Turtle Love From Austin Sousa

Daddy Turtle Just Laying Down The Hammer While Momma Turtle Doesn’t Skip A Beat Eating Her Lettuce.

Nature at it’s finest right here.

GMG Wild Kingdom Channel may have to be a spin off, no?

Don’t Hurt ‘Em Hammer!

Bikini Speedo Dodgeball Party Time

Congratulations to Champions Blinded by the White, Bikini Speedo Dodgeball Winners, second year in a row!

With an extended Harlem Shake at 4 minutes.

Good Morning Gloucester/Farm Bar and Grille Bikini Speedo Dodgeball 2013 to Benefit Next Step

Ed Collard’s House Doctors Blinded by the White Team Members: Jon Vizena, Matt Sawyer, Austin Souza, Shannon McCarthy, and Erica Mitchell