New Great Marsh brewery construction moving right along and Bicentennial Celebrations 2019 #EssexMA

Great Marsh Brewing Company expansion is well underway on the former Fortune Palace site at 99 Main Street in Essex, Ma. The brew pub makes a statement on the skyline and will have incredible views. Slated to open in the fall of 2019, the new brewery and restaurant received a five million bond boost from MassDevelopment and partnership with Webber Restaurant Group. North shore owner John Collins resides in Newburyport. If progress remains on track, the opening will sync right in with Town of Essex Bicentennial Celebrations in 2019 (see brochure below).

Great Marsh Brewing Company_former fortune palace_20190416_Essex Ma © c ryan (2).jpg

Archaeological Site, Nora, Sardinia

This site is quite large and very interesting. Nora sits on a peninsula not far from Cagliari, Sardinia. It was settled by the Phoenicians (Lebanese) in the late 9th century or early 8th century BC. The town came under Roman control in 238BC   and became an important trading center .

Much of the town is now under water.


Last chance to catch Once Upon a Contest in Manchester-by-the-Sea and temporary public art by Leslie Galacar

Tomorrow is the last day to catch the travel exhibition Once Upon a contest in Manchester. Explore fantastic new children’s books by local authors and artists at the lovely Manchester Historical Museum. Friday will also be the last chance to catch Leslie Galacar’s temporary work consisting of a series of intricate illustrations that progress from the entry to the main gallery. Can you find this one on site?

The exhibition changes with each installation as each locale and architecture is unique and special-  as are the programs and public art component. The reading and art exhibit is coming to Essex next, opening on May 4th at TOHP Burnham Library.

Leslie Galacar.jpg



2019 brochure is out! Woman Owned Businesses on the Byway

Trifold brochure see the front here and the back here. Donna Ardizonni, Johnanne Cassia, Bachman and Essex Heritage contributed photography for the new edition.

Woman Owned Businesses on the Essex Coastal Scenic Byway post on Facebook and Instagram. Contact Pauline Bresnahan or Johanne Cassia with any questions. Tours welcome.

snapshot of 2019 trifold brochure front Woman Owned Businesses.jpg

portrait of Donna and Pauline_20190416_opening day.jpg
Donna and Pauline

Essex National Heritage – Essex Coastal Scenic Byway

All-Clad “Deal Of The Day” Sale Today

Check out the huge All-Clad Sale On Amazon At This Link


I’m a huge fan of our All-Clad cookware!

From Gizmodo-

“If you’re still using the $10 pots and pans you bought when you moved into your first apartment, Amazon’s All-Clad sale has your name on it. While All-Clad cookware is never cheap, it heats up much faster and more evenly than most pans thanks to its trademark steel-encased aluminum core, and is basically indestructible to boot. You may never have to buy pans again in your life if you buy these.

The highlights here are a combo pack with both am 8” and 10″ frying pan set and 12″ and a 10″ tri-ply skillet for $154. These skillets are some of the most popular pieces of cookware we’ve ever posted, and usually cost $100 or more individually. Just be warned, once you use the skillets, you’ll want to start buying All-Clad versions of everything.”

Come Support GHS Girls Lacrosse at 525

Enjoy the delicious food and cozy atmosphere at Magnolia’s 525 next Tuesday, April 30th,  and simultaneously help support the hard working girls on the Gloucester High School Lacrosse team!

A portion of earning between the hours of 4:30 to 9:30 will help raise funds to support their efforts this year.  You enjoy a great meal and company of friends….while helping the team enjoy a great season.

Read more about 525 HERE  and take a peek at their menu and beverage list!

We hope to see you there!

Screen Shot 2019-04-25 at 8.36.59 AM

Sunday- Dory Prep (Sanding and Painting) week 4

Boat Prep Sunday

We are going to be prepping (sanding and scraping and painting) the two practice and four race boats for the season this weekend.  Looks like Mother Nature doesn’t want us to work on Saturday so this weekend we will try Sunday.  We need to finish the boats so as many people as possible would be greatly appreciated.  Any one with extension cords, sanders, scraper or able arms please bring them.  The more people the faster we get the boats in.  
Sunday April 28th 8:30 AM
Upon your arrival text Bill Edmonds (978) 675-6007 so he can open the gate for you.  We will have some sanders and scrapers to use.  We have four boats to prep and six boats to paint.  The more people we have the better so come all members.  Thank you in advance for your help. 

Ripple on the Water in Essex

We enjoyed dinner at the recently opened Ripple on the Water Restaurant in Essex. The vibe is beach house casual, the service friendly and efficient (shout outs to Cathy, Lily, Michelle and Tom). GMG Jimmy splurged on chicken and waffles, which he enjoyed very much! Except for the bite he allowed me to take, every bit was eaten. My lobster rolls were perfectly proportioned and yummy. We’ll go back! Looking forward to the outdoor seating.

Weekend Workshops at Treetop Yoga

Cape Ann Wellness


Looking forward to a full weekend of rock and roll, meditation, advancing our practices, and giving back.


Friday, April 26, 6:30-8:00 PM

Join Amy Connors for a 90 minute Vinyasa flow set to a stellar Pink Floyd soundtrack. Class will include Reiki Assists and each student will receive a charged crystal to take home with them after the experience. copy-of-copy-of-pink-floyd-flow-1

Investment: $30 In Advance/ $35 Day Of



Saturday, April 27, 6:30-7:30 PM

Gather with others to celebrate the important work that Wellspring has been doing for over 35 years. Erin Mckay will lead a heart opening practice that brings our community together to practice compassion and empathy. This year’s Women’s Luncheon will honor the value of empathy with a presentation by Dr. Helen Reiss, author of The Empathy Effect.
When we allow ourselves to be more open…

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How to tell the difference between a Piping Plover and a Killdeer

This past week, we have received a half dozen reports of “plovers” nesting in local parking lots. Folks are correct, they are a type of plover, but they are not Piping Plovers. The bird is a more common sort, a Killdeer, and Killdeers, like Piping Plovers (and other species of plovers), share many similar courting, nest scraping, mating, and defensive behaviors.

Killdeer courting in the parking lot at Stage Fort Park

Killdeers have been nesting in the dunes and in the Good Harbor Beach parking lot for a number of years, and some years they even have two broods. Last year, the first brood of the season hatched from a nest in the dunes, the second brood, from a nest at the perimeter of the parking lot. For the second nest, Gloucester’s amazing DPW crew  put up a large rock adjacent to the nest, to prevent cars from driving over the nest.

We don’t hear as much about Killdeer Plovers because they are not an endangered species. Killdeers are found in every state of the continental US, Alaska, Canada, Mexico, Central and South America. They are the least shorebird-like of shorebirds because they breed and dwell in many types of habitats including grasslands, fields, urban areas, gravel pits, airports, parking lots, athletic fields, and golf courses. Despite their super ability to adapt to human habitats, it is a species in decline.

Killdeers are nearly twice as large as Piping Plovers, but you wouldn’t know that unless you see them side-by-side. The easiest way to tell the difference is Killdeers have two black collar bands whereas PiPls only have one.

Killdeers have a red eye ring, two collar bands, and a black, longer bill.

Piping Plovers have one collar band, no red eye ring, and an orange bill tipped black.

The back and wing feathers of the Killdeers are a mid-shade of brown, with rust and orange under wings. This coloration more easily blends with gravel pits, grasslands, and scrubby dune habitats. The Piping Plover’s wing and back feathers are a soft pale gray, in shades of driftwood and sand; the birds are much better camouflaged for beach life.  The Killdeer has a red eye ring, the Piping Plover’s eyes are jet black. Killdeer’s bills are more elongated and are a solid black, the PiPls’s is shorter and orange, tipped in black. Piping Plovers have orangish legs; Killdeer’s legs are light buff and light gray.

The feathers of the Killdeers at Stage Fort park blend beautifully with gravel, scrubby grass, and dirt found there in the parking lot. Notice in the third photo in the above gallery how the Killdeer blends with its grassy surroundings.

Piping Plovers are camouflaged in coastal hues of sand and driftwood

The same advice that applies to observing Piping Plover chicks as does to Killdeer chicks. Watch from a safe distance that does not cause the birds to flush and never pick up or touch the eggs or chick.

Killdeer and Piping Plover chicks are precocial. That is a word biologists use to describe a baby bird’s stage of development at birth. Precocial means that shortly after hatching, the bird is fully mobile. Plover chicks are not completely mature, they still need parents to help regulate their body temperature, but they have downy feathers and can run and feed themselves within moments after emerging.  Both Killdeer and Piping plover chicks are well camouflaged in their natural habitats.

The opposite of precocial is altricial. Birds that hatch helpless, naked, usually blind, and are incapable of departing the nest are altricial. Robins and Cardinals are examples of altricial birds.

Killdeer chicks are well hidden in their habitats, as are Piping Plovers chicks in theirs.

Follow this link for more photos of Killdeers and chicks

Even though they are not Piping Plovers, we still love to hear about Killdeers and to learn more about where they are nesting in our area. Please email me at if you have any information you would like to share about Killdeers. Thank you.

Jazz Dinner Featuring Alex Olsen – Thursday at Feather and Wedge in Rockport


Stop in at Feather & Wedge Thursday for an evening of music by jazz keyboardist, Alex Olsen! Alex has performed in world-renowned venues including Rose Hall, Symphony Hall, and Lincoln Center alongside genre-defining artists such as Wynton Marsalis, John Oates of Hall and Oates, and the Boston Symphony Orchestra. He is known for his inventive compositions and improvisation drawing inspiration from his studies in jazz, classic orchestral, and hip-hop. Recipient of several awards from international jazz competitions including Essentially Ellington, Alex graduated from the Berklee College of Music with honors and is now frequently playing in the Boston music scene.

Reservations highly suggested! 978.999.5917

Thursday, April 25
7:30 – 10:00 PM

Feather & Wedge, 5 Main Street, Rockport, MA 01966

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State House Display Features Cape Ann Artists

Public reception Wednesday, May 8 from 10:00 to 11:00 AM

Visitors to the Massachusetts State House’s newly renovated Senate Lobby will be presented with the opportunity to view a selection of artworks from a host of Cape Ann artists.  The exhibit, curated by Karen Tibbetts, will include the works of artists from Rockport, Essex, Gloucester, and Manchester. The artists include Gordon Goeteman, John Nesta, Jeff Weaver, Eileen Oliver, Phil Cusumano, Jill Armstrong, TM Nicholas, Judith Goeteman, Jason Burroughs, Marty Swanson, Gayle Macklem, Ken Knowles, Barbara Duggan, and Kathleen Gerdon Archer.
Karen Tibbets looks through the door with two of the paintings on either side of the door
Rocky Neck has active organizations striving to promote the Rocky Neck Cultural District which is situated on a peninsula along Gloucester’s harbor.  Permission to exhibit works in the entryway to the Senate’s Chamber came through a request facilitated by Senator Bruce Tarr.
Cape Ann has a long history of attracting talented artists including; Winslow Homer, Edward Hopper, Frank Duveneck, and Childe Hassam, each of whom lived and worked on Rocky Neck in the 19th and early 20th Centuries.
Gordon Goetemann painting on left, Judith Goetemann silk painting in the center and Phil Cusumano painting on right.
“I am honored to share the unique character and talent presented in “The Cape Ann Art Exhibit” which represents hundreds of artists who are dedicated to preserving, promoting and carrying on the legacy of our Cultural Heritage; all the while showing generations the importance of “Art” in our lives,” said Karen Tibbetts, exhibit organizer.
The exhibit of new works, which is now on display, will officially be opened during a public reception Wednesday, May 8 from 10:00 to 11:00 AM and remain on display until mid-June.  For more information about the exhibit or the featured artists contact the Rocky Neck Art Colony at 978-515-7004 or visit

I Am More Project

Rockport “I Am More” Reception

 The Rockport Police Department will be opening their doors to the public this Thursday evening (April 25th) from 7-9 pm for a reception featuring eight of the I Am More portraits by Gloucester artist Amy Kerr with accompanying essays on display in the Community Room at 168 Main Street in Rockport. The pastel and colored pencil portraits of mostly Cape Ann residents are displayed with essays by the subjects that describe all the ways they are more than their depression, alcoholism, bi-polar disorder, grief, suicidal thoughts, eating disorder, anxiety and panic attacks. There will be information available about free health and wellness resources available in Cape Ann, along with light refreshments.

 A big thank you to Chief John Horvath and retired Rockport Police Officer Roger Lesch for making this event possible.




Wednesdays with Fly Amero ~ Tonight’s Special Guest: Bill Gleason w/ Ken Steiner 7pm @ The Rhumb Line4.23 2019

Dinner Specials Each Week!
Wednesday, April 24 – 7pm

My Musical Guest: BILL GLEASON!

ken s

Accompanied by Ken Steiner on the upright bass, the amazing Bill Gleason and his gorgeous Tippen 12-string bring blues to a whole ‘nother level wherever he goes.  This week, we’re lucky enough to have him at the Rhumb Line.  Love this guy.  See

you there – 7pm! ~ Fly

Dinner with great music!

*Each week features a special, invited musical guest
The Rhumb Line Kitchen…
…features Morgan Forsythe!  Dishes are better than ever before!
Plus a fine, affordable wine menu!


Honkytonk Women

Jon Butcher


Looking forward…
…to seeing you there 🙂

“Prevailing Wind & Whales” special MIT concert Saturday is all Gloucester Ocean Alliance, Parley, MIT Wind Ensemble 20th Anniversary & Humpback Whales

Parley X MIT: Prevailing Wind and Whales Saturday April 27, 2019

Reserve tickets here

From the press release:

7:00pm Parley SnotBot, EarBot & Drones for Whale Research
Parley Pre-Concert Talk Featuring Drs. Iain Kerr & Roger Payne, Ocean Alliance
Cyrill Gutsch, Founder, Parley for the Oceans

Join Dr. Roger Payne, Dr. Iain Kerr, and Parley founder Cyrill Gutsch as we dive into the world of whales and the new technologies that are changing the way that we study them.

8:00pm MIT Wind Ensemble 20th Anniversary Concert

Dr. Frederick Harris, Jr., Music Director
Kenneth Amis, Assistant Conductor
Stephen C. Massey, Guest Conductor
MITWE Alumni
Kathryn Salfelder and Michael Weinstein, Guest Composers
Drs. Roger Payne and Iain Keer, Guest Speakers, Ocean Alliance
Cyrill Gutsch, Guest Speaker, Parley for the Oceans

To celebrate its 20th anniversary, MITWE brings together traditional and new music, works commissioned by the ensemble, special guests, and alumni.  In tribute to its recent tour to the Dominican Republic and collaboration with Parley for the Oceans, the concert features “In Praise Of The Humpback,” prefaced by remarks by legendary biologist-environmentalist and whale song expert, Dr. Roger Payne.

Renowned music educator Stephen C. Massey leads Persichetti Symphony no. 6, and legendary wind ensemble conductor-historian Frank L. Battisti will be honored by performances of three works composed for his 85th birthday in 2016, by Kenneth Amis, Kathryn Salfelder, and Michael Weinstein. MITWE’s percussion ensemble performs a new work in honor of MITWE’s 20th anniversary and “Course Sax” performs Piazzolla’s famed “Cafe, 1930” from Histoire du Tango. MITWE alumni join current MITWE members to close out the program with Gustav Holst’s amiable Second Suite in F. 

MIT Wind Ensemble

Parley For The Oceans

Ocean Alliance

Center for Coastal Studies (informational materials available at the concert)