following

*Local live bands and music from 1-6pm

*A barbeque that is included in the ticket pricing

*Children’s activities and games

*The use of Camp Spindrift’s Pool with lifeguards

*And hopefully you, the vendors and organizations, to help the parents and kids break up the
afternoon and do some worthwhile shopping or organization awareness!

What we would like from you if you’re interested in setting up, is to just answer the following questions
and contact info, and e-mail it (or snail mail with a quick telephone confirmation) back to us at

Danield@SoberConnections.net. Please let us know as well if you cannot so I don’t send out an annoying follow up e-mail.. lol.


•Vendor Organization Name?

•Vendor Organization info?

•Type of Goods or Organizational program?

•Setup Space needed?

Thanks for responding back to us, and we hope you have a Profitable (in sales or
knowledge) and Fun time with us!

Daniel R Driscoll
SoberConnections. net

We would like to have you onsite to setup before 11:30am so we may organize your vehicles and have
a nice clean festive look for the ticket holders when they start filtering in around 12:30ish.

Red Eyes the Indian Chief — Haunted Ride October 15, 2009 – October 31, 2009


Take a haunted ride through Camp Spindrift and experience the story of “Red Eyes the Indian Chief”. Park at Wingaersheek Beach and take shuttle to the camp. Push “more” for important details. more