Live blogging: Relay for life festivities…

Our fearless leader, Super K, Donna Ardizzoni, Melissa Cox, John McEhenny and many more volunteer to brave the dunk tank in order to raise money for Relay for Life!


What an amazing crew for an amazing cause! We all have been affected by cancer in such a way we will do anything for the cause!


pre dunking


first up… Super K


then chris paid a boat load to dunk Joey






Relay for Life – of Cape Ann

Senator Tarr and Mayor Kirk were on hand to start the 8th Annual American Cancer Society Relay for Life of Cape at Newell Stadium  last night.

Click on photo below to see slide show of the Teams.


Also see video  below

GARFISH performs at the Relay for Life of Cape Ann Benefit

Just got this from Gary Hiltz-

Relay For Life of Cape Ann welcomes the return of Garfish. Cape Ann’s own classic rock band Garfish will be returning to the stage Friday June 19 from 6:45 to 8:45pm at the Gloucester High School. The band is proud to be able to donate their time for this great cause. Its really inspiring to see the dedication of all these team members who work year round to raise money for the American Cancer Society. Garfish is honored to be able to provide some upbeat music to aid and entertain the walkers in this 18 hour event.


DSC_8569 [640x480]

You’ve probably seen these flamingos around town. I stopped to ask the Reardon family on East Main St. how they got flocked and how they could get “unflocked”. They said they had an idea it might happen to them, but weren’t sure. The “flocker” is anonymous (to keep people from getting revenge). So now the Reardons have the choice of paying (donating) $5 to ensure that they won’t get flocked again, $10 to get the birds removed, and $15 to flock a “friend”.  Of course, it’s all in fun, and a creative way of raising money for a worthy cause!

Cape Ann Relay for Life’s Team Re-lei for a Cure is holding a “Flocking” fundraiser. Surprise a friend by having a flock of pink flamingos placed on a their lawn to help raise money for the American Cancer Society. Call Patty or Melanie Wall at 978-283-4406.