Wonderfully fun and funny, heartfelt, quirky, original, and fabulous musicians all, Guster headlined Gloucester’s first Riverfest Seaside Music Festival. Montage of highlights from the show with favorite songs “Amsterdam,” “Happier,” “Satellite,” “Stay With Me Jesus,” “Homecoming King,” “Ramona,” “Do You Love Me,” “This Could All Be Yours,” and more.

For information on upcoming shows, tickets, store, and to see Guster’s latest hit video for “Overexcited,” go HERE to

Riverfest presented by 92.5 The River and the City of Gloucester, Stage Fort Park. See photos from the show at Kim Smith Designs

Beach Traffic on the Weekends

In today’s Times there was a piece about the messy traffic when out-of-towners come to Good Harbor. We all agree that it’s a pain to get anywhere on the weekends.

Realist responded to the article:

“I’m glad I’ve learned to navigate some of the side streets near Good Harbor beach to avoid the long line of traffic from S&S. Still, it’s horrible during the morning rush on Saturday or Sunday from all these people trying to get to the beach on the weekend. I try to stay off the roads from 9AM till at least 1PM. Then you’re safe for a couple of hours until the beach crowds start leaving…then it’s chaos again. It’s too bad the out-of-towners take over Cape Ann on the weekends for the beaches here, but it’s a fact.”

Click on photo for more about Holland's switch to bicycles

Well a couple of days ago, I saw Holland’s solution to their traffic issues.  Maybe we should think about it.