Community Photos 11/19/12

Ipswich Bay Wooden Buoy Co. Bayview Photos by Anthony Marks

IMG_2744Ipswich Bay Wooden Buoy Co. BayviewIMG_2750IMG_2756

Mary Page Submits-

Hi Joey   Love GMG   thanks for your good work

This morning green buoy 29 was pulled by the coast guard for cleaning. Photo taken from Rust Island.  Mary Page


Gail and Mary signing the second turbine arm Saturday.


Purple Heart Highway dedication from Linn Parisi


Gene Ehlert Asks About Old Bayview Postcard

Hi, Joey,

Reading your terrific website from Lancaster, NH, way up near Canada. Have recently bought a small house in Bay View; have to rent it out for now until we can afford to move down. Soon we hope.

Bought an old postcard on ebay with a picture of Albion’s of Gloucester, located on Rte 127 in Bay View. Specialized in fried clams it says, and accommodated 150 guests.Our house is on Albion Court, a small dead-end road right next to the Brotherhood. Probably not a coincidence. No sign of the eatery these days, but was wondering if you or someone could remember where it was located. Perhaps where the fire station is today?

Thanks and best regards, Gene Ehlert