Frequently Asked Questions About Gloucester’s Plastic Bag Ordinance

What happens when the Plastic Bag Ordinance goes into effect?

Starting January 1st, 2019 retail stores will no longer distribute single use plastic bags at checkout. Thin plastic bags will still be available in the produce, deli, meat/seafood, and bulk sections of grocery stores.

What will retailers use?

Stores may provide you with any of the following:

▪ Compostable bags made of organic materials

▪ Paper bags

▪ Cardboard boxes

▪ Stores may sell reusable bags made from cloth, canvas, or thick plastic materials for a fee

What can you bring to a retailer in order to accommodate your shopping needs?

You can bring your own reusable bags or boxes, or you can bring your own plastic bags that you’ve saved from other shopping trips. You can also use the paper bags or boxes provided at the store.

How do you manage pet waste or personal items?

You can use produce bags, newspaper bags, or any bags you saved from your recent purchases. If you don’t need these bags, you can share with a neighbor who may want to use them. You can also purchase pet waste and garbage bags, such as the 13 gallon waste bags that will fit small waste barrels. You can buy plastic waste bags of any size at your local grocer.

How do you keep reusable bags clean?

Designate one set of reusable bags for groceries – do not use them for gym clothes or other errands. Reusable bags made of fabric should be safe for machine washing with a mild detergent.

Reusable bags made of plastics should be rinsed or wiped clean with a damp cloth and general kitchen cleaner. Cleaning is recommended monthly or whenever bags contact raw meat or fish.

For additional questions, contact the Gloucester Clean City Commission at or your City Councilor.


Thank you


At a time when cities and states across America are working hard to eliminate the scourge of disposable plastic bags, our own Stop & Shop on Thacher Road has taken a flying leap into the past by installing a new bagging system in the checkout lines. My husband and I patronize Stop and Shop regularly and we are both dismayed and left wondering why they have changed to a system that actively encourages the use of disposable plastic bags.

At each checkout line, the old chute that extended beyond the cash register to the bagging area has been replaced by a cramped six-sided carousel preloaded with those horrible disposable plastic bags. The idea is that as an item is paid for, the person doing the bagging can put it immediately into a plastic bag, and when the bag is full they give the carousel a quick spin, bringing around the next plastic bag to be filled.

It’s true that this new system makes it possible to fill bags more quickly and may have been a nifty idea in 1977. But this is 2017, and most of us are avoiding disposable plastic bags. This new Stop & Shop system promotes the use of disposable plastic bags and makes it more difficult to use your own canvas or reusable plastic bag. Additionally, although paper bags are available, they are kept well out of sight.

Perhaps the corporate parent of Stop & Shop – the Dutch supermarket operator Koninkliijke Ahold N.V. – isn’t concerned about the terrible damage done by disposable plastic bags. If you patronize Stop & Shop, please continue to bring your own bags, and ask the baggers to use them. Please don’t take the disposable plastic bags.

A plethora of plastic 😦 😦

GloucesterCast 163 With @DinnerDealer, @DonnaArd, @KimSmithDesigns,Leslie Heffron and Host Joey Ciaramitaro Taped 12/13/15


GloucesterCast 163 Taped 12/13/15 With Jess and Dennis Alves, Leslie Heffron, Donna Ardizzoni, Kim Smith and Host Joey Ciaramitaro

Topics include:

buy dinner dealer decks here no brainer xmas gift
holiday delights Talia- Ruby McElhenny Stole The Show, kudos to heidi dallin
Lobster trap tree that you can walk under is absolutely bananas. and beautiful and must visit.  whole nother level.  donna and kim did a great job with the middle street walk coverage
Listening to the Alisha Unleashed podcast brought me back to my daughters making fun of me for being a Belieber
Glosta Joe’s Coffee available- Sea Meadow Gifts and Gardens or online here
 There’s an announcement that there will be a suburban wildlife education lecture at City Hall on January 11 with the snow date of February 1 at 7 PM. Speakers will include Chief Campanello, Mayor Romeo Theken, representatives from fisheries and wildlife, and environmental police officers. The forum will focus on coyotes and other animals that we live with on Cape Ann.
cigarette ordinance

A Council Order was submitted by Greg Verga and Melissa Cox on November 17 to begin the DISCUSSION regarding banning ‘checkout’ bags. After a less than warm reception at the first such discussion at the December 7 meeting of the Ordinance and Administration Committee and the email sent to all City Councilors by a bag industry lobbyist this page has been created to help spread the word.

You are encouraged to share your thoughts about a ban and also to share your photos that help illustrate the need for such a ban. You are also encouraged to reach out to the City Council members and let them know how you feel.

discover gloucester honoring three of our favorite people Mayor Sefathia, Kay Ellis and Bobby Ryan

art rundown with leslie:
 1.   GOMA   Gallery of Modern Art, Main Street, Gloucester between The Cave and Cafe Sicilia
   2.    Trident Gallery,  Main St., Gloucester Dec. 5-Jan.    3 Diane Ayott “Love in December”
   3.    Shalin Liu,  Celtic Christmas Sojourn,  Tuesday, December 15  4:30 and 8:00.  Show is sold out, but some tickets may 
          become available.  Call the box office.
   4.     Lexicon Gallery, 15 Lexington Avenue, Magnolia   “Leading Ladies” – potters Cynthia Curtis, Anni Melancon and Marty
           Morgan,  Eleanor Fisher- glass shard paintings
   5.     Truth North Gallery, “Lighting and Ringing the Winter Night: Artisan Bells and Lanterns” now through December 23

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subscribebutton - CopyPodcast 163 with Jessica Emerson Dinner dealer ©Kim Smith 2015